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Do You Wear Your Wedding Ring to Bed?

When I first had my wedding/engagement ring on together, it drove me nuts, actually kept me awake at night.

Now, I'm used to it, and sleep with them both on (although I have this borderline irrational fear that somehow the diamond will come out and find myself waking up sometimes just to touch it)...

Do you wear your rings to bed? Does your husband (mine doesn't, it bothers him like crazy)?

Where else do you wear your rings? Better question: do you ever take them off? For what?

Just wondering :) Good morning!

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I won't wear my engagement ring in the river or ocean, and I take them both off to shower... that's it :)

HAHA!! It's okay Mrs SMITH... I mean LEE... you can call me Rachcicle, LOL!! If it's cold, I'm a Rachcicle :)

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I'm insane in my sleep & have been known to hide my rings in my sleep. The worst was when I hid them between the mattress & box springs. Took forever for me to find them. From that point on, the rings were placed safely away each night!

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I only take it off to put on lotion. I wear it swimming, everywhere. If i took it off I would totally lose it.

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I do not wear mine while I sleep unless we have severe weather (the whole tornado trauma effect thing). My fingers swell at night and I don’t like to wear them while in on the shower or doing my hair to keep the gunk out ;-) My hubby wears his to bed and all the time, unless, he is in the shower or working on something in the garage that could gunk it or junk it. ;-)

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Good morning!

I never take mine off. The only time I removed them was when I was pregnant because my fingers swelled. If I did take them off, I'm sure that I would lose them.

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I used to take it off all the time. It had stones in the band so there was a hollow spot underneath where the setting was. Water would get trapped in there and chafe my skin. It was so painful (and gross). Well, I lost it :( I'm still sad about it. I replaced it with a cheaper and simpler plain band that only comes off when cooking or showering.

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My wedding band only comes off if I get a massage, am doing something messy in the kitchen, or am doing surgery (all jewelry must come off for me to scrub in properly!).

My engagement ring I usually wear, as well as a ring on my other ring finger, but in the summer my fingers swell more so sometimes I go without because they get uncomfortable. But I will still wear them to bed if I wear them during the day. I could not wear any rings the last few months of my pregnancy because my fingers swelled so bad (AND it was summer too!).

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I hardley ever wear mine at all...bad I know but my husband and I have ours tattooed on so it's like it always on right?!

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The only time I take my rings off is to give a massage or when I knead bread dough. Other than that, I wear them constantly.

ETA: I take that back, there are other times that I take them off, but they're rare and not consistent.

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Yes, I sleep with mine on, so does hubby. Mine come off when I get a massage (love when she works on my fingers) - when I cook something that will get my hands really messy - when I'm deep cleaning the house - or if I'm rubbing lotion on them. Hubby very rarely takes his off.

BTW - I clean mine with an old electric toothbrush and a dab of toothpaste.

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I never wear mine at the house, only when we go out. But, I don't wear ANY jewelry at the house, everything comes off. I don't know why it's just always bothered me. Add that to the fact that I have lymphedema, so my hands swell and recede at random times, equals me not wearing my wedding rings at home. :)

Forgot to add: Husband is the same way.

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I'm insane in my sleep & have been known to hide my rings in my sleep. The worst was when I hid them between the mattress & box springs. Took forever for me to find them. From that point on, the rings were placed safely away each night!

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I wish I had one to wear to bed. :(

I gained so much weight with my first child during pregnancy that my wedding and engagement ring both don't fit me, still. Just waiting for the day when I get a new one from him, maybe with the birth of our 3rd child in a few months, I can hope right?!

But before, I did sleep in it. Always. I would sometimes shower in them too, I was so used to them I would just forget to take them off and get in the shower with them.

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I only take it off to put on lotion. I wear it swimming, everywhere. If i took it off I would totally lose it.

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I do not wear mine while I sleep unless we have severe weather (the whole tornado trauma effect thing). My fingers swell at night and I don’t like to wear them while in on the shower or doing my hair to keep the gunk out ;-) My hubby wears his to bed and all the time, unless, he is in the shower or working on something in the garage that could gunk it or junk it. ;-)

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Good Morning, R.!

