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Does Your Husband Play Video Games All the Time?

I am wodering if there is anybody that is married to someone that plays the Xbox 360 Call Of Duty 4? I thought it would be kinda funny to see how many responses I would get from this or if I'm the only lucky one with a husband that has this hobby. He plays all the time and never gets sick of it. It's not something I'm loosing sleep over its just annoying. Hope to here from someone....

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Mine too!!! He'll stay up all night and then try to sleep in the next morning. Oh NO!!! I make him get up and help with the kids.

My hubby plays ALL the time. He stays up until 3-4 am and then gets up and plays more before he goes to work.
I do not know how he does it.
I would not care that he was always playing if he actually slept. When he doesn't get enough sleep he gets grupmy and then I have to deal with that.
I do not understand what is so interesting.

My husbands game of choice is Mass Effect, almost every day when I get home from work he is playing. He used to play World of Warcraft online, but switched from that to the 360. I don't mind it but it does get annoying sometimes. He did do something sweet, in a nerdy way I guess, when he made his newest lead character to play he made it to resemble me. I have thought about learning to play but I have too much to do without sitting there on the couch with him. Hope this is the kind of response you were looking for! - B.

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I am starting to not lose sleep over my husband playing HALO all of the time. we have been married for 5 months and he used to be a truck driver. now that he is home working local, i never realized how far apart we still are. he eats, sleeps, breathes this game and says that he plays it to vent. meanwhile, he is cursing and throwing things because he doesn't win the round and blames it on me because i apparently am a distraction--by his distraction meaning i am home. he tells me that i need to find somewhere else to be..it has put a stop to things we do together--we don't do husband and wife things together--at all.

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I had to respond to this because it hits close to home. We don't have an XBox 360, but we have almost all the other consoles (as a matter of fact, I just bought on Thursday the new 80GB playstation 3 for my husband as a birthday present). I used to hate how much game playing he did - computer games and game consoles until last December. After years of suggesting that I play a game with him and see if I like it, I finally gave in and started playing City of Heroes on the computer with him (I've always played console games - what can I say? I'm a child of the 80s). And you know what... I enjoy it! I sometimes even play when he doesn't! It still annoys me sometimes when one "quick" mission lasts over an hour, but he doesn't neglect his responsibilities to play games and now that I know what it feels like to play a game (and have teammates who are relying on me, which is one of the appeals of these online games), I understand that he can't just pause the game.

I would suggest that you find a game you could both play together. It really is a nice way to bond! :)

FYI - If you're at all familiar with World of Warcraft (or your husband is), check out the video on YouTube called "World of Wifecraft". It's about these [fictional] wives who turned real life into a WoW game so their husbands spend more time with them. Very funny)

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Sister.. I feel you..and I too am the "lucky one" lol...My husband and I are stationed here in Iraq (at least we are both here at the same time!) but- on off days and between our missions, we used to just do our computer time,playing our i pod music to relax.. then the PX had a sale on the xbox360.. (he used to be a gamer before we started dating), but now he is back into it, full fledged! our tv in our chu didn't have the color effects he needed , so he went and got a flat screen for the graphics..now I am looking for headphones with a long enough cord for him to wear, as the sounds make me nuts.( I know the sound is cool while playing, but as a stadby chick it is so annoying) another bummer.. I have noticed that recently that he seems to get all aggro if " interrupted", or right after he plays.. he gets "snippy"..( umm yah with ME..!!??) a big no no.. I told him that if that continued, he can go stay in his personal assigned chu, as my time here is also for relaxation, and it consists of yoga, norah jones, colbie calliat and reading, so no need for that attitude , Sir..~~!!!.. awe hell naw! ( lol) I am just trying to make our time here pass in a calm loving relaxing way ( counting down to our leave) & trying to support him in his hobby , and yet, really miss just our quiet music / internet time, I mean we LIVE in a war zone, and on the training academy range so it is gunshot and tactical training 24/7..<sigh> maybe ii am being naggy and cranky.. but sheesh, my ears hurt from my headphones being on all the time.. cant wait till his come in the mail..lol

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My husband plays Modern Warfare 2 for endless hours. I am so sick of it. He plays till 3,4 or 5 in the morning since he is laid off and sleeps to noon and plays some more. They we have pre ordered Black Ops which comes out the first part of November so I don't see anything but an increase in his playing. I am not a happy wife lately!!

