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Does Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Offer Water Birth?

I am curious to know if Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital offers water birth and if any of you have had the experience there, what was th outcome? The pros and cons?


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I am not postive but I think you can only have water births at Sutter....at least that is what I was told 4 years ago.

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I didn't have a water birth at Memorial but that was where I delivered my son and I couldn't have had a better experience. I don't know if you had your 5 year old there but here was my experience. The nursing staff were so wonderful. My son ended up having Jondice (sp)and we had to stay 3 extra days. They let us stay in the maternity, me and my husband and then they moved us to ped's and again we staying in a room with him at no extra charge. About a month later I had to have my gall bladder removed and for my recovery they put me in maternity so my son could be with me. We have since moved out of Santa Rosa, but I don't think that I will ever be able to top the experience there. Just wanted to let you know that you are in great hands!!

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Hi C.,

I am a doula and aspiring midwife, I have worked for clients at Sutter, Memorial and Kaiser. It is my understanding that currently none of the hospitals are offering waterbirth options. Sutter used to allow you to bring a tub and set it up yourself, but I have never seen this work out. Sutter has one shower for women to share and Memorial has showers in most rooms.
I would be happy to recommend a homebirth midwife if you feel like that is an option for you. I will tell you that as a doula/midwife and after having three natural births myself, (my last underwater) water is tremendous for helping women cope with labor. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get a hold of me. I am happy to answer questions as best I can.


Memorial doesn't allow water birth. The Women's Health and Birth Center in Santa Rosa does however. About 30% of moms there birth in water with good outcomes. They take medical and ppo insurances. Good luck!

They have showers like was already mentioned and yoga balls. I did not enjoy my experience there but they had me hooked up to monitoring devices since my water broke but then they had to induce me. So they had to monitor how the petocin was affecting my baby. I wanted to be in the shower the whole time but oh well, life goes on. I had one great nurse, a couple nice nurses and a few nurses who were just plain bossy, annoying, and unsensitive. But I think you're going to encounter some of that whereever you go.

I had my son there 5 years ago. I LOVE LOVED LOVED that hospital!! When I was there they didn't have water birth. They did however have yoga balls that u can sit on in the shower the whole time. I stayed there till it was time to push. I would have pushed right there is they would have let me. :) It was the next best thing to a water birth. Everyone who worked at that hospital was wonderful!!! It was the best birth experience I have had. My daughter was born this last July in Sacramento at Sutter and my experience compared to the birth of my son was Horrible!

I am not postive but I think you can only have water births at Sutter....at least that is what I was told 4 years ago.

The Women's Health and Birth Center in Santa Rosa offers waterbirth.

I had my son at the Women's Health and Birth Center in '06 and can't recommend them highly enough! Their midwives are awesome. It was a water birth. The room is so homey & cozy I wanted to stay! I will never birth in a hospital again, there is no comparison. I also recommend Hypnobirthing (Mognan method). I was not prepared for a natural birth with my 1st baby, thought I could get through it on my own in the hospital. Ended up panicking and accepting all the drugs, which I regret - even with a doula there to help. With Hynobirthing I was in full control of my labor - I think I could have done it at home, I was so confident.(my midwife was so impressed that she wants to try it herself) It also got me over the fear left over from my first hospital birth experience. You can buy the book on Amazon or Google Mognan method hypnobirthing & you should find their website. Best wishes for a wonderful birth!

Hi C.,

I had my baby at SRMH last May. While there was not a facility to have a water birth, there are showers in each room and I was able to use that during labor. The nursing staff was amazing! (and I had a very difficult interesting LnD)

That's just my opinion, hope it helps!

No they do not. Sutter will allow birthing tubs IF you have one of the larger labor & delivery rooms AND a designated person to setup/fill/empty/breakdown the tub.

I had a home birth with my first child and she was born in the birthing tub. Loved it! For various reasons I had my second child at Memorial. If we have a third I will have another home birth so I can use a borthing tub.

The Women's Health & Birth Center here in Santa Rosa (on Summerfield Rd across the street from Howarth Park) does water births.

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