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Drano Test

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I heard about this drano gender test. Has anybody heard of it and if so was it accurate?

What can I do next?

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I have heard of it and my sister n law and I did it and it worked.. That was 8 yrs ago so I really dont remember what we did. But try it.

Good Luck!!!

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I have heard of it and my sister n law and I did it and it worked.. That was 8 yrs ago so I really dont remember what we did. But try it.

Good Luck!!!

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It worked for all three of my kids and my sisters. Make sure you do it outside, it stinks horribly and the jar does get hot too.


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It was not accurate for me.

Then again, neither was the ultrasound until 8 months. LOL. So maybe he really did just decide to grow a winky.


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I love these tests. I did not do the drano test but I did do the ring test and the Chinese Gender Calendar. Both said it was a girl. My 4D sonogram CLEARLY indicated I was having a boy! They are still fun though; just don't rely on it! :) Congratulations!

I did the chinese birthchart with all mine and it was correct, never did the draino test though.

I have a friend who wanted it to be a surprised when she had her babies. Both times she was expecting she did the drano test just as fun and both times they were right. I also know someone else who didn't want to know until the baby was born and she did the test and it was right as well.

My dentist told me about the drano test Dr. Vaalkenar at the HEB in great hills you might want to call him. Although you probably know by now what you are having. Hope you get what you want!


PS I have 3 boys

Sounds like an old wives tale to me and not particularly safe either. I suggest sticking with what your doctor/sonogram tech tell you about the gender.

Hi S.-- I did it a few months ago. I was told that if the drano stays pretty much the same color and doesn't bubble very much, (after peeing on it) it is a girl and if it turns a dark color and bubbles alot then it's a boy. I did this at 10 wks preg and it turned a dark color and bubbled alot so I thought I was having a boy. I am 24 wks pregnant with a girl so either I was told wrong about what the outcome is, or it's not accurate. I did pee in a dixie cup and take the stuff out in the alley bc it is pretty gross. Good Luck!!

I did it 4 yrs ago! It worked! From what I hear the draino reacts to the chemical in your urine. I put the crystals in a cup and poured a LITTLE bit of urine on the crystals. I don't remember the color (blue/boy green/girl I think). If you do it make sure you are in an open area. I did it outside. The fumes are strong!

Good Luck


I have heard of this test. We have done it numerous times. My sister had 3 pregnancies and it was accurate, my sister-in-law had 3 pregnancies and it was accurate, I have several cousins that it has been very accurate on. I; however, have had 3 pregnancies and it was wrong on everyone of them. Either it was wrong or I have 3 of the most masculine little girls you'll ever meet. LOL ~ It is done in the 8th month of pregnancy. 1 tablespoon of drano crystals and 1 tablespoon of the pregnant woman's urine. BTW ~ my obstetrician advises that you do NOT urinate directly into the drano. It seems that he had to treat a patient for some nasty chemical burns as a result of this. If you do it please post your results.

Oh and blue was for a boy and brown means girl and please do it outside to avoid fumes.


I googled it. Sounds kind of fun! Good Luck! I hope you get the color you want.

You will want to have your husband or a friend do this test for you...and in a well ventilated garage or outside - because when your urine mixes with the drano...peeeeuuuuuu

Use crystal drano not the liquid kind...and I have heard that if it stays BLUE it is a boy and if it turns BROWN it is a girl...then I talk to someone else and they say opposite...it is all in fun anyway...

Good luck

Not at all!!! I took it when I was pregnant with my second child and it said I was having a girl, needless to say just a few short weeks later I found out I had a healthy bouncing BOY! My cousin also took it and it said she was having a boy...she wasn't even pregnant.

I haven't heard of a gender test but I HAVE HEARD OF A TEST THAT GETS RID OF UNWANTED PREGANCIES CALLED THAT IT WAS AROUND WHEN I WAS A GIRL AND THAT WAS 50 YEARS AGO be very careful and my advice is DON'T do it. it was called drano because the baby wooshed out like drano's plug does. kc

This baby gender prediction method has been around for decades, and makes it's rounds regularly on the web as a potential way to find out what gender your baby is.


The recipe to test this method is below, but it is NOT advisable that you try it as it produces very toxic fumes and the results are unreliable.

The drano / draino gender test should be performed after the 4 month of pregnancy.

This test must be performed outside in a glass / jar that holds can hold twice as much urine as you use as there is a bubbling, smelly, and caustic chemical reaction when you add your urine to the crystal drano.

Check out that link for the rest of the info, but it's probably not a good idea for a pregnant woman to be doing this- have someone else do it for you.

I've heard of it. I never tried it, but my BF did. It was accurate, but the smell is unbelievably strong. We had to move it outside.

Lay flat on your back. Tie something with some weight to it, such as a ring, to a string. You can also use a long necklace with a pendant on it. Have another person hold the string over your belly. If it starts to swing in a circle, its a girl. If it swings back and forth, its a boy. This is just for giggles, but its fun, and I will have to say, it worked for me. I have never heard of the drano thing. But, I will have to say that it sounds just as silly.
I'm just wondering, Are you wanting a girl?
Be sure and do an update, The suspense is killing me!!! hahaha

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