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Doorbell rang...no One There.

My doorbell rang. I heard it. The dog barked like mad. NO ONE was there, no package, no one near my house at all!!! I got up immediately and went to the door. No more than 10 seconds.

Have you had a doorbell ring and no one was there? Did you figure out it was an old battery or something?

We live on the edge of a development. Not many people walk by. Too early for school to be out.

A little disturbed. Please ease my mind!

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

To answer some of the questions/suggestions.
It has a distinct ring(not the tv or radio). We just moved here 2 months ago. Only 5 year old house. Does not plug in. May be hardwired, haven't looked. Hasn't happened before and I'm home A LOT.

Hubby thinks it is on the same frequency as someone elses. But hasn't happened before.

I did have the garage open without a car and my car sitting in the driveway. Maybe it was someone checking to see if we were home before they tried stealing! GULP! I did check the front yard and the garag, but then came in. I guess they could have hidden around the corner of the house. Double Gulp! I did go back in (after closing the garage....that hubby left open) and watch from the windows. Will keep things tightened up. Maybe they will realize when the clunker of a car I have is in the driveway, I'm home! Thanks to all of you!

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Happened to me once. It was the 5 year old next door who's mother didn't watch him. He rang it and then hid behind my truck. Lol.

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This might sound dumb but did you have the TV on? There have been a couple times where the doorbell rang on the TV and I could have sworn it was the door when it was actually a commercial or something.

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Yes - I have had it happen before. And its unnerving. But it could be a short in the doorbell wiring. Or insects looking to make a home inside the button area. Or those dang wireless ones that ring by themselves.

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maybe somebody "dong dong ditched" you

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Creepy. If a doorbell goes out, it shouldn't chime. If it chimes on its own, then there must have been a strong enough surge to force the wires to energize the chimes and activate them.

I'm sure you know that you have every right to not answer your door....right? Even if the people on the other side know you are home, you still don't have to say anything or do anything.

I do it all the time. When solicitors come by, the first thing my kid does is yell "Mom, someone's at the door". I still look through my peephole and if its someone I don't want to open for, I just walk away, even w/my kid standing right next to the door yelling "are you going to open it mom?". That kid.

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Call the Cops?
Look around your home... look for footprints, anything.

When I was a child, we had a Peeping-Tom.
Not to scare you.

Your dog was barking.
Animals can sense things.

Lock all your doors.

** There are things called "doorknob alarms"... which you hang on the doorknob. If anyone outside the door touches the doorknob, the alarm will go off.
Amazon has it.
We had this when I was a child.
It works.

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Do you have a wireless doorbell? We do - and it often (once a week) just rings and no one is there. We figured out that between our wireless computer network, the baby monitor, our neighbor's baby monitors and other wireless devices, they all interfere with each other now and again.

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Hi J.,
Did you get a new doorbell system recently? Ours used to be hooked up in the walls electrically. However, we removed that system with our kitchen remodeling job and bought a plug in kind. Well... it turns out that ours will play the fancy doorbell sound now if our next door neighbor's bell gets pressed. So.... it took me quite awhile before I realized that anytime someones was ringing her bell, that mine would ring too! (I went over to my neighbor's house for something and rang her bell. I came back home a few minutes later and my husband said someone rang our bell and no one was there and did I happen to see who it was.) WELL.... that's when it dawned on me what was going on! Simple soulution..... I changed outlets and plugged it in on the other side of my house. It worked!

Not to scare you.... but if it was an intruder looking for a home to rob, he immediately knew not to mess with your home since he heard a dog barking a lot. I've heard that this is how some intruders work.... ring the bell and if no one answers for a long time, then they possibly take their chance at breaking in or if they hear a dog barking, they leave the premises and try for a house that doesn't have dogs that could possibly hurt them. If you have an alarm system in your house, ask your alarm contractor for a door sticker that says WARNING ALARM SYSTEM INSTALLED by___________ and a sign that you stick in the mud near your door letting possible intruders know.

Okay... I hope I didn't scare you. (Not my intentions) I bet it might have been a low battery or that you are picking up signals from a neighbor with the same doorbell brand.

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Kids skipping school and playing ding-dong-ditch? :)

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Meh. We have a ghost, so that's not so weird to me.

Check the wiring for sure though.

My best friends doorbell often goes off it their dogs are barking like crazy (weird, but true).

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Happened to me once. It was the 5 year old next door who's mother didn't watch him. He rang it and then hid behind my truck. Lol.

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