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My Fiance PLAYS HIS XBOX all the TIME!!! It used to not bother me at all, but now its getting to the point of enough is enough. What i want to know is when is it too much? when he's playing from afternoon till 4 in the morning? I feel that it has caused a gap in our relationship. Instead of going out and doing new things and going places, our life is passing us by on the living room couch on a 42" Flat screen. I dont know what to do, or how to approch it, most of the time i feel like yanking it out of the wall and throwing it over the balcony.
Maybe thats a little extreme?....so, how do women win the war against XBOX?

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My husbands game of choice is Mass Effect, almost every day when I get home from work he is playing. He used to play World of Warcraft online, but switched from that to the 360. I don't mind it but it does get annoying sometimes. He did do something sweet, in a nerdy way I guess, when he made his newest lead character to play he made it to resemble me. I have thought about learning to play but I have too much to do without sitting there on the couch with him. Hope this is the kind of response you were looking for! - B.

Well- it was a definite habit - another game tho- when my son was also playng- now that my son is 17- my husband just never bothers with it anymore
but we dont have Xbox either- lol

yes I also have a husband who is an xbox junkie he and my son are always playing the game HALO. Yes it drives me crazy too.He is not very productive around the house anymore since he started playing and I feel like I have another kid.


I am one of those guys that play Xbox live. I also work
50 hours a week, cook dinner and coach competitive soccer for my 10 year old. I play at night and it somehow helps me relax.
I am 33 and have been married for 12 years. I play at night most of the time. I try to pick times when everyone is starting to go to sleep. On weekends I start playing around 10pm and play until about 4am. My wife doesnt mind as long as I get up when she does which is around 6am. I manage to wake up without any problems. Guys play games and they always will.
Girls do things as well...scrapbooking, weight watchers or whatever they decide on for that week.

My husband gets on the computer with the game "Quake". He will stay there for hours sometimes.

My husband dreams of having a wife who would let him play video games...Until the day comes when I have time to sit around for hours engrossed in mindless entertainment, he is out of luck with this wife!

My name is L., and I have a husband and child addidicted to Call of Duty 4. They play so much together that I have found myself out on the front porch just to get away from the gunshots! Pretty sad. Also, he found a way to put the XBOX360 into our surround sound!! Are you that lucky? Haha.

My husband use to play the playstation 24-7. I would go to work and come home and he was still playing it and throughout the night. He would miss work to play it. Him and his friends would gamble off of it. (Football) He doesn't play it like it use to and I am so glad cuz it would drive me nuts but I can honestly say at least he was at home and not out and about.

All these responses just crack me up.

I am a Wii Widow and I don't mind at all. He spends time with the kids and relaxes by playing video games now and then.

Of course when he got the new Indiana Jones Leggo game for Fathers Day he played it for a couple of hours the first time. My younger two enjoyed watching him play and my older two impatiently waited for their turns. Everyone in this house loves to play and we do play some together which is as much fun as playing a board game. Watching my 7 and 3 year ld do the Wii Fit is serious family entertainment!!

Heck, I don't mind him playing the games, at least he is at home and not out in a bar somewhere.

My husband used to play COD 4 every night but now it is Rainbow Vegas (or something like that)for hours. I hate it. It has actually caused quite a rift between us. His solution: he would only play online 3 days a week and offline any time he could fit it in. I wish he could find something more productive or usefull to do in that time instead.

we dont have an x box but my hsband does play video games all of the time. yes it is annoying, but i deal. i let him do what he wants and i take care of the house. and our child. i tell people that i am raising 2 kids. a 3 yr old and a 40 yr. old. he gets mad but its the truth. so all you can do is just deal isf you love him. let him be a kid. thats what i do

Oh yeah.my husband is addicted to video games if it isnt the playstion it is the computer.If you cant beat um join um.That is what I ended up doing.They have games that are coop you can play them as a team.At first I really sucked but now I am pretty good.My husband could play for days if didnt have to work.

