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Does Anyone Know the Zoo Phonics Taught in Kindergarden, the Song!

I am trying to teach my niece the alphabets and it is proving to be a most difficult task. I was told by my sister in law that Zoo Phonics was taught to her 2 kids in Kindergarden and he teaches the letter the sound and the action of a animal. From what I got from this is that it is a song taught using animal names and body language. Example: Allie Alligator, AAH AAh AAh, and making the chomping motion of the jaws. I was wondering if anyone has the complete list of the Zoo Phonics taught in Kindergarden for I believe this to be the answer to teach my niece because she loves to learn new songs.If someone has a child that has learned the alphabets using zoo phonics could you please make a list of the names and the motions in which I would use to teach this all brain learning technique.

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This is what I found when I googled it. Don't know if this is the right one, but hopefully....

Interested in what you child is singing at home? Can't quite tell what the "correct" lyrics are? Here are the ZooPhonic's song lyrics to help you out!

Allie, Bubba, Catina Cat.
Dee Dee Dear, and Elephant.
Francie Fish and Gordo too.
They all live at the zoo.

Honey Horse and Inny who?
Jellyfish and Kangaroo.
Lizzy, Missy, Nigel do.
They all live at the zoo.

Olive Octopus is sweet.
PeeWee Penguin’s tux is neat.
Queeny Quail her babies too.
They all live at the zoo.

Robbie Rabbit in no stew.
Sammy Snake and Timmy too.
Umber, Vincent what a crew.
They all live at the zoo.

Willie Weasel, Xavier Fox,
Yancy Yak just talks and talks.
Zeek the Zebra welcomes you.
Come meet us at the zoo.

Zeek the Zebra welcomes you.
Come meet us at the zoo.

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Here is the link to Zoo Phonics Program. http://www.zoophonics.com/products.html/ They offer the entire program,(expensive) and individual selections such as a computer game or music CD.

If you have a computer, there are a lot of interactive games for children available.

I hope this helps


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Hello! Check out the website starfall.com, it is amazing!! I am a first grade teacher and it has been so helpful with my little ones, as well as my own daughter. Good Luck!

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My friend use to be a preschool class and she taught me that song i love it!!! we use to go on road trips and we would actually sing that song because it was stuck in our mind....

I have heard of the song but do not know it myself. if you do get the lyrics and motions could you please pass them on to me. I have been trying to teach my 2 1/2 yr old the 'regular' way but she just isnt getting it yet and i know she would love the animals and motions. Thanks, hopefully someone will come thru with the words. Have a great day.


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