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Does It Hurt to Get the IUD Inserted?

Hello ladies, my name is V. and I have a question for any of you who has used the IUD. Does it hurt to get it inserted? Also do you think that it's a good method because I'm interested in getting it but I'm a little scared. I was reading up on it and read stories of women who got pregnant while using the IUD and it got lodged in the fetus. I know this is only in extreme cases but what do you think about IUD overall? I would greatly appreciate your input.

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I have one and I really like it, but it was quite uncomfortable when it was inserted and for a little while afterwards. But it was definitely worth it. It's nice to not have to worry about taking a pill every day. And I don't have normal periods anymore. I'll spot every month or maybe every couple of months, but no actual periods and no cramping.

hi. i was scared at first to, but it does not hurt to be inserted. They tell you to take ibprofen before you go. The mirena is the best iud. It last for up to 5 yrs. You also can have it taken out before than. I've had an iud for 21/2yrs now, and have not gotten pregnant. gl on being a juvenile detention officer. :)


I have an IUD. I have had it for one year now, and LOVE it! When I had mine inserted, I had to be flowing so the uterus is down and easier to get to. Besides having my regular period cramps, I had cramping from the insertion. Fortunately, my doctor knows how sensitive I am to pain and moved quickly. For the remainder of the day until I went to bed that night, I was cramping pretty bad. When I woke up the next morning, my cramping was significantly smaller. I have two children, now 7 and nearly 6, and do not want any more. I was using the patch until they took it off the market. I love the IUD more each month because it doesn't take very long to not have your period at all! I also have no cramps associated with my periods any more either! My period cramps usually had me in the fetal position in bed for at least one day every month. The IUD is definately worth any pain you may have to for the day.

When mine was inserted there was a bit of cramping and a bit of spotting but it didnt last long.
Now my periods are very very light if at all.
I have had mine for almost 5 years and am planning to replace in december.
Its nice not having to remember the pill every day!

it does not hurt anymore than a pelvic exam. I had one for 2 years and loved it.

When I had mine put in it didn't really hurt. It was a little uncomfortable for a second, but I barely noticed. I like having it cuz it's something I don't really have to think about like I would pills or shots.

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