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Double Stroller Recommendations

I am pregnant with my second and we have a 3 year old that tolerates her stroller great BUT should I just keep the "cadillac" as my husband calls it for when the baby is tiny OR what recommendations are there (stacked vs side by side).

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I love the (Sit N Stand LX) Tandem Stroller with Car Seat Snap N Go Attachment System. I love this stroller my 3 year old loves to stand and its safe. The toddler seat is in the back facing you and she can stand or sit, it's great. I have a 3 month old in a car seat that attaches to the front. Its easy to attach an unlatch. I just love it! I got it as a shower gift and I was registered at Target. Its a Sit N Stand LX by baby trend.

Anything Graco is great! I have an evenflow double stroller and we don't like it very much, we've had lots of problems with it. With a three y/o I might go w/a sit and stand stroller. My two are barely 2 years apart so my oldest wasn't old enough for that yet, but I have several friends that love their sit and stand strollers. :)

My kids are two years apart, and we opted not to get a double stroller. I wore my younger in a sling or bjorn when she was newborn and we'd go out, so my two year old could ride. We also bought a buggy board - http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId...
It attaches to the stroller like a running board, and we bought two sets of attachments so we could use one on the car seat stroller and one on the umbrella stroller. That runs about a hundred bucks, and saved us the extra cost of a stroller as well as the extra space required for another one.

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I would consider keeping the "cadillac" because the 3 year old probably won't want to be in a stroller much longer. My 1st 2 were 17 months apart and I loved my Graco Duo Glider.

Then my middle daughter was 31 months when our youngest was born and she just walks everywhere with me and big sister. I haven't even pulled the double out and the baby is nearly 9 months old.

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I've never used a double stroller, so I can't recommend one. We had #2 when #1 was almsot 3. We didn't get a second stroller till #2/baby girl was 9 months old or so. My son (#1) loves to ride his bicycle (then a tricycle) so when we went on walks, he'd ride and I'd push our daughter. We got our son a bicycle for Christmas and he loves it. In fact, he'll ride it all over. We originally had the big old stroller that the car seat attaches into and we ended up aquiring an umbrella stroller so that we could take my son's bike with us to the park and fit the stroller and the bike in the back of the car. We use the big stroller mostly for around the neighborhood or places like the zoo where we want to pack stuff in a diaper bag and stow it under the stroller. The rest of the time we just leave the umbrella stroller in the car and use it for everything else - trips to the park or mall, etc...

My two are 16 months apart and I bought the Twin Savvy LX by Combi. I love it! It is a side by side, but it tri-folds so easy to get in and out of the car. It proably weighs about 17 lbs so very light. It also has two cup holders a must with a 3 year old. We really don't use it very much mainly use our single Peg. because our daughter likes to walk everywhere (she just turned 3). It is nice to have one when you go to the mall, parks and zoo's.

Your three-year-old will benefit from walking alongside. Walking is the mobility function of the cortex in the brain. Mobility is what "organizes" different levels of the brain by function. Your three-year-old will literally by organizing the cortex in their brain by walking. The cortex is where we have higher level thinking---a good thing to stimulate.

Having been the mother of 8 children, I know it would be easier to put both young children in the stroller. However, easier is seldom the best and encouraging their mobility will pay dividends throughout their life.

I have the joovy sit n stand. I know someone else has already mentioned it. I really like it. When we are at the mall my two year old can easily get down and when it's time for her to get back in she climbs right in. I bought mine at the lone star baby store in NRH. http://www.shoplonestarbaby.com/. The price there for the joovy was cheaper than i found online.
I have recently seen a sit n stand at target that is probably cheaper. But you might want to go to lone star where you can "test" out all of the strollers. They have a HUGE inventory. And they are not up on the shelves like at target. The only issue i have with my joovy is the storage is a little tight. I can only fit the diaper bag and my purse but no purchases. Also there are no adult cup holders though i have seen an attachment on amazon.
I decided to go with the sit n stand because I knew my two year old wasn't going to want to be in the stroller for that much longer and I just didn't want to deal with the "limo" of a tandem.
We also have a wagon for when our baby is older and we go to the zoo. Wagon's are just more fun anyway :)

Good luck!