My husband use to be addicted to Halo but now he is addicted to World of Warcarft on-line. Since this is the only thing he will do anymore I started playing too. This was a way for us to do something together. I am near as into it as he is but I do like it. I still have issues with him playing all the time. He has gotten much better about doing his chores before he gets on. I have yelled so many times that he has realized if he wants to play in peace he has to get his stuff done first.

Well my hubby plays that XBox 360 whenever he sees and opportunity. It drives me nuts because he claims he is tired when he gets home, but he can play his game till 2 in the morning. Yes he does support the family and does what he needs to do around the house after I keep nagging while he is playing but every night is just riddiculous. its partially my fault cause I bought the dang thing. I say its the worst mistake I ever made and he says it is the best mistake I have ever made. I am due to have our second child in 3 weeks and I'm with the other poster, I think I may throw the thing.

I have a husband and 3 teenage sons (ages 16,14 & 13). They have the Xbox 360 and are all addicted to Halo 3 & Call Of Duty 2 AND Call Of Duty 4. It is pretty pathetic actually! My husband uses the kids as an excuse, but I don't buy it. He gets into it every bit as much as they do. My husband has even been known to organize what they refer to as "Halo tournaments" which involves basically inviting every friend that any of our boys can come up with over to our home. The friends bring their Xbox 360 consoles & controllers. My husband then procedes to run cables to about 3-4 t.v.'s in our house so that they can all play against each other. I am not exactly sure how it works, all I know is that I end up with a house full of teenage boys scattered through out the house. Some in the living room, a few in the boys room & usually my daughters t.v. gets borrowed from her room & put in the dining room too. Her & I usually try to have a girls night out (out of town stay, if I can do it) when this occurs because these "tournaments" go on until the wee hours of the morning. And lord forbid you walk through the living room IN FRONT OF THE T.V.!!!! They don't have these kinds of gatherings real often, but every since they had the very first one, the boys are asking for one every time I turn around & since my husband enjoys them too, I am the one who has to put my foot down. It just isn't fair to myself & our teenage daughter to have the whole house taken over by video gamers!!!

You're not alone. My husband plays WOW (world of warcraft) a LOT. Thankfully, he does not neglect me or our children with it, so it's not THAT bad. He plays it on his own time after the kids have gone to bed and he doesn't feel like watching TV. But... he plays every single day at one point or another. The caveat to this is that he works in the video game industry, so he has to keep up with all the games and what the competition is out there. ;o) Likely story... LOL ;o) Good luck to you!

I am also the wife of an avid gamer. I believe we own everything except for the Xbox 360 which I refuse to let him buy umless he sells two other of our five console games. He also plays games online. Yes, there are times when I have to remind him to come back to reality and stop playing his game. I also realize that he is a great financial provider for our family and works long hours and this is a huge stress reliever for him. I am gratetful that he is at home with his family and not out doing the unthinkable acts that some men do. He also helps me clean, cook and do laundry on the weekends. I agree with the other poster about trying to play his games so that you might understand why he likes it so much. I am not a gamer myself unless you include Pac-Man in that equation. Good Luck!

Been there, done that, and have switched to the dark side. LOL My hubby and I (yep, me too), play Halo on the 360, online of course. I play maybe twice a week, he could everyday if I let him! He also has COD 4 on the PS3 (yes, my hubby is spoiled). On the plus side, we play with his brother and wife, who live out of town and we are very close to. And yes, the gaming can get annoying. Funny enough, our 13 mo old now recognizes the halo music and dances to it when we turn the system on. *sigh* I've created another monster....

LOL - what a lot of responses! My husband likes to play sports games on his Playstation. He claims that my toddler enjoys watching him, so I often catch their "quality time" as him playing while the little one plays in the room with him. Argh! Luckily now we moved a couple of weeks ago, the playstation is in a child "off-limits" room, so we'll see how this plays out!

my husband whom i have been married to for just over a month. plays nintendo all frigging day and night he starts at like 6am and goes till 10 at night. he was layed off so thats all he does. I am so sick of it i am an active person and do not understand how he can sit around all day doing nothing but this.

