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Does Anyone Else Have Avent Bottles That Leak?

I frequently get formula leaking out from the screw-on neck of my Avent bottles. Does anyone else get this? I don't know if it's the bottle or the pressure built up from foaming formula when I mix it (I don't heat the water, so I have to shake vigorously. Kirkland formula.)

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Thanks for the feedback. Spoon mixing is good and I stopped "over tightening" too. Yes, I thought that was counter-intuitive, but gosh, I never thought of the nipple wrinkling...

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yes- I think it's from the dishwasher. Most of mine started leaking after a while. I got so frustrated, I went and bought 4 different brands and I really liked: NUK & Soothie. No leaks!

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try mixing the formula with a long tea spoon instead of shaking. formula will not foam up. daughter uses playtex bags and we mix formula with spoon, works wonderfully

I used Avent botles with my daughter for her entire first year and at times they'd leak. Leak isnt exactly the owrd ..at times they'd down right pour out the neck. Though I heard using the dishwasher will make them leak more. I used to wash and boil them, and they'd still leak. I found that when they leaked if I just took out the nipple and reput it in that it would stop. The key is to pull the nipple up through the bottle by the tip and when you screw it on, do it slowly to make sure you get it on right and tighten down. I got the hang of it after a while but they still would leak on occasion. I dont use them this time around due to the BPA they contain so if you must find another we now use the Evenflo BPA free bottles with my son and they are great, no leaks.

yes- I think it's from the dishwasher. Most of mine started leaking after a while. I got so frustrated, I went and bought 4 different brands and I really liked: NUK & Soothie. No leaks!

Yes, our bottles have always leaked. It sounds counterintuitive, but don't wrench the bottle closed too tightly. That's what creates the leak. Instead, tighten just until you can't turn anymore and stop. The leaking will stop. If it's too tight, the nipple crinkles, causing the leak. The only time our bottles have ever leaked from the side or the bottom is if they've hit the floor too many times. I have two kids, ages 5 1/2 and 8 months and I've used Avent bottles for both.

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I hated Avent for the same reason! if there is so much as a DROP of water on the neck of the bottle, it WON'T seal correctly! AND- if you "over tighten" it, it leaks! FYI- their cups are just as fickle!

If you're using the type with the disposible liner, try the Playtex Nursers. If you're using the hard bottle, try the larger tipped "Vent Air". (I think Playtex calls the "Natural Latch, or something like that.)

I really though I'd be an Avent mama, but I couldn't get use to them. Feeding a child shouldn't be complicated! Playtex became my best friend!!

Avent bottles were the only bottles that I used. I too noticed that once in a while when I would shake the bottle to make formula, the screw-on neck would leak. I would the check to see if the nipple was in place correctly and also allow the pressure from mixing the formula settle, before placing the screw-on neck. Prior to using formula, when I was breastfeeding, the milk never leaked, although I noticed it would occur more often when I was in a hurry.
You're not alone.

The part that holds the nipple sometimes leaks.
I discontinued using these bottles because they are not BPA free.
We switched to the Born Free ones, and they don't leak at all!

This is so funny! I used the Avent bottle too, and yes they leaked sometimes. Last week I was at my girlfriends baby shower and learned that there is a specific way to twist the lid. You'll have to do a "trial and error, because I don't recall the order of the direction to turn, (I haven't used these bottles in over 2 years). You turn it one way to tighten then back to the other way until it clicks again...maybe you can find the actual directions on an Advent box??? Good luck!

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