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Don't Know When I Got Pregnant

Recently I found out that I was pregnant. I was on the pill and had no idea. When I called the Dr. they had me have an ultra sound. At that time they thought I was 10 weeks pregnant and gave me a due date. Now, I have gone back and done the math and I think I probably was more like 12 weeks. I will have a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks, but what if because the due date is off I go into labor before the scheduled c-section. What will happen. Will they change the due date at the next ultra sound if the baby is larger than normal or will they chalk it up to genetics or something? What if I am not that far along and at 39 weeks im really only like 37 or something. I am really worried about this. I tricycle on my bc's so i only have a period every 10 weeks.

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Thank you all for your helpful words. I guess I will just wait it out and let nature take it's course. I was just feeling a little concerned and you all have really made me feel better about everything.

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at the beginning of the pregnancy, they are just giving you an estimate of how far along you are...as your baby develops it may change and your due date my fluctuate...You will also have ulrasounds along the way to check on development and size and as you get closer to your due date, they will know when your baby is ready to be delivered. as long as you receive good pre-natal care, they will know when you are ready to deliver.

Ultrasounds are never 100% accurate in determining due date. Once you have another one they may change your due date. My sister had her's changed 3 times!! I wouldn't worry too much about it. Even if they are 2 weeks off in the estimate, 37 weeks is still considered term and your baby should be just fine. If you happen to go into labor on your own before then, you'll just have an "emergency" c-section!

This was my case too and the date they gave me didn't give with my period or sexual bahavior for that month, so I knew it was off. We know our bodies. I mentioned my concerns to my Dr and he scheduled an early ultrasound for dating purposes. They measured the baby and determined it's development as a specific gestational age, and therefor, were able to forcast a more appropriate due date.

I (as well as my family) have a history of making big babies and an scheduled to have a c-section in Sept also at 39 weeks. I met with my doctor and he is expecting a 10 lb baby. Concerned that he would adjust the duedate, I asked him and he assured me that he would not schedule the c-section any earlier just because the baby is bigger...it still has alot of development to do in the womb and taking the baby out earlier is NOT a factor. He even explained to me that a person could have a 12lb premee, but the baby needs to be inside the mother to develop other parts of the body, etc and just because it's big, doesn't mean it will adjust the duedate. So, even if you are off by 2 weeks...2 weeks is not enough to alter when you will deliver, even if you're going to deliver c-section.

I wouldnt worry, I have PCOS and never ovulate when I should, so with all 4 of my babies they need to do an ultrasound to get a due date. They werent off as far as I can tell, 3 of them delivered at 38 weeks and 1 at 37 weeks. If they notice things need to change, they will change them, which might mean an amno done, to make sure lungs are developed. I can tell you that no matter how prepared you think you are, you are never really ready for what can happen at birth. It could be nothing, it could be time in the NICU or whatever. So dont worry about and enjoy the fact there is a little being growing inside you and it will be a part of you and your husband. Its blessing. Congrats.

Remember also that the way the doctors refer to it, the beginning of your pregnancy is not actually the day you got pregnant. Future ultrasounds, etc., will change the due date. Relax :).

Just out of curiosity, how can you do the math if you only have a period every 10 weeks? When do you ovulate on that schedule?

I'm in the same exact boat. Also was on birth control. I know my periods and am arguing with my doctor about my due date as well. They claim the ultrasound in the very beginning is extrememly accurate so they won't change my due date.

I'm only arguing about 9 days or so, so I'm letting it go. But it is frustrating. They said even if the ultrasound shows a different due date later on in my pregnancy they won't change mine becuase early ultrasounds are so accurate. That's a bunch of B.S. to me because an early ultrasound in my last pregnancy showed I miscarried and it was wrong... I have a 7 year old daughter she wasn't miscarried.

They could change your due date after the next ultrasound. The doctor actually told us that the due date is just an estimation. That going into labor 2 weeks before or after the due date is still considered a normal labor. I was scheduled for a c-sec because my son was breach. I ended up going into labor about a week ahead of time. They were still able to do the c-sec with no problems.

First congrats!!
I have to say that I am pregnant with number 3 and was on the pill with all three and never knew my day of conception, as I had my period until I was three months along with all three.
With this pregnancy I was given a DD of 9/27/08 and after having another ultrasound they changed it to 9/11/08. I went into labor with my first three weeks before she was due and they said that was still full term. Anything from I think 37 weeks on is full term.
I would not be that worried about it. THe baby is going to come when it wants, regardless of your scheduled c section. And even than I think they will just do an emergency c section at that point.
I think you just need to relax and not do so much worrying, the baby will be fine if it comes 2 weeks early.

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