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Domes for Cribs

I was wondering any of you had or have or know about domes for cribs? I heard about it briefly with my cousin yesterday and someone else told my husband that she sees it at someone's house while she was babysitting. I was wondering any experiences, negative and positive and brand names. My husband and I thought about it for our third son who gets out early, wee early in the mornings and we are not sure why he's getting up so early in the morning and he's not tired. If he was thirsty he would ask for water or if he was hungry he would let us know. He was a great sleeper up til couple months ago and now he not sleeping in his own bed and we can't figure out why. He won't sleep in the crib when we put him down along with his brothers when they go to bed at night. So, we are tryingto find out about domes and where is best to get it from, on-line or in stores? Thanks.

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hi S., i have used the crib tent 2 for my 2 youngest, i couldnt live without it, i love love love it. its not cruel or mean or anything, he sleeps well with it, and it keeps him safe. when he wakes up, he calls for me and i go get him. the thing is, my kids both used it from newborn, they never knew otherwise. your son is older, it might upset him to get that now. it wont keep him sleeping, but it will keep him from climbing out and hurting himself if (like me) you dont want him in a bed yet for whatever your reasons are. any chance he will go back to sleep if he sees he cant get out? you know your son, you are the only one who can even take a guess as to how he will react. i would buy it only if you would be able to return it if need be, its about $70. its called the crib tent 2, one step ahead.com will have it among others.
i also want to say i am so sorry about your mom. alzheimers is so very cruel. i hope you and yours can find some peace.

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i agree with Crystal. I don't think a Dome on his crib will help him sleep any better. he is still going to wake up. If he is old enough to get out of his crib, then he is ready for a bed. My kids were all in beds by 18 months old and I never had a problem. I have seen the domes used a few times, but the ones I saw used was because the house had cats and that was best way to keep the cats out of the cribs since cats can jump over a gate. If he is almost 2 years old, is it worth the money to buy the dome? How much longer are you going to use it. I personally think he is ready for a bed.

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I'm not meaning this to come across as negative, but I am wondering how putting a dome covering on his crib is going to solve your problem? He is still going to wake up. And a covering on his crib is only going to make him upset. You will still need to deal with his early morning wake-ups.

Those domes serve the purpose to keep kids contained in their cribs, when they get to an age when they can climb out. Its my opinion that when they get to that age, perhaps they should not be in a crib any more.

My daughter slept terribly in her crib. We put her in a toddler bed at 14 months. And she has slept through the night since. Granted the first few nights, we had to keep putting her back in her bed. But, we were firm and she got the message rather quickly. And has been a great sleeper since we made the change.

I've seen cribs with domes, and I just dont like they way they look. It doesnt seem right to me.
I wish you luck in figuring out whats causing your sons sleep issue. :)

Crib tents, the name for domes are sold in baby stores and on line the zip open about the middle of the long rail of the crib and are attached to the crib all around by velcro strips. 23 months is a funny age to start with a crib tent as he's really cry and feel caged in but it will let you rest assured he's not roaming the home while you're asleep. Is he napping during the day? Prehaps you can make the daytime nap shorter so he'll sleep better at night.

S., I have to agree that for an almost 2 year old, I wouldn't use a crib dome. If he's awake and not tired, a crib dome won't keep him sleeping. Maybe it's time for a bed or to let him sleep with the side of the crib down, and a baby gate at his open door. If he can be quiet in his room without waking anyone, and be safe in there, that may be a good solution. A crib dome will keep him caged (and probably unhappy), not stop him from waking.

Hi S.
God bless you and your family!!
I would not try a dome at 23 months, I would tell him to come to you when he gets up, and expect him to do just that.
I am not opposed to domes and/or nets but you would not be using it long for him in my opinion.
My younger son climbed out of crib constantly at six months(funny long story) and we put up the twin bed by the time he was 8 months. He never fell out of bed. Recommend a dome/net for that rather than twin bed.
My oldest never climbed out of the crib, the other 3 were all out of the crib by 2yo.
God bless you and your lovely family as you make decisions
K. -- SAHM married 39 yrs soon --- adult children 38, coach; 33, lawyer married with l yo son; and twins 19 in college on dean's list after homeschooling

Maybe he's ready to transition out of the crib into a toddler bed.

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