I am pregnant with my second and have an almost 3 yr old. I friend of mine with same age kiddos reccomended the phil and teds double. It can be a single with the seat totally reclined for the baby or you can add the toddler jump seat with the baby seat down or up. If you look at the picture online, it looks like the toddler doesn't have much room. It gives more room than you think and my toddler and her 3 yr old friend fight over the jump seat. It's a little pricey, but worth the investment. Shop online and you can find it tax free and free shipping here.

If you have kids that are significantly different in age then there is nothing better then a sit and stand model. It was great even when my third arrived because both older boys could hitch a ride if they wanted and it didn't seem "baby" to them because they weren't strapped into a seat.

For me a side by side seemed so much easier to push especially with the older child because you'll find the more weight you put on the other ones the harder they become to steer and turn. That's just what I've found in my experience with double strollers.

Hi I looked all over when my daughter was born. I had the added bonus of my son being really tall so most of the double strollers he was hitting his head on the awning and his legs dangled dangerously close to the front wheel. I wanted something that i could use for everything. I travel a lot and couldnt take a running and a stroller for the store with me. I found the Phil & Teds Sport. It is a jogging stroller ( they say u shouldn't jog hard with it as it only has 12 inch tires but I do and it works great) It has a doubling seat @ the back for my daughter. It is narrower and more easy to maneuver than the usual double stroller and a huge bonus is that u can put your 3 yr old and newborn lying flat in it. Please check out how it works http://www.bobbysbest.com/phil-and-teds-sport-buggy-strol....

The biggest pro for me was a jogger with maneuverability, can shop with it better cause its more narrow than a double stroller, my daughter can definitely see out really well so dont worry about that. Also while i was shopping the side by sides meant that my son could reach my daughter....it of course led to him hitting her. So with her behind him there's no chance of this.
If u want to know more about the pros and cons shoot me an email and i will write some more.

U can also see it @ Lone Star in Hurst or Right Start @ dallas Lone star may not have the doubling kit so call first. Also they r much cheaper online so if u r interested get in touch and i will send u a few website u can get it for $399 online.

I say a good sit-n-stand for every day errands, but hang on to the big one for zoo trips etc. We have so many strollers, but different ones work for different occassions. I would also suggest some sort of "harness" for your son if you are going to let him walk, that way you can do it without worrying for one second that he is taking off. I have even seen some great ones that just attatch your wrist to his wrist. It may seem odd to many, but there is not much worse than a 3 year old running all over the store, or worse, taking off in a parking lot and you are stuck trying to decide between chasing after him, or getting the baby out of the car! Good luck with the pregnancy..it is great being a mom of 2! (and having 4 is just that much better:) ~A.~

I have a 3yo and a 20mo both boys. I went ask around people at our church and ended up getting a side by side Iron Man double jogger that had only been used for 1 yr. I was a little skeptical about something used but we have had the best time in that thing! We only paid $75 and it retails for over $300. I also purchased a double; one in front of the other, stroller fm Craig's List and it has also been fun. Since I got them both used I didn't pay alot for either and we just choose which one best fits what even we plan to attend. Good Luck.

I've had the stacked and side-by-side. I think both have their drawbacks:
Stacked - hard to maneuver once children (added weight) is in the stroller. It's hard to tell when you push it empty at the store. Plus, no matter who is in back, they will annoy or pull hair of the one in front.
side-by-side - they are wide and hard to move about in stores like Target & Kohls. Plus, usually, the storage space underneath isn't too great.

One thing to think about: by the time your new baby is born then grown to about 6 months, you won't really need the double anymore because the 3yo will be too big. I would suggest getting the sit-n-stand, or else just carry the baby in a front carrier and push the toddler or put the baby in the stroller and insist that the toddler walk.