My husband doesn't play Xbox but plays a computer game called WOW all the time. He likes to play when he gets home from work and on the weekend. It is taking some time to work out when its ok to play. He sets aside game nights---2 nights out of the week. Those days I don't bug him when he is playing and the other days are fair game to bug him when I need him. Right now we are having to correct my older's thinking process about video games since he has watched his dad play all the time when he was younger. When my husband gets carried away with the game, I let him know about it. We talk about. There are still times that it bugs me that he wants to invest so much time in the game instead of helping around the house.

YES. Sometimes it's pretty irritating when I'm about to pump right before I go to bed and I say "I'll only be a few minutes" and he says okay, just one match! So by the time I pump and go to bed and am almost asleep, then he finally gets off of there and comes to bed....at the same time, when he's had a long day or frustrating circumstances at work, he can unwind by pretending to shoot his friends with old guns and can clear his head before spending time with me and the baby and not have to still be tense and impatient with us...unless he just keeps getting shot up, and then he's just not having a good day! :)

My husband plays Call of Duty 4 a lot on the computer. I'm on my computer a lot too, doing other things so it isn't that big a deal. We have our computer room set up together with lots of things for our daughter to do. That way we are all in the same room and can talk even if we are doing separate things.
He wears a head set (one ear type so he can hear us if we are talking to him) so I can't hear the game.
I don't mind him playing, but I can't stand the sound.
The gaming really bothered me at the beginning of our marriage, but now I look at it like this:
1. I like to read and that is how I relax, he relaxes by gaming.
2. Having time to do the things we each enjoy only makes us happier people and therefore better partners.
3. He is at home with his family, not out doing whatever with his friends all the time (although he does play frisbee golf on Sundays for 2 hours, but thats his friend time).

Something you might try is to play the game a few times. I'm not a big gamer, but thats because I hate to do things I'm not good at. But I have tried to play and he gets a kick out of it when I do. They like it when we show an interest in their hobbies just like we like it when they show an interest in ours.

I assure you, there are millions of us gamers wives sitting around going "I just don't get it".

My hubbby dont do the 360 but he's a PS2 Madden lover (every august when the new one comes we are headed to the nearest walmart to pick it up). But I cant complain cause he is home every night, plays with the kids, helps around the house and goes to church with us every sunday. Its his hobby.

K. ;-)

My husband was (key word) a addicted gamer... Well he still is but 2 weeks ago he stopped. He was not living in the real world most of the time. He would wake up and start his game and sit at his computer desk till it was time for bed and play ALL day. He is the main provider for our family but he had taken it to the extreme. It was getting past annoying..I feel sorry for the man because now he doesnt know how to fill some of his time up.

When mine is not playing video games, he is on the computer looking at pictures of semis (he is a truck driver), or tractors (he farms on the side). I have seen him literally spend 3 hours just looking at pictures of "pretty trucks" I do count my blessings he isn't looking at other pretty somethings...and that's when I can watch what I want on TV!

As you can see you are definitely not alone on this. We have an Xbox 360, but my husband is addicted to NFL Madden. He has gotten better the last few weeks, I think because he's been so busy...and probably because he's bored with the 2008 version. However, 2009 is going to be released in August so he'll probably go back to playing all the time. Its very, very annoying. He tells me I should be happy that he has a hobby that keeps him at home. And I guess I am, but what is annoying is that I think spending time with him is relaxing and allows me to unwind from a hard day. His getaway is that game. He can play all night.

OMG....(you gotta say that all Sweet Valley High) My man was lucky enough to have been given a work at home oppurtunity that works out well for someone who wants to use a computer a lot. Withsome time that led to finding a game online and I rarely see him since August of 2009...Yes it got old a long time ago but I did not want to give up my 12-year relationship over this game, GodsWar. It's my boyfriend's war at this time. He can stay up till whatever hours of the night I can hang out to; being a night owl, I get onto websites like this one and I can lose myself in reading about these poor people that have to suffer, can you believe it, true suffering for a game, be it computer or XBox, Playstation, Phones, Game Boy whatever stupid stuff these other countries give us.Funny video-XboxTripodYouTube

With us, it's World of WARCRAFT. I don't for the life of me understand why my husband doesn't get bored of it. He plays everyday for HOURS and sacrafices sleep for it as well. Sometimes it gets really out of hand and I have to treat him like a child..."have you done your chores? eat your breakfast and fix the kitchen sink for me...pick your clothes up off the floor, and THEN you can play." I know he could be doing much worse things...there are worse addictions out there... but seriously. I thought this was just a phase at first, but we are going on a whole year here. I just find it a STUPID waste of time. I try and understand it's "fun" for him, so as long as I'm not feeling neglected and he spends quality time with our kid...and he helps with the house when I ask him to... We work it out and I deal with it. Ha ha. Good luck to you!

