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Double Jog Strollers -Advice

Hi all!
I am a runner by nature and now that I have 2 children to run with I am finding the double stroller I have a bit ..well, not worthy. The two children are an active 3yr old boy (so a 5pt harness is required!) and an active 14mn girl who eventually will take after her brother. Anyway, does anyone have any advice with actual use a serious double jog stroller that can meet the 5miles/day that I want to put on it?

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So after careful consideration we too purchased the Bob Revolution Dualie. Thank you to all who responded. Most said to purchase the Bob but our hold up was determining which one was the best for us. The Revolution has 2 models one that is 12"AW which means all 3 tires are 12" and the other one which has 16" back wheels and a 12" front wheel. We did go for the later because the 16"wheels are better for running and we do use it for that purpose first ..and then for the walks and trips. We were also debating on the Bob Ironman but since the front wheel doesn't swivel on that one, we decided that for the walking aspect we wanted to have the swivel option. As for where we made our purchase..we went through an online source that provides a free diaper bag with the purchase as well as no shipping or sales tax. Those benefits outweighed the cost factor of getting it for the 15% discount from the national biking chain.

Again, thanks for all your help and advice.

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Buy a BOB - I bought one about 2 months ago - the Stroller Strides version (with the swivel front wheel for when I am walking - it locks into place to jog) - it is wonderful!!! I got it from REI and got a great deal on it (they were having a 20% off sale when I bought it). It is SSSOOO easy to walk or run with and my kids enjoy riding in it. It has a shock system so it offers a very smooth ride for the kids - here are a few links:


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Buy a BOB - I bought one about 2 months ago - the Stroller Strides version (with the swivel front wheel for when I am walking - it locks into place to jog) - it is wonderful!!! I got it from REI and got a great deal on it (they were having a 20% off sale when I bought it). It is SSSOOO easy to walk or run with and my kids enjoy riding in it. It has a shock system so it offers a very smooth ride for the kids - here are a few links:


For the children, I have to say we have the city double, and they love it! Things we love:
-Two seats are separate, so can recline independently
-Canopies adjust independently, and are detached from rear, so can swing all the way forward
-The handlebar adjusts to infinite # of positions, from vertically up to vertically down, great for tall husbands and ambitious 2 year olds.
-Very easy to push and steer, literally one-handed when I'm carrying the baby!

Things we don't love:
-no snack tray for the kids
-heavy as all get out, its half my workout just loading/unloading
-the forward fold is awkward, doesn't lock in folded position, and therefore difficult to move around folded (and lord help you if you need to store this folded in a closet as I thought I was going to do! Now it stays in the back of the truck.)
- no tether for jogging safetly, though I suppose you could improvise.

And if you haven't guessed, we've used it only sparingly for running. I was a runner once upon a time, but now walk mostly.

I would love to hear some good responses on your question as i have just had my second (2 months) and a 2.5 year old and am just about to get back into my running. I have heard that the Bill and Ted stroller is the best but I'd like to hear from people who are runners! Let me know if you get any good responses!

Take care,


We have a Chariot, and I run with my 2 kids (2.5yrs and 1.0yr) all the time, and love it. You can buy the Chariot at REI, and may want to wait until they have a sale or 20% off coupon, and you'll save $100. You'll need to buy the stroller body, jog kit wheel, and jog brake kit. Total will cost about $600 or so (for the double). You can also take off the front wheel and attach it to your bike (you'll need to buy the bike attach kit) and bike ride with your kids. It's a high quality lighweight jogger and everyone I know that has one loves it. Also has 5-pt harness for the kids, and a net to keep bugs away if needed, plus a rain shield. Plus it fits through standard doorways. (We also have the single Chariot, from when we had 1 kid - abolutely love them both.) I also have friends that have the Bob and love it too. To get a good double jogger, you'll need to spend probably at least $500 - look for lightweight, inflatable tires like bikes (vs. plastic like bigwheels), rust-proof wheels - I would be wary of anything inexpensive. Good luck!

