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Does Your Child Get Fever Blisters (Cold Sores)?

My 14 month old woke up on Sunday with a red spot on her upper lip. DH and I were distraught thinking it was a fever blister. I took her to the dr, and the dr said it was just an abrasion and that she must've bumped her mouth on her crib during the night. The dr. went on to say that when and if children get fever blisters/cold sores, the very first breakout is usually quite bad...lots of sores in and around the mouth and they don't want to eat/drink because it hurts to swallow. After the initial outbreak, it is never that bad again. I've never heard of all of this. And DH and I still can't shake the feeling that it is just an isolated cold sore and still don't want her sharing toys with her sister until it heals. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? If your child gets cold sores, was the first outbreak really bad? Seeking second opinions from those with first-hand experience. Thanks!

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I have to say that I am totally confused about what the previous posters are saying. My 4 yr. old son gets fever blisters really bad any time he gets a fever. The Dr. said it was a Herpes Virus. My husband has gotten them all his life as well, but the confusing part to me, is the contagious part. My daughter and I never get them, even if we get kissed by them. I do know that his get worse on the outside of his mouth, chin area, and if they dry out, he scratches them and that spreads it, but only on him. They look like a bunch of tiny canker sores. He got it bad the first time and he has them again as we speak and it's just as bad. All over his chin. His doctor prescribed an antibacterial cream for it, but it rarely works. It eventually goes away on it's own, but leaves scars if he scratches it. I keep Vasoline on it to keep it moist. I too am interested in more information. Keep us posted. Good luck!

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I would trust your doctor.

My youngest son, Henry, gets them. Well, he had the initial BAD breakout and has only had one blister since then. YOU WILL DEFINITELY KNOW when they get the first breakout. IT is AWFUL!!! Henry's mouth was covered inside with sores and his gums swelled so badly they covered his teeth. He lived on ice cream and jello for a few days. Our pedi said that she gets more kids hospitalized for dehydration from these breakouts than from stomach bugs.

Do you or her dad get fever blisters? I'm the reason my son gets them, I kissed him on the mouth when I was starting to get one (but didn't realize it). And My dad gets them also. So just be super careful if either of you are prone to them. If s he didn't have the initial bad breakout then it probably is just an abrasion.

My daughter gets them really bad. When she had her first case of them she was 3-4 yrs old. We took her to the dentist first, we had no idea what it was. Her gums and tounge broke out first. (she couldnt eat and just cried) The dentist said we needed to take her to a doctor b/c he couldnt do anything for her. After going to the Doctor we were told they were herpes(cold sores). Which we were really shocked being that me nor my husband has ever had them. They are very contagious so who knows how she got them. He gave her a couple different meds for her to gargle with and we got some ointment to put on them. She is 7 now and she gets a small break out about once a year. Usually on her lips, but sometimes on her gums. She can tell us now when she is about to get one and we go ahead and put medicine on it. The doctor said she will have these the rest of her life. He said stress and being sick plays a big part of the breakoutt. We try to make her wash her hands as often as possible, dont share drinks or chap stick, and not to kiss people when she has an outbreak. My main fear is that my one year old will get them from her. I know this is forever long! Sorry. But I hope this helps.

I can't offer you much from a child's point. My husband seems to be prone to them. We have four kids, been married 14 yrs, and me nor our kids EVER have gotten them from him.

Seems like one of us would have gotten on from him by now... I won't kiss him when he has them, but the kids they just pop up and kiss you before you realize it.

I don't know if that makes you feel better about the contagious part of it or not. Just thought I would share...

Good luck with this..

Hope it is not a real cold sore. Cold sores are caused by a Herpes virus and are incurable so she will get them and be able to pass them on throughout her life.

Just FYI from an earlier post: Cold sores are NOT Herpes Zoster. They are normally caused my HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) type 1 where as HSV type 2 is normally in the genital area and Herpes Zoster is when the Chicken Pox virus resurfaces after the initial chicken pox outbreak. Unfortunately, HSV 1 (cold sores on mouth, nose) and 2 (genital) can swap places on the body in sexually active people and I will let your imagination help you figure out how. :)

A typical Herpes outbreak--any type be it HSV 1, HSV 2 or Chicken Pox--normally has an initial larger episode and then smaller ones in the future. The future outbreak of Chicken Pox would be the Zoster episode.

The Dr. could be right that it is just an abrasion. But if it is a cold sore, she does have it for life. I would not let her share toys/drinks with her sister or others until it is gone--just to be safe. But don't panic, it is just a cold sore and I believe I have read that something like 90% of the population has some form of the herpes virus in their bodies from HSV 1, HSV 2 or chicken pox. They are all herpes viruses.

If the red spot goes away in a day or two it was probably just a bump, abrasion. If it ulsers, it is a cold sore. You can look at pics on-line.

My father had a very mild chicken pox episode as a toddler that did not build up an immunity. As a child he got Zoster. It was so bad that he was confined to a totally dark room for months. It scarred him, damaged his vision, and left the skin on this forehead, scalp and some places on the left side of his body so thin that he can tear through it if he scratches or rubs to hard. At my father's request, when my kids had their Chicken Pox shots, we kept them far away from him to make sure they didn't form any pox blisters that could be transfered to my father.

At that point, I did tons of research to find out about Zoster and chicken pox. If you jump on-line, you can find out anything you want about all, I believe, 8 types of the herpes virus and what each does.

Good luck!

Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternafolia) is fantastic for killing cancer sores and fever blisters, etc. Very good stuff and gentle enough to use on your kiddos. Just be sure the essential oil you get is a high quality one. Check out my business listing if you want to get some mail order.

I had a cold sore on my lip out of the blue and dont know where I got it. It was only one bump, didnt hurt, didnt act like a cold sore does from what I am told.

Freaking out I bought that cream to put on it and medication to help fight it...I had just had a baby and couldnt kiss her until it went away.

It is better to be safe than sorry! It may be nothing but I would still be cautious and protect the other child until it scabs over.

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