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Does Any One Know What Statutorily Sealed Mean?

My son's dad has a case pending but it states it's Statutorily Sealed, I have no idea what this means and some say it's when there is a minor involved which could be my son. How can I get more information?

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Thanks Mary you're a wealth of knowledge....

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I don't know what state you are in, but some cases, depending on what type it is, are automatically sealed (this could be per a statute, etc.). Just because its sealed it doesn't mean that a minor was involved.

Do you have legal custody of your son? If you have custody or joint custody (legal, physical doesn't matter), then if there is something that involves your son, the court would be required to let you know. I don't suspect that this has anything to do with your son, and is simply his dad's issue.

To protect the privacy of a person to whom the document relates -- often a minor or a party to litigation who would be subject to prejudicial (unfair) bias if the document were made public.


Dear MOM,

I don't think it has anything to do with your son,
It more than likely is an attempt to have his own juvenile history sealed.

If this is something that involved your son you only need to produce proof your his mom,
( A birth certificate would do)

And then legally request copies of the records.
which you as his mom would be entitled to.


Statue - means Decree-
IN this case it means to legally determine.

And SEALED means-- to close

So he wants to Legally close.
OR make thse records unavailable.

Statutorily eradicated generally means erased by statute. For example, a statute may provide that records of juvenile offenses are removed from official records when the juvenile becomes an adult and certain conditions are met. It is a process that occurs automatically by statute, as distinguished from records of offenses which are expunged or sealed upon request by an individual.

Hi C.
Sorry didn't notice this was yesterday.
Wow! Just behind a bit.
You got great info.

Do you know the docket number? That can give you an idea of what type of case it is.

C., I would personally


Go to your congressman, the judge, anyone you can. Even if it isn't your son, it may mean you have cause to worry about leaving your son in the company of this man.

Other than that, I have no idea how to go about it, but I would start.

Good luck, I hope you remember to update and let us know how you fare in finding this information.


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