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Does My Baby Eat a Lot?

Here I go again! My baby will be six weeks old on friday. He was born 9lbs so hes a big boy. He is on formula now and he eats 5oz every 3 hours. He may go 4 hours if hes really tired. Sometimes he will only go 2.5 hours. The doctor said feed on demand but this seems like a lot to me. I dont even know why Im worried about this. Its better than him not eating but apparently I worry about everything! (((sighs))

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Alright Alright Im going to stop worrying. Babies are SO different. He is completely different than my daughter. Although my daughter was 7lbs at birth. I was able to breastfeed her with NO problems for over three months. I always heard you cant over feed a breastfed baby but you could one that was on formula. And to all the moms that judge me for not breastfeeding him, I understand where you are coming from because before my son I would do that too. But I did breastfeed him for a month. Well he had a sucking problem and never latched on so I was pumping for him 24/7 and it still wasnt enough for him and I still had to give him formuls. That was hard trying to take care of a three year too. It was sad for me but thought it would be the best for everyone. But Anyways he is a beautiful baby boy and Im glad to hear others moms that have very hungry babies too. I will give him whatever he wants! Also no my husband is not house trained yet...lol He is child trained and thats all I have time for right now!

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My nephew was also a very big baby weighing almost 10 lbs at birth, and he ate the same way. I would say if he is hungry and the doctor says it is ok then feed him. I know he is only 6 weeks but maybe even a little bit of Rice cereal would fill him up a little more. I fed all 3 of my babies earlier than they say to and they did fine.

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If the doctor says feed him on demand then you should do what the doctor says. And don't worry Momma, you won't feed him too much.

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I think your doing great. They say feed on demand and if he wants it give it to him. He is probably going through a growth spurt right now so he is great. Keep doing what you're doing.

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He sounds as though he is doing fine. Both my girls where over 9 pounds at birth and they are normal little ones now. Keep feeding him on demand until he is about 4 months old. Then I'd put him on a schedule. We did that and our girls did great. Never lost weight, but weren't over weight either. As long as he isn't spitting up after he eats then he isn't over eating. If he is spitting up 1/4 to 1/2 after he eats then he is eating to much. He may not be hungry sometimes too, he may just have gas. Sometimes they think they are hungry when what they feel is gas. They think eating will make that feeling go away and that isn't the case, it just makes them more irritable. The little boy I took care of had reflux and if he had a smidgen too much then it all came back up, or most of it anyway. There were times when he thought he was hungry and would cry, but it was gas. He was very collicky (sp?) also, which the reflux didn't help. You just have to watch and monitor and you'll learn his signals. Good luck and God Bless.

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My daughter was 10.65lbs when she was born and was cruising through 5 oz every 2 hours and by the time she was 4 mos old was cruising through 7 oz every 2 hours. Go to Sam's and buy the BIG cans. Children this age CAN'T overeat...they don't know how...they eat when they are hungry. Don't worry about it, be glad he is eating and just make sure it's available when he wants it...it's better than the alternative.

BTW- my daughter ate quite a bit until about 6 months ago (she'll be 4 in Nov) and only has just now slowed down...they will regulate themselves. As long as your son is thriving, he's doing fine.

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I'm not sure ounce-wise what the norm is, since I breast-fed both my boys at that age. But I can tell you that the norm for both of them was to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours. It sounds like your little guy is right on track! I think worrying over them just comes with the territory. :-)


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molly, they say babies won't overeat at that age, well mine did! but it was VERY obvious because he spent most of his waking time either eating or spitting up. i had to learn how much he needed. as long as he's not eating constantly then promptly spitting it back up because his tummy is too full then i'd say he's fine. a bigger boy needs more after all. don't sweat it, in this case your dr. is right! congrats on your wonderful little bundle!

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Good Morning Molly, Nice to see you posting again ;)
You do have a big little man, Congrats. He is doing exactly what baby's do Molly. Eat, sleep and eat some more.

Your worried/concerned because he's a new tiny person and probably is doing things differently then your little girl did. As he gets older he will sleep longer and not need to eat as often. Sorry but some mom's would poopoo this. But I gave our two son's rice cereal at 6 wks, also. They took maybe 3-4 spoons but was enough to help satisfy them. They have it in jars now and so much easier to feed, then mixing the dry with formula or milk.

Relax Molly and enjoy your new precious buddle of cuddles and kisses.

K. Nana of 5
God Bless
PS Gonna have to get that Beautful hubby of yours House trained....lol

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I was in your situation at one time. My oldest son was 9lb 1 oz. when he was born and I thought that he also ate alot. One bit of advice that the dr gave us was to put a few teaspoons of cereal in his bottles, which helped a lot. You have to remember that he is a bigger baby and will require more to eat. My son ate like that at first and then seemed to become more regular with his eating habits the older he got. He is now 6 years old and has never had a problem with his weight.

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Totally normal. He sounds like he eats just right and its not a lot. Youll feel like all youre doing is feeding him but they do eat a lot. No worries, youre doing great and it sounds like he is too!!

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