Anything Graco is great! I have an evenflow double stroller and we don't like it very much, we've had lots of problems with it. With a three y/o I might go w/a sit and stand stroller. My two are barely 2 years apart so my oldest wasn't old enough for that yet, but I have several friends that love their sit and stand strollers. :)

My kids were closer in age than yours (20 months apart), but I felt trapped until I got my double stroller. While my oldest was really well behaved, she was still just 2 and it took one time of her running away in a store and me having to leave the baby in the stroller to catch her for me to know that I had to get a double stroller. At the time, I had a really small trunk, so that was my main concern. I got a front/back b/c it maneouvers around in stores better (especially when you are shopping for clothes), but even if you are walking on the sidewalk, the front/back one will fit. I ended up getting one for $100 at Burlington Coat Factory thinking that even if it only lasted a year it would be worth it. Well, it was great and now my sister in law uses it. It was a Graco brand, folded up really small and was lightweight. I'd suggest getting on that folds small and you can pretty easily carry b/c if it's heavy to get in and out of the car, you won't want to use it! You might see about one that has a place in the back where your older one could sit or stand. I've heard people really like that...I didn't get one like that b/c my oldest was still small and I wanted one that the seat would recline in case she fell asleep.

Good luck!

Hi W.! I have a suggestion for the double stroller. We have a 3 year old and a 17 month old. We purchased the One Step Ahead double stroller where the 3 year old can either sit or stand (belted in) on the back and then the baby can fit in his/her carrier or without the carrier in the front of the stroller. It's been great for my 3 year old (she's been riding in it since about 20 months, although they suggest it for 2 and up I think. It gives her some freedom to stand up while still riding. We did have issues at first with her putting her feet on the wheels, which makes it hard to push, but we just disciplined like normal and she quit.
Hope this helps!

I love my Sit & Stand for my girls-- now 3 & 4. It makes my older daughter feel "big" to get to sit or stand in the back. Mine also has a huge storage net that will expand across the back if I just have one child inside. Mine is made by Fisher Price. I have had several different ones. I had a side-by-side and it was hard to get through doorways. It had the best storage access underneath, but I eventually gave it away because my daughters started "touching each other" and driving each other crazy! I had a Cosco Tandem from Target. The price was great-- less that $100. My daughter's legs got too long for it though and hung down in the front, actually getting caught in the wheels, when I think she was about two. (Older child should be placed in the back.) Not sure if this is what you need or not, but with your older child being so much older, I would highly recommend a Sit & Stand. There are much fewer "frills" on the double models-- the S&S is my first with cup holders!
Good luck & congratulations!

I love the (Sit N Stand LX) Tandem Stroller with Car Seat Snap N Go Attachment System. I love this stroller my 3 year old loves to stand and its safe. The toddler seat is in the back facing you and she can stand or sit, it's great. I have a 3 month old in a car seat that attaches to the front. Its easy to attach an unlatch. I just love it! I got it as a shower gift and I was registered at Target. Its a Sit N Stand LX by baby trend.

We have a 2 1/2 yr old and an 8 month old. We recently bought a double stroller (the ones that are straight, one in front of the other). I had wanted a side by side, but I'm actually glad we purchased this one. The front seat makes my oldest feel like a "big boy" and also reclines, and the rear seat reclines all the way back for naps and newborns. They both have the canopies overhead and the front one is detatchable. They have lots of storage spce underneath and up top for my water and a snack. It folds up with a twist of the handle and fits kinda snug in my little car. I think we paid $75 for it at WalMart (it's winnie the pooh) and I think it was well worth it. Plus (my oldest can't reach the baby so we have less problems during naps)

Wow! You got alot of responses! i bought a Fisher price version of the sit n stand at Big Lots(alot cheaper). My daughters are 26 months apart and I must say, I have probably only used it a handful of times. When i put the carseat in it, the 2 year old couldn't sit on her part. It was more of a hastle than anything. Plus she very quickly decided she did not want to be in a stroller after her sister was born. I would stick with your old stroller and let the older kiddo walk.If you do get one, I would get a stacked one, seems like the side by side would be too wide to go anywhere. I have a hard enough time with the regular one! Good luck!

I have 3 children: 4yo, 2 3/4yo, and 13 month old. I "love" the sit and stand stroller. It looks like a normal stroller, and can take either a baby car seat or it has a normal seat. Then behind the seat is a place where your toddler can stand or sit. It's easy for them to get in and out. My older two love it. They are more independant that way.

I had a back to back one. My oldest was barely 3 when the baby was born, and was always a good stroller rider. I've heard that the side by side are hard to navigate at the mall and such. Since your oldest already doesn't like the stroller, maybe one of the sit and stand ones would be a good option.

I bought a Sit and Stand stroller for my then three year old and new born. I really did work great for those two ages. You should try one out and see how your 3 year old would do with it. Good luck!

