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Dr. Wants Me to Pump ,Y Milk While on Antibiotics but I Don't Get the Concept.

I got diagnosed with MRSA a type of staph infection. I'm in tremendous pain because of this boil i have.
And I really wanna start this Bactrim medication. The doctor (who I spoke to over a call center ) said that its like all other medications its unknown if its safe or unsafe but its mostly safe. Whatever that means...She said since my daughter was only 4 days old maybe t i should express my milk.
I don't understand though because once its in my system its in there right?
So, what was she talking about me doing?
Im supposed to take the medicine 2x daily so when could I express the milk and it not be in my system.

I know your thinking why didn't you ask the doctor. Well, at the time I just thought i'll pray and take it and keep breastfeeding as I've been doing anyways. But, then my BF decided to buy a pump anyways so he can help out with feedings.

So I am STUCK!

I really need this medicine but 4 days old and getting mommies antibiotics sounds so scary

Thanks you ladies

What can I do next?

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Usually people pump and dump while on meds like that so that the baby is not getting bad milk, but you don't dry up while taking the meds.

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I would not be discussing pumping etc. You do know that MRSA can be
deadly. Take the antibiotics now and pump and dump. You are playing
with fire by waiting. You need to feed the baby formula. After you are 100% sure MRSA is cured and you are off antibiotics, you can go back to nursing.

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I think the doc probably meant pump and dump. So you wouldn't actually be giving the baby milk for the period of time that you are on the antibiotics, but you wouldn't need to ween because you could keep your supply up by pumping.

I am not a breastfeeding expert at all, so I have no idea if the meds are okay for the baby. But there is a book out there called something like "medicine and mothers milk" that should be able to tell you if it's okay. You could also try checking in with your local LaLecheLeague.

Whatever you decide about the breastfeeding, if you need the antibiotics, take them. No one will be better off if the infection gets worse and you get really sick.

Good luck.

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Denise P is 100% right and this is also a good way to see if your pediatrician is a good one that takes all your concerns seriously too. You could call your hospital lactation consultant and ask her about the meds and exactly what to do about pumping and dumping and how to go about feedings. Always call her when you are having trouble with nursing...call your pediatrican too though on this because of the meds.

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I went on antibiotics for a c-section infection when my son was one week old. I had to pump to maintain my milk supply - but my milk was toxic to him because of the medicine- so I had to dump and feed him formula for a little awhile.

It sucks, but, once I got my health back he went back to nursing without any problems.

Good Luck and God Bless

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As everyone else has said, what you need to do is express your milk and then dump it...you will need to rent or buy a breast pump...they can be a bit pricey so if you don't think you are going to be using it again I would see if there is a way to rent one from a lactation clinic or something like that. You want to keep pumping in order to keep your milk supply coming...as a matter of fact...if your little one is just 4 days old...you milk supply is really just starting to establish itself. I would pump each time you feed your baby...don't worry about how much you manage to express...just pump what you can get.
I doubt that there is an antibiotic for MRSA that is safe to take while breastfeeding...I would think it has to be a pretty potent antibiotic to do the job.
Good luck and let us know how it all turns out.

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I think what you're not understanding is that she/he meant for you to pump and DISPOSE of that milk until you get the all clear with the infection and can continue with breastmilk. I'd assume formula for now. Talk to your ped about what to buy.

Call your doctor if you EVER have questions! Someone is on call & will talk to you at any time.

This is you/your child's help and while this forum is very helpful, you don't want other (possibly under-informed) opinions...you want FACTS right?

With a 4 day old, remember that about your pediatrician as well. NEVER hesitate to call when you have questions or concerns and are unclear about what to do!

Congrats, Happy Mothers Day, & all the best to you!

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MRSA is VERY scary. I think, like KR and Jane that he meant to pump and dump. Get some formula and feed the baby, using a nipple that is as much like your breast as possible.

Get that medicine in you fast, dear S.. You don't have time to waste here.

Thinking of you,

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From Medications and Mother's Milk by Dr T Hale 2008 Edition:

Says it is an L3 for nursing Mothers and that is is secreted in very small amounts into breastmilk. Says no known pediatric concerns reported via breastmilk. L3 is considered moderately safe and Bactrim is the safest sulfa antibiotic.

Says to use caution with weakened immune systems of neonates, high level jaundiced babies and premature infants.

If you want your supply to be as it should - tell your boyfriend to not be expected to help with feedings, because if he does, you can easily sabotage your milk supply.

I also second taking probiotics and eating organic yogurts... many women get yeast infections after a course of antibiotics due to the drug killing both the good and bad bacterias.

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