My husband plays COD on the computer through a gaming server. I don't mind it because he uses that has his unwind time in the evening after chores and baby is taken care of, so he's not on it where it causes a disruption in family time. The only annoying part that bugs me is when I call for him I have to physically go up behind him because he wears headphones and can't hear me. At least I can't hear the game! I have a Nintendo DS that I play all the time so I can be called guilty as well. :)

My husband plays call of duty for ps3 all night; he no longer sleeps, oh unless were spending time together then he' ll make time to close his eyes. It's extremely annoying and yes I do care. My husbands my best friend and we kind of do everything togethr, well atleast we did until I bought him a ps3 for Christmas. Not sure if this was the answer you were looking for, but it was nice to vent. PLAYSTATION SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

I too am a gammer widow of 13 years. However he and my kids get to spend time together and I know where he is at night. He also does the dishes and laundry. I also know what to get him for Birthdays and Christmas.

When I was pregnant with my second child my husband played video games so much I got so mad one day I yanked it off and slammed it against the bed. Yup I am admitting to this horrible act. My husband was so scared that he never picked it up again. I know ladies its nothing to be proud of but I was hormonal and he wouldnt help at ALL. LOL

This is hilarious how many responses there are. I must say though that I am experiencing this with my husband, and I had the same thing with an ex fiancee as well. My husband does not play XBox 360 as much, although we have one. Instead he is into Team Fortress 2 online, so much so that he has built a new computer to become a server for the game, so he can play with who he wants and how he wants. Ridiculous? I think so! I am embarrassed to say he has spent 39 hours in the last 2 weeks. That's a PT job! But fortunately we have come to the agreement that he'll play when he wants, but he makes quality time for our daughter, and I can interrupt him whenever I need to. It seems to be working ok for the time being.
What's funny is now that my daughter is getting older (she's almost 3), she wants to spend time on the computer too, when daddy is on the computer. So she'll play at Noggin.com on my laptop for as long as I'll let her.

I am with you on this one. My husband can play his Xbox for hours and hours at a time. All day, all evening when he gets home from work. Like you said, it is annoying, but on the flip side, it also gives me a chance to do what I want to do. He is 29 years old, and his friends come over and play late into the night. It is pathetic, but that is his "hobby".

Mine has an XBox 360 as well, but his game of choice is Halo 3! He plays about an hour or so a day, but before our daughter was born 7 months ago, he would play upwards of 2-3 hours a day and more on weekends. He didn't play as much for the first couple of months after she was born, but now that she is getting more independent, his hours are starting to rack up again. He mostly plays when she is asleep. I really try not to complain too much because it seems to help him reduce his stress. However, I will start making noise if it starts taking away from family time or the time he spends with her :)

Mine too!!! He'll stay up all night and then try to sleep in the next morning. Oh NO!!! I make him get up and help with the kids.

well my hubby is not on xbox but ps3...he loves to play & does every chance he gets (which is prolly not as often as he would like!) but he mainly plays when the rest of us are gone somewhere or after we all go to bed : ) so i dont mind

My hubby plays ALL the time. He stays up until 3-4 am and then gets up and plays more before he goes to work.
I do not know how he does it.
I would not care that he was always playing if he actually slept. When he doesn't get enough sleep he gets grupmy and then I have to deal with that.
I do not understand what is so interesting.