(A brief aside... I know this is ridiculous, but ever since you posted that darned question calling yourself Rachcicle, EVERY TIME I type your name, I feel compelled to call you that! Weird, I know, but it's becoming an obsession! LOLOL)

So anyhow, back to your question at hand...

I DO NOT sleep in my rings, at least not MOST of the time. I bathe at night, and I take them off before I bathe, they go in my armoire until morning. I don't bathe in them because the soap scum gets them all dingy, and I have to clean them, like, everyday. I still do clean them every week or so, but I don't want to do it every day. Also, I find that I gouge my husband with my diamond... Lastly, my engagement ring is a tad bit tight on my finger when I wear it with my wedding band... my band pushes it up to a chunkier part of my finger, so I need a breather at night!

My husband, on the other hand, never takes his off. Awww, how sweet. :) LOL

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Not anymore! I use to wear it to bed until one morning I woke up and my finger was naked! I told my husband that my ring was gone and he started helping me look for it. We thought it must have been in the blankets so we started stripping the bed but it wasn't there. We looked in the bed frame, under the bed, etc. and it wasn't there either. We ended up finding it across the room on the floor. Apparently, it must have been bugging me in my sleep so I took it off and throw it across the room. My husband started teasing that maybe I was mad at him in my dreams :0) I take if off at night now and store it safely in it's box.

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When I first got married I wore them all the time now I only wear them out when I'm going somewhere.

After 19 years it's been upgraded size wise and is an attention getter so it REALLY depends where I'm going. People are stupid crazy now and I sure don't want it stolen from me.

I was already in a robbery years ago when I worked in a jewlery store and luckily he didn't want my ring but the gold. Whew, that was a weird day.

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I wear mine to bed most of the time, but sometimes I'll take them off in the middle of the night if they become uncomfortable. I take them off to shower, when washing dishes, to put on lotion, when handling raw meats or anything really messy, to clean the bathroom, and to bathe my son.

My husband wears his when he's out of the house, but as soon as he's home, he takes it off. I don't really know why, and it irritates me somewhat, mostly because he can't seem to pick a dedicated spot for it and I'm always finding it on a random shelf. Men! Before we were married I was considering engraving his ring. I didn't, but if I had, it would have read "Put me back on!" ;)

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Only take mine off to do messy things in kitchen, lotion, etc.

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Yes, but not always my engagement ring because I found I was scratching DH in his sleep by accident.

My DH rarely takes his off. Only when he's doing work where it might get damaged or when it might be a danger to him.

I had mine off and put on a chain around my neck when I was pregnant and my fingers swelled.

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Good morning!
I rarely take mine off. I wear it in the shower, to clean, etc.
I find it easier NOT to lose if I just keep it on.
My husband wears his usually only on weekends or if we're going somewhere. It's dangerous for him to wear a ring at work.
I had mine fastened together (wedding & engagement) so it's all or nothing.
Usually, I will them off when I make meatloaf or meatballs.

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I only take mine off to sleep, shower or mix together meatloaf.

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I don't take them off for any reason, except surgery (c-section). They won't let you wear them during surgery. If they're sized correctly, they won't come off until you take them off, so not worried about swimming or bathing.

I suppose if I got too fat for them, I'd have no choice. But then I'd either get em resized or wear them like a pendant.

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Because I have chemical allergies that cause a rash, I do take mine off once I'm home. If I were to leave them on continuously using the dish soap, windex, pledge etc...then I would break out and then couldn't wear them at all...However, I do not leave my house without wearing at least my wedding band...I want everyone to know I am married and so far happy!

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I wore my wedding ring 24/7 until it was stolen in an armed robbery/home invasion. The replacement isn't the same and I don't wear it when I am working out or to bed. Half the time I forget to put it on. But I know I am married and don't need the ring to remind me.
My husband wears his 24/7.

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I never wear it at home; jewelry, bra and shoes are the first things to come off but not necessarily in that order. I wear them to go out but not like errands or kids sports. To me jewelry and makeup go together. If I am wearing makeup I put on the jewelry if not...
My husband on the other hand never takes his off. He feels weird without it.