I loved my double Mountain Buggy Urban(07 model). It was a joy to run with. I had a 10 , 8 ,6 year olds ride in it on ocasions:). Very sturdy, compact, light(for a double), fit through doorways,pushes very easy, huge basket....canopy is not too great though.It was pricy and you have to buy extra accesories . I think if I would do it again i would go with Valco, it has same features and comes with lots of stuff as a package.Dreamer Design strollers are wonderful too(I had single), great for tall kids, sun shades are great, pushes like a dream......but too wide for the doorways(my kids always fell aslleep when we were out so that feature was important for us)
You can find a great jogging stroller on Craigslist for a half price.

I highly recommend the BOB brand for a double. They are light, fast, and great for someone who is really wanting to run with it. They are comfortable for the kids too. Read the reviews, they are excellent. I have a BOB single, but I have a lot of friends that have the double, and they love it. I have some friend that have the Dreamer Design double. It is highly rated as well, but they have had problems with flat tires, clicking, etc, and would probably recommend a BOB too. Good luck, and have fun running! Becc
PS, I just wanted to add that I have used my BOB for years, put a LOT of miles on it when I lived in Hawaii (summer year round), and it still looks FANTASTIC.

Sounds like we have alot in common... I highly recommend a double jogger made by Schwinn. I actually had mine for 5 years and used it to death. I even ran two marathons with it. My kids are old enough now that we don't use it anymore but it was still in pretty good condition considering how much I used it. I just donated it to our local orphanage. Anyway, it was something that we decided to splurge a little on since it was something that I knew I would use for a long time. I had tried purchasing a few less expensive ones but they didn't last long. I believe the one we ended up buying was about $450 but it was well worth every penny! Hope this helps a little... Good luck and happy running!


I have the BOB Revolution Double (and single also). I love it! I love the front wheel that swivels or locks, so you don't have to pick it up to redirect it. It is great on any surface, really smooth. I bought both at REI using a 20% off coupon.(or if you are not a member, when you sign up for their email i think you can get a 15% off coupon). Good Luck!

I used a BOB double stroller and absolutely loved it!!! They have a website. Try to google BOB strollers. The website used to offer free shipping if you bought the stroller online. I would also advise that you pack some snacks and drinks to give them during the run. Maybe even some books or small toys to keep their interest. I would always go to a park and after I put in my run, I would let them play at the playground for a while as a reward. It can be a lengthy trip but totally worth it if you love running.

I own a single jogger, but am looking at doubles as I am expecting. I am looking at the Phil & Teds brand because out on the jogging paths, I think the inline design is much more functional than the normal doubles.

Baby Jogger or the Bob series are the best. Both are made for serious joggers. The prices are high but it is worth the investment. I have used my baby jogger for almost 9 years and still love it. My sister, who trains for triathalons uses the Bob and loves it. You cannot go wrong with either of these. I know that LL Bean at Tyson's has the double Bob to try out. I would start there. Good luck!

I had one from Graco and it was ok until my son started moving around. My son is mover and shaker also but when he moves it jerks the whole stroller and it makes it difficult to stay straight. It also pulled to the side he sat on because his sister is so much lighter. Just be sure you get one that is real sturdy, shop around and remember you generally get what you pay for. Hope this helps and you and yours enjoy running and being outdoors as much as me and mine do.

I also have the BOB revolution Duallie and I love it. Even thought my husband first thought we were going to have to take a loan out for it :) We use it daily for running with my 5 month old and my 3 year old. The BOB also has a higher weight limit 50 lbs per seat, a great recline, a large divider between the seats and the canopies cover the children children well. I have also taken mine indoors or for other walks and it fits through doorways just fine. I actually took it to Hawaii and it was perfect for our vacation. It is so worth the money and the kids love it and my kids are on the larger size and they have a ways to go before they outgrow it!! best of luck!!

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