Well, I feel your pain. My husband plays CounterStrike on the internet. Same kind of set-up and likes to play all the time, mainly at night though. It is annoying, especially when I need the computer. He is a great husband, just wish he wouldn't play it soooo much. We have talked about it some and things are better.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one either. My husband has Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS and plays on the computer as well. Before the twins he played all of the time. He plays most of the same games as most others posted here, but obviously now he doesn't really have time to do that. It really used to annoy me since he could sit there for hours and hours wrapped up in the game, but I can't complain now since he hardly ever gets to play these days. Obviously we aren't alone in this! :)

No, never. Not for nine long years.
I'll tell you why though.
For our first date, we went to the mall on a date to watch people fall while they were ice skating and make fun of them. Good times, let me tell you. It's a good first date because you just sit there and talk, but can use people watching as conversation starters.
So anyways, this group of guys in black shirts and black jeans and greasy hair walked by and I said, "Oh, look. It's those nerdy type people who play video games all of the time and probably go to Star Trek conventions. This is probably the first time they've seen the light of days in months. I bet they internet date." And I cackled. Yes, it's rude to say, but I was young and rude and there you have it. My husband laughed and changed the subject.
Nine months later, I find out from my brothers in law, that my husband and all of his brothers played those games like WOW, etc. all of the time. They were razzing my husband because he hadnt played in nine months and wanted to know why. He turned bright red and I busted out laughing.
So, apparently my rude comments cured him of it and I'm soooo glad. Now he has hobbies where he actually interacts with real live people or builds something at his workshop. Much more my speed =) I just didnt grow up with that stuff and the allure of it confuses me. Plus, he has kids and he needs to spend time with them. My brothers in law live on those computer/video games and it just annoys me.
But that's just me.

Haha...this is sooo funny!! My hubby plays the Wii ALOT...but it is fun to watch him play with our son...but I have one even better!! My hubby is ADDICTED to TOONTOWN!!!That's right...TOONTOWN...we got our 4 year old a subscription for Christmas and I can't get my husband off of it..it is soo funny to watch him play....

OMG YES was that what you needed to hear?

Yes, my husband is hooked on some war game. We do have a pretty good pattern though. He turns it on to play when i head upstairs to shower and get ready for bed. When i am finished with my routine, i flick the light off and on for him and he heads upstairs to do his 5 second shower and is usually in bed before i am. It si annoying sometimes but like you i am not loosing any sleep over it. Kids! Oh husbands!

my husband plays Xbox 360 Call of Duty 4 every night.....they have a group that gets together and plays...what is your husbands screen name? That would be funny if they play or have played online together......i usually sit on the couch and watch him play while i knit or do a crossword puzzle....it is fun to watch them play....

Mine too! My husband plays all those war games on the computer- he keeps begging me to get a Playstation, but then he would spend all those hours in front of our big screen tv. At least on the computer he is upstairs in the computer room (and I can watch what I want).

Doesn't make any sense to me- he can do it all day long and gets into these online matches like people use to get into softball or football games. We've even had to plan our day around grocery shopping so he could go home and make it in time for a match.

Yup! my husband plays COD4 on the XBOX 360. I love to read so i kay on the couch with a book while he plays. It doesn't bother me at all because if we have something to do or somewhere to go, he never sayd no because of the game. I even enjoy just laying there and watching. So do the kids.

YUP!! right now. Easily 5hr daily. I think it's too much. I don't know what to do about it. And yes, I've addressed it with him. His excuse it, you like to read, I like to game. It's an inexpensive hobby. Granted, he has a point. BUT, I work 40+ hrs a week and take care of a lot of the house hold responsibilities. I'm not really sure what to do from here. My next course of action is marriage counseling because maybe he'll listen to some one else.... I hope...

My husband used to play a lot with family and friends online.
Since the baby was born he hasn't been online much at all.
I don't mind him playing or surfing at all because I was always behind him on the couch with a craft or my laptop. We still talked and I even talked to family during his online play.
He works so hard to support our family as I am a SAHM, so I see no problems letting him blow off some steam with games once he gets home. (It makes me feel less guilty if didn't get the house spic-n-span that day!)

Yes! He's always on, and just tonight didn't go out with me like we had planned because he was playing League of Legends. This is beyond annoying! When I got back he wasn't even playing anymore.
How do you get his attention away from these stupid games!

My husband plays computer games (Star Craft) every night with other members of his family. They all have microphones and talk to each other while they play.

His father's day gift was a play station 3 so he's playing that a lot also.

I can't say much though because I love our WII and the nintendo DS.

Like you, I'm not losing sleep over it and luckily he doesn't play till after the little one is asleep. Sometimes we will play with the little one though, she plays a rubber ducky game on the play station and donkey konga on the wii.

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