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Both my husband & I rarely take them off.

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Wedding ring? What is that??

I dont wear mine period.

I purposed to my hubby..So I dont have an engagement ring.

And my Wedding band sticks up off my finger way to high...I take out the kids constantly with it.

I am getting a band tattooed around my finger eventually.

We both hardly wear them..So it is not like I am being a b*tch or not caring...it is just who we are... neither of us ever wore any sort of Jewelry before we got married...I dont know why rings would HAVE to become standard in our dressing.

I always wear mine. I only have taken it off a few times (other than to clean it). When I was pregnant and my hands/fingers (well just about all of me, lol) were swollen near the end, then I wore it on a chain on my neck. But didn't sleep with it on, when it was on the chain. And then when we went on our honeymoon, we did a whitewater rafting trip overseas that the waterfall was 18 feet high, and the guides recommended removing it and putting it in their drysafe box.

Other than that, I sleep in it, shower in it, swim in it, heck I live in it, except when I take it off to clean it. Oh.. and when I make hamburger/meatloaf... I take it off to do that. Same with my watch. I feel naked without them, the watch especially. Been wearing a watch 24/7 since I was about 8 years old. I REALLY feel weird when I don't have a watch on.

My biggest problem with the prongs on my ring is when I stick my hand into a front pocket of my jeans and it gets hung up... it scrapes my knuckle up a little sometimes.

My rings never come off - ever. I don't even think I could get them off if I wanted to! I went to the ocean twice this summer and thought I should probably take them off before I got in, but they weren't budging. Now I really hope the diamond never comes off, or I'll be walking around with an empty ring forever!

Always except at a pool or in the ocean.

Mine comes off at the jewelry store for cleaning and inspection. And I stand right there waiting for it to be handed back to me. Once I had to send it off for repairs because the center diamond was loose. I hated those 5 days without it.
Other than that I never take mine off.

I never take mine off.. My husband only wears his when we go out, or he leaves the house, other than going to work. He lost his first one in the racks at work, he found it later that day, but after that, he doesn't wear it to work. He has a real nice one now, so he'd hate to lose that one.

Hi Rach!

I wear my wedding band 24/7. However, I never wear my engagement ring. It's not like I don't like it, I'm not a diamond type of girl. I know - bite my tongue! I prefer just to wear my band.

When my husband and I were first married, he wore his 24/7 and then a few years into it, he never wore it but know he's back wearing it 24/7.

I never take mine off.

I wear it when going out (except to the beach). If I take it off, it goes in my jewelry box in my armoir. When the boys were brand new, I wouldn't wear my ring because I didn't want to scratch them or whatever. Such soft skin! And I'm not known for being graceful. :P
I also take them off when I'm cooking and especially handling raw meats (germs!), and when I go to the beach. We were all together swinging my son around in the water when my husband's ring went flying.....we searched, but you're not gonna find anything when waist deep and the tide coming in. So I always take my ring off before we go, so it doesn't get lost.

I harldy ever take them off. Since the engagement ring is to be worn on the side closest to the fingernail you could just take off that ring and keep the band on.

I really only take mine off to clean them. I'm afraid I'll loose them or forget to put them back on when I go out.
My husband never takes his off. Ever.

My wedding band has been on for 36 years up until Feb. Thru many surgeries it was always taped. However, when I had my kidney out, due
to some of the electrical instruments that were used it had to come off.
I was not happy about that. In RR my husband and daughter slipped it
back on my finger!

Yes I wear it all the time except for when I'm in the shower because when I wash my hair the diamond gets tangled in it. So, other than that, I wear it at all times. My husband won't ever wear his ring. He hates jewlery and just will not ever wear any at all. Maybe once in a while he will put it on for special occasions but besides that, never

I take it off as soon as I come into the house. I generally only where it in public.

