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Drive Thru Car Wash in LA Area?

I'm curious if anyone knows of any drive thru car washes in the LA area (Westside would be great) - you know, the kind where you get to sit in your car and watch your car be washed? Not only did I LOVE doing that as a kid with my mom, but it would be great to be able to get the car washed without having to get my 1 year old out of the car (and then back in again, which takes about 15 minutes of playing first). Also, any other drive thrus in the area that might be useful (no fast food recs, please)? Thanks!

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Thanks for all of the responses! Who knew there were this many drive-thru car washes in my area??! I will definitely be checking out the Shell station on Pico and Lincoln.

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There is a drive through car wash on La Cienega and Pico. It is in the back of a gas station (I think a Shell). I took my son when he was a about 1 1/2 and he did NOT enjoy it at all. It scared him. So be prepared. It is short and loud, but it does get the job done.

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There is a drive through car wash on La Cienega and Pico. It is in the back of a gas station (I think a Shell). I took my son when he was a about 1 1/2 and he did NOT enjoy it at all. It scared him. So be prepared. It is short and loud, but it does get the job done.

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There is a small inexpensive drive thru car wash, that I know you'll one year old enjoy! I remember as a child too, my grandparents use to take me and i loved it so much. On Lincoln Blvd & Pico Blvd., the Shell gas station. it costs about $7 I believe, check it out, its small but i know you both will enjoy it.

best wishes for the holiday's...

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Hi B.,
There is a car wash you can drive thru on PCH in El Segundo on the beach side of the street before rosecrans.
after lax there is a hotel and ralphs across the street, then a nursery down the street and then the car wash. sorry, dont know the cross street. it is one you drive thru and vacuum after. i go there once a week.

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I have been to both the 76 @ National and Sepulveda, and the drive-thru near LAX, and yes they are convienient, but, as others have said the little ones hate it.(Side note: You do get a discount on your gas at the 76 with a car wash but the cheapest gas is at the 76 on Santa Monica and Sawtelle) My daughter is 2 now, and it is just not worth the three minutes of screaming- we just go to blue wave at Westwood and Santa Monica and play in their store until the car is done. My son who is nine loves the drive thru, but now loves blue wave because he helps to hand dry the car!

There is a drive thru car wash in Pacific Palisades at Sunset Blvd behind Norris Hardware and Ralphs Supermarket. Also, there are several drive thru car washes on Lincoln between Washington Blvd and Rose. I'm not positive they'll let you stay in the car, but it's worth asking!

There's also a drive thru Starbucks on Lincoln just north of Rose. Good luck!

Corner of Jefferson and Overland in Culver City.

In the 70s I loved taking my 4 kidlets there. It was like a mini Disneyland. In fact now that they are adults I still, often treat them to a car wash as a reminder of the fun times we had.

Granddaughter now loves it as well.

Thanks for asking. It is great to share the wonder.

Unfortunately, because I live in Glendale, I can't help with the Westside, but what I discovered is that some of the gas stations like Chevron have the Drive-thru car washes attached to them. If you carry cash, then you can even pay for the wash without getting out of the car. I've discovered one in both Glendale and Burbank and yes they are sanity savers! But also beware that for little ones they are sometimes scary! My daughter would get hysterical when she'd see those huge brushes coming at her, spraying water and soap everywhere. Also, if you haven't discovered the drive-thru CVS pharmacy that's a huge time saver as well. I've had to sit in line at CVS for 15 minutes or longer sometimes but the fact that the kids are strapped into their carseats and entertained by the music, DVD, whatever is so much better than standing in line in the store and trying to watch the kids too.

There is a drive thru car wash on the corner of Sawtelle and National Blvd. I believe it's a Union 76 station. They don't vacuum but that is available after the car wash for a separate charge (the do-it-yourself machines).

gas station at sawtelle and national
south side of street
you get a discount when you buy gas - they have attendants who hand dry the car.
sometimes there is a line so you need to try to guess when people will want to wash their car - my kid doesn't like to sit in the car when it is not moving...
there used to be one at the gas station at pico and lincoln - i don't know if it's still there - but it DID NOT GET THE CAR CLEAN! so it's not worth trying really.

There is a car wash in Santa monica on Lincoln & Pico at the shell station there that you can drive through! My daughter loves it!

Fashion Square Car Wash on Woodman Avenue, Sherman Oaks, right next to the Fwy. They don't do the inside, just drive thru for $6

yes, try the chevron station corner of Centinela and Green Valley in Culver City........

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