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Double Stroller Is It Worth It?

I am a mom of 2 year old boy and pregnant with a little girl. She is due in February and he turns 3 in February. I have heard mixed thoughts when it comes to getting or needing a double stroller. I know they are bigger and bulky so I am wondering if you actually use them as often as you think you will. Is it a necessary purchase? Buy new or used?

If you think it is a definite must let me ask this...
Is it better to get a side by side stroller or not?
And what about the sit and stand strollers?
Any brand/model recommendations?

Thanks! My husband keeps saying we don't need it, but my boy still likes to ride in the stroller on long walks, zoo trips and even the mall. Plus I have to wonder will it help keep my active kid from darting when I have the choice of having him in the stroller. Or when jealousy arises from little sister in the stroller, I assume he will want to ride more for the first little while. Help I need experienced mom help! And if anyone has any cute baby girl names I would love to hear them, I am stumped!
thanks again!

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I LOVE my Graco double stroller- we got the front/back model and my 2yo sits in front and the baby's car seat clicks into the back. It's a life saver! We went with the Graco cause we had a Graco car seat plus it folds up to practically nothing. Another perk is that the car seat can click into the front seat if need be so that we can totally recline the back seat and my toddler can lay there and nap while we stroll the mall.

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Well, I am quite experienced in the double stroller debate, with 4 kids under 8, one on the way, and a day care, I have used my share of all kinds of strollers. Here is my personal vote. With your oldest being almost 3, I am not sure I would encourage the double stroller as your primary stroller, maybe a sit-n-stand. Although, they are not easy for the toddler to sit in, when the baby seat is strapped in because the seat has to be reclined. So, if he really likes riding in the stroller, it might be worth it for you, but at 3, mine enjoyed standing. Now, I do LOVE my side by side jogger for trips to the zoo, Six Flags, walks around out side etc, but they are not practical for shopping trips. I currently have 3 different strollers, and could not live with out one of them. I do love my quattro tour double, but mine was 15 months when the baby came along. I have the double jogger, and I still keep a single umbrella type stroller in the car for times when I may only have one child to deal with (a rare but cherished treat:) Good luck making the decision!! ~A.~

I asked the same question awhile back and these were the responses I got on here. http://www.mamasource.com/request/12602249536283344897
That said, I got a Graco duoglide. Love it. I liked the one in front of the other idea better than side by side. It has been better for us, especially when they argue. Even if my older child doesn't sit in it I cna use it to hold stuff and if he changes his mind we have the option for him to sit. Also it is good as a time out spot (If you can't listen and walk nicely then I will have to push you in the stroller. Then he has to decide which he wants more, to walk independently or be naughty. Usually walking wins and he chills out.) I bought mine used from someone on here. If it is taken care of they do last quite awhile. It has been very neccesary for us with having two close in age. They are big and bulky in the back of my car but easy to maneuver and use when out and that's the important part. My husband didn't want another stroller but since I am usually the one to deal with both kids alone on my own the most when going places(SAHM), and b/c I got it used, I won the argument. Mommy instincts are usually right.

I just wanted to say that my husband says we dont need one either. GRRRRR... I think we do. I have a 17 month old and will have a newborn in January.

We just named our daughter Camryn Cate...I think its cute :) Good luck!

I LOVE my Graco double stroller- we got the front/back model and my 2yo sits in front and the baby's car seat clicks into the back. It's a life saver! We went with the Graco cause we had a Graco car seat plus it folds up to practically nothing. Another perk is that the car seat can click into the front seat if need be so that we can totally recline the back seat and my toddler can lay there and nap while we stroll the mall.

My older son was 2 yrs 9 months when my younger was born. We got a double stroller and used it quite a bit. It was big, but such a great help when we were out anywhere. When he got a little bigger I let him walk around but told him he would have to sit in the stroller if he didn't behave, it worked like a charm!! It was also good for containing the older child in certain situations. Oh yeah, and there's nothing sweeter than shopping with two asleep children in the stroller. When you have two, you take the downtime wherever you can get it :) Man, I miss those days!! We got rid of the stroller right after my older one turned 5!! EEK!!

I would think the big thing would be if your son will sit in a stroller (as my son did). If he does then I say go for it. We had the tandem and that worked well for us. If money is an issue, look for a used one. They are generally in better shape b/c they aren't used as much.

Good luck!

My daughter was 2 years, 9 months when my son was born. We bought a Joovy sit & stand. We used it at the zoo and a few other places. Honestly, it has no storage for a diaper bag. It has a really small basket under the backseat, but a diaper bag won't fit there. It also didn't have any drink holders, but we bought some at Babies R Us to attached to it. If your baby is in the car seat on the stroller the seat has to be reclined which makes it very difficult for the older child to sit on the back seat.

As much as I liked the flexibility for my daughter to be able to get on and off, we just really didn't use it that much, we sold our on Craigslist.

I bought a graco tandem when my twins turned a year, before that I had them in their car seats on a latch and go frame. Right now I put the twins in the stroller, my four year old walks and the baby is on my back in a frame backpack (a gerry carrier) and we walk to pick up my oldest from kindergarten. I wish my tandem had the sit and stand on the back also, because occasionally my four year old wants to ride too. Fro your situation, I would recommend the sit and stand single and see if you can find it on ebay or craigslist.

My son just turned 3 and we have a six week old girl. I debated on what to get too...all the same issues. I couldn't be happier with my choice of the sit and stand. I bought it gently used on craigslist, so it wasn't terribly expensive ($65). It's great because it has a spot for both kids. I made a big deal about my son getting the "big kid" side. He hops on and off it easily. This was a worry for me at first - I didn't want him running off. But it can also make things easier. We have taught him that he can hop on and off as long as he stays with the stroller. When we went to the zoo two weeks ago it was really nice not to have to unstrap or help him out of a stroller to look at the exhibits. And I haven't had to do it, but there are straps that he can't undo on the stroller, so I could strap my son in if needed. My husband also said we didn't need it, but he rarely juggles both kids at once. The one time he saw it in action, even he had to admit it was worth the money. Our neighbor has a four year old and a two month old. She borrowed ours to see if it would work for them and now she is looking for a used one too, she loved it. I kept the old stroller for those times I didn't feel like I needed to corral both kids (like at the library). Hope this helps. Congrats on the new baby girl!

My graco double stroller was the best thing! We use it all the time! I would get one that is a travel system b/c then you can start to use it immediately. Good Luck!

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