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Does My Toddler Have a Drinking Problem? :)

My daughter is a juice-a-holic. Always has been. She drinks an average of 8-12 tall sippy cups a day (plus one tall sippy of water at night) and is constantly asking for refills, which she gulps down like she just spent a week stranded in the desert. This doesn't seem to cause us any problems with decreasing appetite, weight gain or stomach aches. And because she drinks so much I always dilute the juice with at least 70-80% water. The main issue is that she pees a lot. I could probably change her diaper every 20 minutes. I suppose this will be more of a concern when we attempt to potty train. Anyhow, my question is...has anyone had a toddler who drinks this much and, if so, is it a sign of a more serious problem with her metabolism or something? Should I try to cut her back or is this OK? Thanks!

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Thanks so much for your caring replies. I'm so glad I asked...I had no idea! And here I thought I was just being paranoid or something. I'm calling the doc today for an appointment. I hope it's nothing but a true love of juice.

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A body's constant need for thirst may be a sign that something is wrong, like diabetes. The problem could also be the juice. Toddlers love juice a little too much sometimes. I would dilute even more than you do already, 90-95% water. It's like getting flavored water instead. She could be dehydrated and her body is in need of water. Watch her salt intake. Sodium can make you thirsty, and too much of it is bad for you. Try to limit the amount of meat and pre-made/frozen/packaged meals you give her - all these are loaded with sodium. Talk to her pediatrician about this because you don't want her to have untreated diabetes. Good luck.

That much drinking puts a red flag up for me. It sounds like it could possibly be type 1 diabetes. That is way too much fluid intake for anybody. I would definitely cut her back on the fluid intake and consult her doctor. The juice is loaded with sugars so you may want to get her into a dentist as well. You can't see cavities unless they are big and the tooth or teeth is rotting. Cavities can get inbetween teeth where you can't see at all. Definitely get her to the doctor and to the dentist.

I am 31 and have been married for almost 12 yrs. My husband and I have 3 boys ages 10,7 and 4.

Hi J.! My daughter is the same way. Then she went to stay with her grandparents one weekend. When we went to pick her up her grandpa suggested we have her tested for diabetes. Those are some of the signs of that. I took her to the doctor and thankfully everything came back fine. I now know that it isn't something to worry about. She just is thirsty all the time. Good luck!


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This sounds so familiar!!! My daughter will drink pure juice all day long. She will not touch a bit of food and drink only juice if I let her. But I put that to a stop really quick. Does your daughter eat fine on top of all of the liquids? The only concern I had with my little one was that she wasn't eating good nutrients. Of course 100% is great, most of the time. But it's not the only thing she needed so I stopped it. I got her this mini version of my daily water bottle and I'm constantly putting water in it when she asks for something to drinnk. Water is great for kids! I know you dilute it, but it's still great to have pure water. Then at the main meals we give her only milk. She gets no option there. At snack time we will give her a choice of the apple juice, or the wonderful new veiggie/fruit juice from Juicy Juice. When I made the change in her, a few things happened. She ate more, and healthier items. Even though it's not altered sugar, fruit juice still has sugar in it. Natural sugars are great, in moderation! Next, her urine began to go back to normal light yellowish color. Before it was smelling aweful and was very dark! That concerned me. And next, she settled down so much easier at night. It was amazing how much easier bedtime became after I cut the natural sugars at dinner time. Maybe you can use this maybe not, but I didn't have any major health concerns.

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Please have your daughter tested for Diabetes. That is one of the number one signs. Constant thirst and frequent trips to the bathroom

water and juice is good for her.

My only concern would be diabetes. Excessive thirst is one of the first signs of the disease and since you are diluting as much as you say you are the sugars in the juice may not effect the way she is feeling, meaning it's not too much sugar. Peeing a lot is not a problem, well, for anyone but the person who is spending 4hrs a day just changing diapers or spending the money on the diapers but peeing a lot is a good thing since she is drinking so much. I'd be worried if she wasn't peeing a lot! Look into your family history for diabetes type I or II, hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. If there is a positive family history of any of those I would make an appointment with the doctor to have a blood test done. My second concern may be the sugars rotting her teeth from so much juice but I'm glad to hear you dilute and she drinks water at night. Keep in mind all this drinking may be an issue when potty training! Good Luck! -H.-

I definitely would contact your doctor. If you truly are diluting the drink as much as you say and she still is needing that much to drink, I would be a little concerned. Excessive thirst is one of the "classic" diabetes signs. Hopefully this is not the case with her, but I would recommend getting it checked.

Definitely have her checked for diabetes - my daughter will gulp juice down too, she loves it but diabetes runs in my family and I want to give her a fighting chance so instead of using regular sugary juice, I switched to a type I found at WalMart - it's called Apple Juice Cocktail and it's made by the Great Value brand, it has less than 1/2 the sugar normal juices do and it tasted GREAT! My mom and I both drink it too, and Abby just LOVES it :) Win win because she gets vitamins, juice and it's made for people who need less sugar intake like diabetics! You wouldn't have to dilute this juice as much, so she would get more vitamins and minerals down too. Another thing you may want to consider is putting her on a multivitamin if she isn't on one already. Her body may just be telling her to get what she needs, and that is the juice. Try vitamins and see if it subsides a bit :) Good luck!

I would certainly call the doctor about the excessive drinking. It could be nothing but it's better to check it out. I would also cut out the juice. She only needs one cup a day of juice. I would give her maybe milk with meals and one cup of juice. Other than that, I would give her water. Water is better for her. That is way too much juice. She doesn't need that much. That's just my opinion.

WOW! Just came across this article looking for information about why my 2yr old is constantly drinking. My situation is that she is drinking at LEAST 7-8, 8oz bottles of pure juice everyday! She does have one bottle of milk before bed. She will finish a bottle in a matter of minutes and come back for more like she hadn't drank anything at all!! She won't touch it if its watered down. Even if its just a little bit. And forget about plain water, she will have nothing to do with it. And of course with all this drinking does come the peeing. I probably change her diaper also every 20-30min. I'm so glad I came across this question! I will be making an appointment tomorrow.

You may have her assessed for juvenile diabetes. Sometimes some of the symptoms are excessive drinking and urinating. And usually Type I diabetes does not have to have any kind of family history. It just comes out of nowhere. Best of luck to you.

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