I don't sleep in mine because it stabs my husband. I take it off to lotion my hands and to bathe and do my hair. Now that the baby is here, I take it off when I get home because I almost immediately start nursing him and run the risk of scratching him with all the maneuvering. My husband takes his off to wash dishes and wash the car. I think that he might slip it off sometimes on the golf course.

Yes, never take it off, except in the winter when my skin gets dry and I need to get lots of lotion on all the time.

I take mine off when I get on the treadmill because I have hit it on the railing and my fingers tend to swell up a little during excercise. Once I'm out of the shower, I put it back on :-)

wow i'm so surprised how many people don't take off their rings! My husband and I both hate jewelry so we only wear it when we leave the house. As soon as I get home from work, I take off my ring and don't put it back on until the next time I leave the house. I'm actually sitting here without it right now b/c I forgot to put it on this morning (oops!)

Oh, and I never wear my engagement ring b/c I'm paranoid about losing it. I don't want to pay the $$ to insure it so it's just sitting in our safe. ;p

I never wear it while sleeping, showering, swimming, etc. I usually take it off as soon as I get home from work and of course when i am upset with him which was just yesterday...........so it is still on the dresser as we speak:)

I almost never take mine off..I feel naked without it

he cant wear his anymore, his fingers got too fat

I take mine off when I am messing with raw meat, like making meatloaf or something....but that is the only time.

I have been told repeatedly that it is not good to wear it all the time and I know all the chlorine from the pool and all the chemicals from cleaning at work (work in a bakery) are very bad for it but I like wearing them all the time.

I had a jeweler attach the engagement ring to the wedding ring. It drove me just about nuts that they would slide in different directions. :(

I wear it all the time unless I am gardening, swimming or showering. Pretty much I take it off if there is the potential to damage it. Okay it gets tangled in my hair in the shower.

Troy doesn't wear it to work because he could damage it and he works with live wires a lot. Yeah I don't think he should die to prove his love. :p Funny thing is if he realizes he doesn't have it on when we are going out he will put it on and won't take it off until he works again. If he takes it off for work he won't put it back on until he realizes he isn't going to work and doesn't have it on. I think that means he doesn't notice whether it is on or off cause he just doesn't seem aware of it at all. :p

I dont wear them to bed. I only wear them when I leave the house.
My sisters whole diamond did break off in her bed last week, the prongs and all. Luckily she was able to find it, and it was covered in her warranty.

Mine has a lifetime warranty, but is not covered if its lost. We put it on our home owners insurance in case it gets lost or stolen.

i take it off at bedtime and before i shower

I have never taken it off - in 22 years! I guess I should take it off and clean the skin :) but I doubt if I can get them off!

I take mine off to shower, wash dishes and give my daughter a bath/shower. I also take them off to do work around the house. I had to get a new engagement ring and have the diamond reset. I crushed it twice using power tools where the stone fell out. I had the diamond set with 6 pronges to hold it in there, lol.

im not married or engaged, hopefully will be engaged or even married within the next yr or so but...... i have my mothers ring my boyfriend got for me the first christmas our daughter was here and i NEVER take it off

Good morning!

I usually take off all my jewelry and put my hair in a pony as soon as I get home from work. I am busy making dinner, cleaning the kitchen and giving my little one a bath and it drives me nuts when I get water under my rings. I do put them back on every morning and have never forgotten to. We've been married 9 years and I've had my engagement ring for 10+.
My husband very rarely wears his wedding ring. He won't wear it to work b/c he works for the Sheriff's Dept and doesn't want the felons to know anything about him.

I only wear mine out. I can't sleep in any jewelry as I find it very uncomfortable. Also, if you have a prong set diamond, wearing it to sleep in is really bad for it. The prongs wear out faster and you end up with a loose or missing stone sooner. (10 years in the jewelry business).

I only take them off to knead pizza dough or make meatloaf! I took them off for 5 minutes over the summer to put lotion on my husbands sunburned legs. My toddler picked them up when I wasn't looking and lost my engagement ring. It was gone for a month. Thankfully my husband found it. Lesson learned.
As for my husband, he only takes his ring off when he is checking to see if he can actually get it off his finger! He has had the same ring for almost 11 years. Quite a tan line.

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