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Dr. Brown's Bottles - When to Change Nipple Size

I have been feeding my son with the Dr. Brown's Bottles. The set came with 4 different size nipples. How do I know when to change from size 1 to 2, etc? The only one I can figure out is the cereal nipple. :)

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Jimmy (now 14 weeks old) got really frustrated yesterday at his afternoon feeding and wouldn't drink from the bottle. He kept crying even thought the bottle was in his mouth. I changed the nipple to a 2 and he immediately started drinking. He's had 3 bottles so far with the 2 and so far so good.

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i think you're supposed to upgrade to the next size nipple when you notice that they seem to be working harder for the milk to come out...like they're not getting enough fast enough. i haven't bothered to change the size nipples on my daughter. i went to stage 2 and she wound up splitting the nipple so it would pour out. and now she wants to have all them like that, but won't drink milk out of a sippy cup, and winds up drinking 3 x's the amount of milk...since then (and her teething) she's been biting all the nipples apart (ready to just fall off)except on the first years newborn bottles. for some reason she's doin better with them. but i would say unless he's fussing because he's not getting it fast enough, dont worry about it. i prefer to keep her on the stage 1 nipples because she really needs the flow for comfort, not hunger. and she will suck until she's asleep...if it's an easier flow,she'll drink more. just remember those little things and decide for yourself when you feel he's ready. if you'd like, you can try the next stage, and if it seems like he's drinking too much, or it's coming out a little too much for him, then just go back to the smaller stage. good luck.

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I have been wondering the same thing. My son is now 6 months-old and we still use the size 1 because the size 2 seems to come out too fast. But it seems to me he should be using them by now, right? Let me know if you get any responses...


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Hello, I use Dr. Brown's with my son and changed the nipple when he was 2 months. Everytime I fed him he seemed frustrated. I tested the level 2 nipple with one bottle and was no longer frustrated. After that feeding I changed all his nipples. I would test one before you change all your bottles. My son is now 5 months and still doing fine with level 2 nipples.

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I looked on the website and I read that you can change to the level 2 at 3 months. My son who is 3 1/2 months is now using the level 2 and is doing really well with it. Hopes this helps.

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We changed to the next nipple size when we thought our son could handle a faster flow. I can't recall any real way to "know", it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. He didn't gag or choke on the formula coming out faster, and he seemed to like that he didn't have to work as hard to get the formula out of the bottle. I suggest that if you feel it may be time, try it. If the flow is too fast, go back to the size below, and try again in a week... Hope this helps.

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We use them too. I'd say, if he is comfortable with the size that you're using now, just try the next size. We did that and our son had no problem. He just drank the bottle a little faster!! If he seems to dribble a lot or he's not drinking smoothly like he was, he's probably not ready yet.
Here's a tip too...Instead of buying anymore nipples, after using the 2nd size, we saved the old ones & just cut a little at the tip of the nipples with a baby nail clipper.

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I believe they recommended is 0 to 3 months and then 3 to 6, however I changed it for my son at 4.5 months (also dr. Brown) because I don't think he was ready for it the next size yet. Good luck

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Hi, S.,
You may never be ready to change nipple sizes. My daughter can still only take the size one ont he playtex nipple most days... though once in a while if what she is drinking is thick it'll be a a #2. and she's almost 13 months. Anything above that ans she practillay chakes and it gets all over her chin and clothes and makes a mess. so just see how your son does.

I could tell when my son was ready, he was sucking harder at the smaller nipples, and seem to have more control swallowing. At three months, he probably won't be ready for a two yet, depending on his size, and whether he can control his head yet. I think it was about 4 months before we switched to a size two, maybe a little longer.

Hi S., I used the Playtex Drop In bottles for my son and I changed the nipples from the first stage to the second when he turned 6mths. But that was the age range for that brand of bottle so that would be my advice, I hope that helps a little bit!

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