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Does a Blocked Tear Duct Go Away?

My 6 month old daughter always has a tearin one eye.She's had it since birth. She often gets conguntivitus in this one eye. The Dr said not to worry, to massage the area. I do it all the time and it seems to cause a Conjun. episode. I have also tried squirting breat milk into it (this was fun for my husband :)
Any homeopathic or other recommendations would be so appreciated.
Best to all you incredible and loving Mommys

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It does. It just takes time. Keep it clean and massage it like the doctor said. I think my child's doctor also said to use warm compresses, if my memory serves me right. She will more than likely outgrow it. It's just the tear duct is so small that it gets blocked. As she gets bigger, so should her tear ducts.

Have you been to see an Opthalmogist for this problem yet.
Usually the Doctor can try to open the tear duct and irragate it with saline. This usually work.

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Have you been to see an Opthalmogist for this problem yet.
Usually the Doctor can try to open the tear duct and irragate it with saline. This usually work.

Hi D.,
My son had a blocked tear duct (so does my daughter presently - she's 6 mos old) which cleared itself when he was about 9 months. I too massaged and squirted b-milk and that def. helps. The pediatric eye surgeon i went to said that if it doesn't clear by 12 months, they have to do that operation where they insert a tube into the duct while the baby is under anesthesia. Luckily, we didn't have to go there. Keep massaging and squirting and hopefully it will clear! We do have a homeopath and she didn't recommend anything beyond the massaging etc.

I find this so ironic that you post this question. I posted the same question a couple months back. My daughter actually just got the procedure done last week!!!!

First off, my son, now 7yrs, had a blocked tear duct since birth, with him we did a eye drop and massaging, and it went away by about age 1.

My daughter is now 19mo old. She's had a blocked tear duct since birth, but it became a huge problem this past fall with chronic infections, green goopy stuff and tearing from the eye. We saw a eye dr, and did the drops and massaging and it just wasnt working for her.

So....... if it doesnt clear up by age 1yr, they talk about the eye probing and suction. It sounds a lot worse than it is. It is under general anthesia, and I can tell ya how well it went. It isnt "surgery". And the anthesia is more so they will be still, and it only takes about 10min to do. We were told she will still have some tearing for a couple days. So it will be a couple weeks to find out for sure if her eye is now fixed. I know a few people that had it done, and it worked wonderful!! Dont worry if it came to her having the procedure, it really was not at all as bad as I thought it would be ........
If you are concerned about it, I would request to be refered to a eye dr, that is what I did.
Best of luck!!


My daughter had a blocked tear duct. Same experiences as yours. Her duct cleared on its own by 7-8 months. My son's duct did not clear on its own and at 1 year had to have the duct opened surgically and hasn't had any issues since. I tried the breast milk, didn't seem to help. Try warm soaks w/ the massaging. Just try to keep the area as clean as possible. To minimize infections I would boil water (to sterilize), cool and put it aside to use just for the eye. Good luck.


My son has the same thing and we took him to a pediatric opthamologist who said it usually self-resolves by about a year. I also just saw a homeopath for myself and I had my son with me and his eyes were tearing~she suggested trying the homeopathic remedy: Silica for the blocked ducts.


My daughter had the same thing. It magically disappeared at 9 MOS. We always got a warm washcloth a few times a day and wiped toward it....it eventually went away. :)

Hi there,
I had the exact same situation with my daughter as you describe. The doctor kept saying that it would resolve on its own and to massage it, use a warm cloth, etc. It was so bad at times that she couldn't open her eye. I asked the doctor several times, but same answer. When she was 1 year old, we moved and I had to find a new pediatrician. He prescribed drops and the problem immediately resolved itself. She is now 4 1/2 years old and has never had a problem since then. So, just from my experience, I would suggest getting another opinion if it seems to linger for a while longer. Good luck!

My daughter had this until almost 15 months. We did see a pediatric opthamologist at Boston Children's Hospital around 6 months. She said it should resolve on its own, but if not they wouldn't do anything until at least a year. Although the procedure is very simple and quick, I was in no hurry to have her under general anaesthesia so would have waited much longer.

She told me I was massaging the eye incorrectly as the blockage is not at the corner of the eye but further down the nose. She also said they didn't know if that actually helps or not.

Breast milk does help to keep infection at bay. A couple times I did have to resort to antibiotics but other than that I just used breast milk every time I nursed and warm compresses in the morning. One day she woke up with a goop free eye and it has been perfect ever since.

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