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Does Teething Cause Fever and Projectile Vomiting?

My 6 month old daughter just cut her first tooth a couple of days ago, and she may be cutting more now. Since then, she has had a fever and projectile vomiting. I never had this with my son. Has anyone else had this? I'm going to call the ped when they open, but until then, just wondering if this is normal of if this is something else completely.

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In a word absolutely! You can also expect diarreah, and sometimes that can be projectile as well. My daughter did it when she was cutting teeth. I would just give her some tylonol to help control the fever and alliviate some of the pain. And Pedialite pops, or juice to keep her hydrated. Best of luck teething can be rough on the both of you.

Fever, yes. Upset stomach, yes. Diahrea (sp?), yes. Projectile vomiting, no. They are swallowing too much saliva and it upsets their stomachs and loosens their bowels. There is also a stomach virus going around, so just be aware.

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We just had a virus go through our home where this occurred. Our dr. prescribed a suppository that you administer rectally for nausea. Both our 3 and 14 month old had a bad case of it and couldn't keep even water down.

I have 3 children and each of them have a fever with teething. I was going to ask the same question since baby #3 has vomited 3 times in the last 3 days. (lucky #3 haha) He is very obviously teething to look at his gums. I hope that is all for our kids

I had the same problem with my first child. I would still call the doctor in case he/she would like your daughter to come in just in case. My son would also get that way when he had an ear infection.

My niece was the only one that had problems when she was teething and yes, she spiked fevers and vomited EVERY time she cut a tooth. I can't begin to tell you how many pillows my brother and I (as we were neighbors) went through. My ex-husband, a doctor, always said that as long as their fever doesn't stay at a constant 103 (which is the concerning temp) and you are keeping them well hydrated, they would prefer to focus their time on the truly sick children. Good luck!

No, I don't believe so. It sounds like a virus. I would ask your doctor what to do to prevent dehydration (if she's still vommiting). From what I understand, any fever related to teething is extremely low grade. Even that is controversial. Many believe fevers aren't related to teething.

A runny nose, looser bowels (not watery diarhera) are common from my experience with teething. However projectile vomiting and fever are more from stomach viruses from our experiences. The stomach bug is going around as it does at the beginning of the school year and comes back around Dec/Jan.. I suggest hydration with pedilyte with a pipet for your baby, as that is always the main concern I've been told from doctors with the little ones.

Good luck
Mom of twins

Fever is normal for teething, but not projectile vomiting.

I haven't heard of projectile vomiting with teething ... BUT, it is a big sign of acid reflux, and I noticed with my kids (both had reflux) that their reflux got a lot worse when they were teething. I would call your pediatrician just to be sure -- never hurts to ask when you are concerned!! Could be a tummy bug, could be undiagnosed reflux that is aggravated by teething. So hard to say, and every kid is different! My daughter was a projectile vomiter, and was diagnosed with reflux at 2 months ... but even though I knew all the reflux signs, my son wasn't diagnosed until 5 months because he had different symptoms! Again, never hurts to ask. Good luck!

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