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Does Anyone Use Airborne Immunity Booster for Children

I'm looking for some new ways to combat colds season this year. My daughter is a daycare kid. Anyway, I stumbled across Airborne for Kids. The suggested age is 4 yrs. Does anyone use this supplement, if so, is it any good? And do you think that I may be able to cut the dose in half and give it to my 2 and a half year old ? I haven't tried it yet and I will be calling her pediatrician about it, but I wanted insight from other moms as well. Thanks ladies.

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you might want to do a little research on this. I was told recently that Airborne is basically a placebo and doesn't actually do anything. I'd focus more on making sure your kids get their vitamins, they eat well, and get enough sleep before you try medicine. Healthier kids get sick less often. :)

Hi, S., I don't know about Airborne for kids......does your daughter take vitmains? Melaleuca's vitamins have been clinically proven to be more effective than any of the other major brands, i.e. if she is on Flintstones or Gummi Bears, there is very little if any benefit. A good multi-vitamin can help boost the immune system, as it is next to impossible to get adequate nutrition from our food supply. Good luck!

I use Airborne with my son, Daniel and I have for a couple of years now. Despite the lawsuit (which was launched by more traditional medicine companies), I have to say that it works. And at 5, my son is too young to be subject to the placebo effect. My son will have the beginnings of a cold, I'll give him 1/2 an adult tablet (which is what the children's version is) for a couple of days and the cold never fully develops. Even if it does develop, once I give him Airborne it is knocked right out. It worked so well with my son that I now use it for me. Further, I have told co-workers about it and they now swear by it. Talk to your doctor (it's usually a good idea), but I say go for it. Also, the ingredients of Airborne is vitamins and minerals (there's just a whole lot of them).

Good Luck!


I haven't given my children any anything like this but I just wanted to say you should contact your child's doctor or a pharmacist before giving your daughter anytihng like this. It might not just be the dosage thats too much it could have something to do with the ingredients as well. To combat cold season make sure her daycare is clean and uses the right precautions to keep the children healthy. Also teach your daughter how and when to wash her hands well.

Hi there. We use airborn from time to time. Be careful with the dosage (double check with the pediatrition). I would suggest just a few sips. We also use some herbal teas (you can find them in Whole Foods) for kids like cold remedy. Im not entirely sure about the efficacy. My son is sick less often than other children his age but thats probably attributed to the fact that he breastfed for 3 years.

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