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Do Your Kids Share a Room? How Do You Handle Bedtime

I want to see what some other moms are doing about bedtime. My 2-1/2 and 7 year old daughters recently started sharing a room. My little one is still adjusting to her big girl bed and it takes quite a while to get her down. So, I have been keeping my older one up until the little one goes to sleep. Well this is really ruining my older daughters bedtime and it is really taking a toll on mommy! Should I try putting them to bed at the same time and just sitting in there until the little one is asleep? If I leave the room she gets up and starts talking and playing. (Thats why I keep big sis out) We never had any bedtime troubles in the crib and this is really starting to wear me out! By the time I finally get them both to bed, Im exhausted and frustrated and want to go to bed myself. I want my evenings back so I can spend some time with my husband. Any advice or opinions is appreciated.

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The big sis can really help little sis I bet...
Little sis wants to be just like her big sister... so she will do whatever she can. They have to learn how to sleep together. My two sleep in the same room... Sometimes it takes a little bit other times they lay in bed and watch tv and go to bed.

My nearly 4 and nearly 7 year old daughters have been sharing a room for several years. We always put them to bed at the same time, which works best for us. We basically go through the nighttime routine together: bath, brushing teeth, getting PJ's on, and then having a short story time or just talking. Then we either have a family prayer or one person prays, and after hugs and kisses and tucking them in, they go to sleep listening either to lullaby music or to an Adventures in Odyssey cd. It seems that having a partner to go to bed with really helps both of them accept and settle into bedtime. That's not to say we don't have our share of someone getting out of bed and into ours! And it doesn't always run smoothly. But it has established a good ritual that usually works, doesn't last too long, and allows my husband and/or me to go back downstairs and have personal time alone or with each other. One last thought is - put her back in the crib and put the crib in your other daughter's room. It may be too much change at once, and 2 1/2 isn't too old to stay in the crib for awhile. Good luck!

My 5 and 6 year olds share a room and my 9 and 13 year old share rooms. They've always gone to bed at the same time, 800pm. Now that my 13 year old is in middle school, he doesn't go to bed at 800pm anymore so he has to be quiet when he goes so he won't wake the 9 year old.

Actually I would put the 7 year old to bed first. She is tired from the school day, so it should be easy, and then, let little sis go in. It may encourage her to be quiet too, as big sis has to get her sleep, but if she is anything like my kids, who share a room, the little one wont wake her up. But, the oldest cant take a nap to make up for a rough night, but your littler one can. My 5 yr old goes to bed at 7:45 or so, and 30 min later, the 8 year old does. That has helped with the no talking thing too. Plus, I get a few extra minutes alone with my oldest. Good luck ~A.~

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