I have a 2yr old and a 7 mo old. We use the "limo" stroller (front and back). It's nice, but I miss being able to turn on a dime. Side to side it will be difficult to go for walks on sidewalks... and will be hard to shop... There is a WONDERFUL stroller that is a regular seat in front, then the older child can either sit (buckled in) or stand behind the seat! They are GREAT!! I've seen them at Trader's Village for under $100 (can't remember if it was $65 or $85). Online, they are WAY more expensive!!

My kids are two years apart, and we opted not to get a double stroller. I wore my younger in a sling or bjorn when she was newborn and we'd go out, so my two year old could ride. We also bought a buggy board - http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId...
It attaches to the stroller like a running board, and we bought two sets of attachments so we could use one on the car seat stroller and one on the umbrella stroller. That runs about a hundred bucks, and saved us the extra cost of a stroller as well as the extra space required for another one.

I HATED my duoglider (front to back) It was impossible once the kids were bigger and whoever was in back always kicked or pulled on the one in front. Of course this didn't change when they sat side by side, but I really do love my double jogging stroller. It is incredibly easy to maneuver with one hand even and very light and folds up. I love it for the two bigger kids or one and the baby.

PLEASE don't get the side by side ones - TOO WIDE! - they aren't real people friendly, especially in high crowded places, plus getting around even in WalMart or stores. The ones where the kids are front and back are better - my opinion...

I'm in the same situation, but my little one will only be 24 months when #2 arrives. I've been researching it a lot and it seems that the Joovy Caboose Ultralight sit n stand gets great reviews (but read below). Double wides that are maneuverable (BOB, City Jogger) are usually too big, bulky, and expensive. The front/back are impossible to maneuver once the kids are in. All tend to be too heavy. The Joovy ultralight caboose is a good compromise - more compact, lightweight, maneuverable, 3 pt. harness for the little sit seat, and works with most infant carriers. The main drawback is that when the infant carrier is in, there isn't much room for the older child to sit. The sales lady at lonestarbaby called her contact at Joovy and they said they have something new coming out in about 45-60 days. Something called the Joovy ERGO. They have apparently been listening to their customers and have made some improvements on their sit n stand. I'm excited and hopeful that it will be great. I plan to start calling lonestarbaby in about 45 days to see if/when it arrives so I can check it out. Hope that helps.

As far as double strollers go I think the front to back is best. Not all aisles are wide enough for a side by side, plus it takes up the space in an aisle and I think that it is rude to block the aisle. I use the Greco front to back that comes with the infant seat. But your 3 year old is old enough to walk. My 3 year old prefers to walk and soon will have to since his sister will be in the front and the new baby will be in the back.


I had the same situation in June when I had my second. My first is 3 also. I decided on a Graco Quattro (Babies R Us) and I LOVE it!!!! My older one can get in and out of the front seat. It has a snack holder and cup holder on either side of the seat instead of the bar across. The baby carrier fits into the back seat, so it doesn't make the stroller feel like a bus!!!! It's easy to push, steer and fold down. Good Luck

I have 3 boys ages 5.5 and under and I have triend them all and i LOVE the Combi side by side twin savy! it is perfect for the mall light weight and great for traveling. very compact as it folds down, then folds in half and has a carry strap! perfect.

(we have even tried the sit and stand and hated that because my oldest would not stay standing and would jump out while I was pushing it ans caused me to fall several times...)

We got our Combi on Ebay Brand new in the box for MUCH less than retail price.

Hope that helps
A. J

I love my "Sit and Stand." I have a 4 year old & 18 month old and it is great.
www.strollerdepot.com has videos of all the strollers and I got a great price - same as Target and free shipping. These strollers are always sold out at the stores and the color choices are limited. By ordering I was able to get the color and price I wanted.

I have a 9 month old and 37 1/2 month old. I have 2 double strollers. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Deluxe and the Jeep side by side.I love them both for different reasons! The Baby Trend I had to use when the baby was still in the infant seat and could not sit up by herself. It was great and is still great becaue the baby is up front and the older child in the back. It makes handling 10 x's better. I also can one hand manuever this stroller with both kids in there! If you have a stroller with the older child in front it is harder to manuever. (Had one for about 2 weeks and sold it!) I also like that it allows for my 3 yr old to sit in a typical stroller and then I can also take that seat out and she has the option to just hop on and sit or stand. Great for the zoo or places I need her to keep getting in or out. Now the Jeep side by side is great for short trips to the store or when I dont have a lot to carry. And now that the baby can sit up all by herself. I personally keep the BabyTrend in my van and the Jeep in my husbands SUV. But I switch them out time to time depending on when and where we are going.


