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Double Stroller Recommendations-(Graco Quattro Tour Duo Stroller)


I'm trying to figure out which double stroller to get, (have a 25th month and expecting another in oct). Can anyone recommend a double stroller that will not be hard to fold and that is EASY. I see on consumer reports that they recommend the Graco Quattro Duo Stroller. Anybody dislike this stroller?


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My favorite double stroller is the combi twin - side by side. Hands down the best double stroller I ever had...and I have had the graco, and the sit and stand.

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My husband and I decided against the Graco Quattro because of its weight, although it was also a "Best Buy" on amazon.com. I have a minivan, though, and I didn't want anything that I would struggle to lift into the trunk. I recommend that you go to Babies R Us and try out a couple of the strollers, because the features and weights vary a lot. In the end, Hubby and I settled on the Combi Twin Sport (but it is a side-by-side, so may not be what you are looking for - our children will only be 19 months apart) because it is light-weight, holds a Graco car seat (which was a must, and the Quattro does, as well), and folds easily.

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My gut reaction is WAY too heavy!

When we were shopping for a double stroller, I stopped every Mom I saw with a double stroller and asked if I could touch it and feel it and asked them their thoughts on it. In general, the Gracos all got poor rratings from Moms who were actively using it.

We settled on a Combi. I LOVE IT! It folds over twice. Fits comfortably in the back of our Honda Pilot. Is easy to lift and load. It fits in most standard doorways and I've never had trouble with it when out and about. The baskets underneath have been adequate. The nice part was that is wasn't as expensive as some other models we were recommended to try.

My one concern was how the infant seat would fit. I did not want to purchase a "special" infant carrier. We used our Graco snug and ride with it by positioning one foot in the cup holder on the right (or outer side), resting the otherside across the lap strap and then purchasing an inexpensive clipping strap at a hardware store. This we laced through the strollers framing and across the top of the carrier. If you look at any of the other systems out there, they worked essentially the same way - primarily held down/in place with a strap. I felt confident that my little guy was safe and secure.

I would probably recommending doing the same thing - look at a few options/choices that you like, examine them in the stores, take your carrier (if available) with you to try in it and then ask every Mom you see with a double stroller! Most Moms were more than happy to talk about pros and cons.

Good luck.

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City Mini Double is awesome: sits side by side, fits through doors, fx as a jogging stroller or walking stroller, handles and turns easily. I can hold an active dog's leash and a poo bag while steering two big kids easily :) We love it.

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I am in the same boat as you and will research this stroller as well. I might recommend that you go to a store that sells it and 'test drive' it. I really liked this one stroller until I saw it in person and had the associate show me all the bells and whistles. It was too big, too much and I knew as soon I tried to steer it around the store that it wasn't for me.
Have you looked at a Joovy? I have pretty much decided I am getting this one:
And check out the gallery for options for use: http://www.joovy.com/pages/pd_ergopage_gallery2.php

Good luck!

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I have twins and LOVE my Combi Twin Saavy. The seats are big and it is SO easy to fold and very light to lift. It laso has a snack tray for the kids cheerios, goldfish, etc. I had the MacClaren and returned it for the Combi.
Good Luck and Congrats!!

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I got the graco quattro tour double when I had my second (about the same time apart as yours). I was completely happy with it! It folds with one hand very easily. It is a bit heavy, but nothing I could not lift myself. I was able to manuever it around very easily. In fact, I still sometimes us it with my almost 5 and 2 year old when we go places they will need to walk for a while and it is still easy to manuever! Good luck!

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My favorite double stroller is the combi twin - side by side. Hands down the best double stroller I ever had...and I have had the graco, and the sit and stand.

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I had one, I LOVED it. LOVED it. The only thing I would caution is that when you fold it, its still pretty big. I had a sedan at that time, and it had a deep trunk, so I didnt have any issues. I've tried to put it in friends trunks, without much success.
Have them show you in the store what it looks like folded. I found the one I wanted in store, and then scoured the internet to get the best possible price. :)

The Quattro Duo is what I have and I LOVE it. I got it when pregnant with our third and our youngest at the time was almost 4 but often still fell asleep in the car. It worked great with them. I just had our 4th and the youngest before him just turned 3 so I can't wait to be able to use the stroller again. Right now I am on weight restriction for lifting so I can't use it and it's driving me nuts!

I also used the Graco Quattro for my twins. I loved it but thought it was a bit heavy and bulky. Looking back though I think I would have liked the side by side stroller better. My SIL has the baby trend from Babiesrus that has the stand/sit seat in the back she really likes that.

I would say if you want a tandum the Graco is probably your best option.

Good luck


I personally love the Graco Quattor and didn't find it all that heavy to lift in out of my minivan. Both of my girls loved it also. When my oldest got to big to sit in the back (to much weight on the back wheels), I moved her to the front and we removed the bar so she was able to feel like a big girl and just put in the cups so she had something to hold her snacks and drink. She used to also store her books, stuff animal or favorite blanket in the pouch that is under the front seat. Even my husband didn't mind pushing it around.

If you decide to go with the Quatro and are in the Northern Virginia area, I would be more than glad to sell you mine. We are no longer in need of it. (please do not think that my response to your post is a sales pitch) I am a graco fan. Their products are all I have used for my children...from the pack and play to the car seats.

I live in the city so needed something that folded easily so I could carry it up the stairs and tuck it away in the apt. The best one I found was the citymini double. I have a 2yr old and a 7 month old and the stroller is working well. It is a side by side, but is engineered to fit through standard doorways.

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