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Dreft Vs. ALL Free- Clear

My son is 5 months old, and I don't remember how long it is recommended to use Dreft for babies clothes. Apparently there is NO Dreft on the store shelves in my area, and I desperately need to do the babies laundry, so I bought the ALL... Will my baby be okay?

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Great feedback so far, thanks ladies... do you think dryer sheets would be okay to use? A scented kind? Or is that pushing my luck? ;) I ask because it makes sense to do the laundry all together with the ALL... but then I'd still toss in a dryer sheet. Thoughts?

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I think you'll be fine. I never washed my kids clothes separately, unless they were so nasty that I didn't want them nastifying the other things in the laundry. She's 3 now and has never had any skin issues. I've always used Tide.

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Like many others, I have used ALL Free & Clear detergent since my baby was born with no issues. I also use Bounce Free (I think that's what they're called) dryer sheets. I began using ALL Free & Clear when I came across an article recommending it over Dreft and other baby detergents as it has fewer perfumes and dyes.

I never used special laundry detergent for my kids -- they never had any problems. My advice is to try the ALL, keep the clothes you washed in ALL separate for awhile and see if he gets a reaction. It's not going to be anything serious anyway -- a skin rash perhaps. If you seen any sign of redness or itching, then change him immediately.

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I never used Dreft, the free and clear kinds are actually better. Dreft is just marketed as gentle for babies, but is no better than the other kinds with perfumes and dyes, just better marketing. And at this age lots of people are using their regular detergent as long as baby doesn't have skin irritations or eczema.

As for the dryer sheets, those actually are worse than the rinse in kind, because the chemicals just sit on the surface of the clothing. But depending on your humidity level where you live, you might be able to just get away with using those dryer balls. That is what I used on my son's laundry.

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My Doctor said not to use Dreft because it has perfume in it. I just use the free stuff on all our laundry. It makes it easier when you don't have to wash the baby stuff separately!

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HI R.,

I would use an all natural or non toxic laundry detergent with or without a non toxic dryer sheet for my little one. I personally use a product that is so safe there is no need for a safety cap. It is gentle for baby and for the rest of the family and is inexpensive as well. If you're interested I can get you details on why I use it over all the other products on the market. It's not an MLM company but it works like a co-op so I'd need to fill you in on how to get it if you're interested.

If you want to shop at the grocery store Seventh Generation would be my pick. It doesn't detox but it is safe. It's expensive but the price is beginning to come down with all the "green" products emerging. I personally don't trust anything PandG manufactures because of the toxicities in all their other products.



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We never used Dreft. Just go wit the fragrance-free versions like you've found and you'll be fine. We also broke the rules and used fabric softener and our kids did fine, too.

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We have used All Free and Clear -- or Purex Free and Clear if I can find it bc it is less expensive -- since my son was born and have never had any issues. They also make free & clear dryer sheets -- I found generic ones at Target.

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Dreft is awful! Its full of dyes and perfumes and has more chemicals in it than Tide. You are better off never using it. Plus it fades clothes horribly.

Any detergent will do, babies don't need special detergent. Just wash them with your clothing in regular detergent and call it good. No point in creating more work for yourself.

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I think you'll be fine. I never washed my kids clothes separately, unless they were so nasty that I didn't want them nastifying the other things in the laundry. She's 3 now and has never had any skin issues. I've always used Tide.

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I agree with Stephanie H. Dreft has smelly perfumes, which are an issue for little ones because their sense of smelling is SO sensitive.
I would use the free/clear dryer sheets also (found at any store or target). You don't need clothes smelling like fake flowers or "summer breeze". Its better for him, and for all of you to eliminate the fake fragrances from your lives. :)
Good luck!

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