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Does Pumping Breastmilk Take Away from My Baby's Next Feeding?

If i pump in between feedings, does that take away from his next feeding? I feel like he does not get satisfied at his next feeding. I feed him about every 3 hours.

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As long as he doesn't seem overly hungry and he's pooping and peeing and gaining weight, you are find! :)

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Hi K.,
I am not a lactation consultant or a professional by any means (new mom to 5 mo old son!), but I do have some advice. I went back to work when Keegan was only 2 months, and was so worried about my milk supply and having enough for my husband and the grandmas to feed him. At first I would pump after feeding him when I was home, and didn't get very much. His peds nurse, a lactation consultant, told me that when you pump you are only getting 30-35% of what is there, but that a baby can completely empty the breast. So since I was pumping after his feeding I was only getting 30% of what was left! Now I pump in the early am before I feed him. I get almost 12 oz total when I used to only get 6 or so. I then feed him approx 10 - 20 minutes and he seems more than satisfied. Also, he is getting more of the 'hind milk' that is heavier and holds more fat and nutrients. My husband then gets up with him approx 3-4 hrs later and gives him a 6 oz bottle, 2 T cereal, and 1/4 jar of whatever food we are trying that week. I then pump at work 3x at the times that I would normally feed him. Sorry this was so long, but I hope it helps!!! I know that it really helped me not only build up my frozen supply again but gave me peace of mind that I could supply enough for my son eventhough I wasn't there to give it to him. Good luck!!!

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As long as he doesn't seem overly hungry and he's pooping and peeing and gaining weight, you are find! :)

It shouldn't as long as your pumping schedule is consistent--the same amount and same time every day. Your body will eventually get the routine and make up for the milk supply. However, if you pump between feedings here and there, you may find that there is not enough at the next feeding. I produced a lot of milk and was usually engorged in the mornings. I found that if I pumped one side first thing in the morning and fed from the other side, that was a good way to build up my frozen supply.

K. -

You have a very valid question and it sounds like you only want to do the best for your baby! I wanted to pump to have a frozen back up for when I returned to work or would not be home. The best option is to pump after he is finished eating. This will stimulate your body to make more milk but will allow enough for him to eat next time.

You body may only be making small amounts of milk at short intervals since you are feeding then pumping about every 1.5 hours.

If you live in Columbus the Elizabeth blackwell center I believe at Riverside Hospital is a great resource. Also try calling the lactation team at whatever hospital you delivered. I am a nurse and thought I knew a lot about breastfeeding until I had a child. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I was but glad once I learned to do so!

You are doing a great job and providing your baby with wonderful nutrients and creating a bond like no other! I miss the time I was able to spend with my son when he was BF. Now I get hugs and kisses in return!

Hi K.. Congrats on your new baby. I am a lactation consultant. I have similar questions - why are you pumping? Is anything going on - like poor weight gain? Did you start birth control pills? That an affect milk supply. Are you pumping between every feeding? That's twice the work!! At 6 weeks, baby goes thru a "growth spurt" and do want to nurse more. To make things easier on you and him - I would just nurse him every 2 hrs during the day. That will build your milk supply and make for a happy, fuller boy.

In general, if you are pumping to increase your milk supply - just pump every other feeding (4X a day) RIGHT AFTER you nurse - for a few minutes. We call this "insurance pumping". If you are pumping to save up milk for Dad or Grandma to give when are back to work soon - just pump one time in the morning. Your milk supply is best in the morning. Good luck!

Hi mother of two breastfed kids, that used to be a concern when i first started but, i was told and it is true that the more your breast is stimulated the more milk it will produce to keep up with your baby. don't worry and just eat as healthy as you can, because what you take in the baby does as well. Note: My doctor told me that if i did not eat well sometimes your bofy produces a toxin that may harm the baby. I don't mean to scare you just an FYI.
and congratulations:)

yes!! i know first hand and i delt w/many lactation consultants...... pump right after feedings. at first you won't get much but day by day you'll produce enough to pump and feed baby

It might at first, but after while your body will start producing more milk, than if you weren't pumping.


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