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Double Stroller Recommendations

I am pregnant with my second and we have a 3 year old that tolerates her stroller great BUT should I just keep the "cadillac" as my husband calls it for when the baby is tiny OR what recommendations are there (stacked vs side by side).

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I love the (Sit N Stand LX) Tandem Stroller with Car Seat Snap N Go Attachment System. I love this stroller my 3 year old loves to stand and its safe. The toddler seat is in the back facing you and she can stand or sit, it's great. I have a 3 month old in a car seat that attaches to the front. Its easy to attach an unlatch. I just love it! I got it as a shower gift and I was registered at Target. Its a Sit N Stand LX by baby trend.

Anything Graco is great! I have an evenflow double stroller and we don't like it very much, we've had lots of problems with it. With a three y/o I might go w/a sit and stand stroller. My two are barely 2 years apart so my oldest wasn't old enough for that yet, but I have several friends that love their sit and stand strollers. :)

My kids are two years apart, and we opted not to get a double stroller. I wore my younger in a sling or bjorn when she was newborn and we'd go out, so my two year old could ride. We also bought a buggy board - http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId...
It attaches to the stroller like a running board, and we bought two sets of attachments so we could use one on the car seat stroller and one on the umbrella stroller. That runs about a hundred bucks, and saved us the extra cost of a stroller as well as the extra space required for another one.

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I would consider keeping the "cadillac" because the 3 year old probably won't want to be in a stroller much longer. My 1st 2 were 17 months apart and I loved my Graco Duo Glider.

Then my middle daughter was 31 months when our youngest was born and she just walks everywhere with me and big sister. I haven't even pulled the double out and the baby is nearly 9 months old.

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I've never used a double stroller, so I can't recommend one. We had #2 when #1 was almsot 3. We didn't get a second stroller till #2/baby girl was 9 months old or so. My son (#1) loves to ride his bicycle (then a tricycle) so when we went on walks, he'd ride and I'd push our daughter. We got our son a bicycle for Christmas and he loves it. In fact, he'll ride it all over. We originally had the big old stroller that the car seat attaches into and we ended up aquiring an umbrella stroller so that we could take my son's bike with us to the park and fit the stroller and the bike in the back of the car. We use the big stroller mostly for around the neighborhood or places like the zoo where we want to pack stuff in a diaper bag and stow it under the stroller. The rest of the time we just leave the umbrella stroller in the car and use it for everything else - trips to the park or mall, etc...

My two are 16 months apart and I bought the Twin Savvy LX by Combi. I love it! It is a side by side, but it tri-folds so easy to get in and out of the car. It proably weighs about 17 lbs so very light. It also has two cup holders a must with a 3 year old. We really don't use it very much mainly use our single Peg. because our daughter likes to walk everywhere (she just turned 3). It is nice to have one when you go to the mall, parks and zoo's.

Your three-year-old will benefit from walking alongside. Walking is the mobility function of the cortex in the brain. Mobility is what "organizes" different levels of the brain by function. Your three-year-old will literally by organizing the cortex in their brain by walking. The cortex is where we have higher level thinking---a good thing to stimulate.

Having been the mother of 8 children, I know it would be easier to put both young children in the stroller. However, easier is seldom the best and encouraging their mobility will pay dividends throughout their life.

I have the joovy sit n stand. I know someone else has already mentioned it. I really like it. When we are at the mall my two year old can easily get down and when it's time for her to get back in she climbs right in. I bought mine at the lone star baby store in NRH. http://www.shoplonestarbaby.com/. The price there for the joovy was cheaper than i found online.
I have recently seen a sit n stand at target that is probably cheaper. But you might want to go to lone star where you can "test" out all of the strollers. They have a HUGE inventory. And they are not up on the shelves like at target. The only issue i have with my joovy is the storage is a little tight. I can only fit the diaper bag and my purse but no purchases. Also there are no adult cup holders though i have seen an attachment on amazon.
I decided to go with the sit n stand because I knew my two year old wasn't going to want to be in the stroller for that much longer and I just didn't want to deal with the "limo" of a tandem.
We also have a wagon for when our baby is older and we go to the zoo. Wagon's are just more fun anyway :)

Good luck!

I am pregnant with my second and have an almost 3 yr old. I friend of mine with same age kiddos reccomended the phil and teds double. It can be a single with the seat totally reclined for the baby or you can add the toddler jump seat with the baby seat down or up. If you look at the picture online, it looks like the toddler doesn't have much room. It gives more room than you think and my toddler and her 3 yr old friend fight over the jump seat. It's a little pricey, but worth the investment. Shop online and you can find it tax free and free shipping here.

If you have kids that are significantly different in age then there is nothing better then a sit and stand model. It was great even when my third arrived because both older boys could hitch a ride if they wanted and it didn't seem "baby" to them because they weren't strapped into a seat.

For me a side by side seemed so much easier to push especially with the older child because you'll find the more weight you put on the other ones the harder they become to steer and turn. That's just what I've found in my experience with double strollers.

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