You husband talked about keeping the "cadillac". In our instance I think we will keep them for at least the next year or so. We frequent the zoo and such. I have a 9yr old and he used to tire out even at 5 and we had an umbrella stroller. So I know my 3 yr old wont outgrow it anytime soon. And with the sit or stand and typical stroller seat option, it will grow with us. Hope this helps!

I have twin daughters that are now 5. We had both a stacked and a side by side. I purchsed the side by side so the girls would be able to see each other and interact besides just hitting each other in the back of the head. The side by side was great for taking walks, going to the park, or outdoor events but was awful for everything else. Too wide to fit through doors and isles at many stores. Hope this helps.

We took our 3 year old shopping for one when I was pregnant. He loved "trying out" all the strollers. We picked the joovy stacked one. And I am very happy with our choice. It is easy to navigate and my older son can either stand or sit on it and as you know giving him a choice as to what he will do is great! I really like it when we have to go to places where there will be a long walk or if there is a crowd. That way I can keep my eyes on both of them! On a side note, if you go with the joovy.. buy the extra drink holder...there is not one on it and you will need it!

When I had my second my first was 2.5 and we were using a jeep jogging stroller... loved it. With the add on my older son sat in the front, and my infant layed in the back. As my baby got bigger we could switch the seats around so that the older one still sat in the front but the back seat was upright and didn't need much leg room- so fit him perfectly. But we decided to trade it in for a Phil & Ted e3 stacked stroller. It was combersome and heavy and a little difficult to fold up, but we loved it and what jogging stroller isn't heavy and cumbersome? Now, 2.5 years later there have been some recalls on the e3 (something about the latch were you close it) but we got free parts in the mail to fix and it and I am not worried. BUT I am now expecting our third and as I get bigger can't lift the e3 out of the car etc. SO we bought a jeep double, side by side umbrella stroller. I LOVE IT. only problem is that it is a little difficult to make it through store doors aone... possible just difficult. ( I make my four and half year old jump out and hold it open for me)

I have 3 girls and i loved the double stroller. I had the stacked where the front seat could turn to face out to the crowd or turn in to face the other child. I would never give up my stroller. It was large enough that i could place the carrier directly from the car into the back seat without waking up the baby. I also always used the room even when the older child wanted to walk. It seemed like it was always full. Plus, i loved having the cup holders on it for me at the top. My hands are usually always full so i need the storage room and extra spots. I looked at the side by side but they do not fitl anywhere. The stacked is longer and i did fill like a train but i coudl always fit down the clothing isles and move around people. What is the point of a double stroller if you have to park it in the big isle and not be able to weave an shop... Like at kohls, macy's etc... I love mine. I would look at the underneath storage. That is a must with mutiple kids. Also, look at the wheels. Look for wheels that are large and good traction. That way you can get thru sand, gravel at the zoo or parks etc... Good luck!!!!

Remember to look out for the weight. Double strollers can be impossible to maneuver in and out of the car. If your 3 year old isn't a runner then it's kind of fun to have a little person walking with you. Double strollers are great for the zoo and other big outings, but either option (stacked vs side by side) are both big and bulky for moving through the mall. I would go for the sit and stand like the others have said!

My kids are 3-1/2 years apart. They are now 15 months and almost five. We got the baby trend sit and stand stroller, and it worked great for the times I needed them both in a stroller. My older one, like yours, is great in a stroller. I did keep my Graco Quattro stroller too, and have used it more than the sit and stand stroller. The sit and stand is very long, making it harder to steer. And, it folds awkwardly, so it isn't as easy to get in and out of the vehicle. The Graco basket on mine is huge, an I love it for shopping. The cup holders on the sit and stand are not deep enough, and large drinks are almost impossible. All these negatives said, I really do enjoy it and think it was the best alternative out there for our situation. Good luck!

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