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Dr. Browns Bottles

Hello, my son is 5 months old and I feed him with Dr. Browns bottles. He tries to hold the bottle but his muscles are not strong enough yet. My question is, when my son is strong enough to hold a bottle would you recommend him using Dr. Browns or should I change to a shorter/fatter bottle (such as Avent) that may be easier to hold? He was very gassy and had problems digesting but he is doing great now. I prefer not to buy new bottles but Dr. Browns seem difficult for an infant to hold. Has anyone had experience with Dr. Browns?

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I have been using Dr. B's bottles since my son was born...he is now 7.5 mos. Personally, I would not change bottles unless he was spitting up or the bottle was not working for him. If it's not broke don't fix it or you will be running into other problems with new bottles other than him holding it which is superficial. Most babies dont hold their own bottles until much older...try Dr. B's WITH the handles...same gas reducing contraption....

Good luck!

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Loved Loved Loved Dr. Brown bottles through both my kids. He will learn to hold the bottle so if this works for his digestive system......stick with it!! Enjoy!

I have used the Doctor Brown's bottles with my 3 year odl and now again with my infant. I would not take him off of them until you are ready to introduce a sippy cup. I found that these bottles worked best to prevent a gassy baby even when he was able to hold it on his own.

My son is 7 months old and he is having the same problem. He is strong enough to hold the bottle, but being that it is so long, he constantly pulls it out of his mouth. I was considering switching to the shorter, fatter Dr. Brown's bottles.

we use them and my daughter has been holding them since about that age... she does fine now at 12 mo. and sometimes doesn't even let me touch the bottle!!! :)
just use what you have. when he's ready, he will try to hold it. sometimes they don't even try to hold it. that depends on their personality, so don't feel like there is something wrong if he likes you to do it for him.

there's no need to get anything different. it's better for the child to have something they are used to and comfortable with. consistency and routine are extremely important for kids. Also, i'm a big believer in the fact that kids will be ok with what you decide.

I switched from Avent bottles to Dr. Brown when my son was 2.5 months. The Avent bottles created a lot of gas, and the change provided immediate relief. I would stick with Dr. Brown if they're doing the trick. Your son will eventually hold his own bottle, no rush. His comfort is a lot more important, and all babies will eventually hold their own bottles, some at 6 months and some at 1 year.


I used to use the Dr. Brown's but swithed to the Playtex Vent Aire. The Brown's had so many pieces and it took forever to wash them everyday. The Vent Aire's also reduce air intake and the baby is less gassy but they are much easier to clean and they're fatter and my daughter held them very easily. Hope this helps!


Hi, My daughter is now 3 and I used Dr.Browns. She never had a problem holding it. The avent though leaks alot if the top is not put on just right (this fact comes straight from avent). Also, Dr. Browns helps w/ the gas and as he starts eating real food he will probably get alittle more gas.


We used Dr. Browns only, after much trial and error with other brands large and small. My son learned to hold it on his own, gradually building up the strength to hold it even when it was full (all 8 oz.). Your son will hold the bottle when he's ready, and in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if it's a month later than it would be with a smaller bottle if it makes his gas and digestion issues better? My thought: if it aint broke, don't fix it! Best to you!

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