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Do You Tip a Massage Therapist Who Works Out of Her Own Home?

My prenatal massage therapist used to work out of the local yoga studio, where she rented space, but now works out of her own home. Should I still tip her on top of the massage price, or do you not need to tip someone who is their own boss? I just want to do what's appropriate.

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Thank you for all your responses! The range of responses was wide, and it helped me think about what made me comfortable and what I should do in this case. Thanks again!

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When in doubt, ask her! Tell her you want to do the right thing and don't want to offend either way...just ask...I would guess, yes...but ask her.

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I have always seen a massage therapist for health reasons. I had never thought of tipping a massage therapist. I don't tip my chiropractor or my physiotherapist. I would tip if I was going for a relaxation massage.

This is a good question...I'm always uncomfortable about how much to tip, etc...but I have heard that you shouldn't tip the owner...I find it's best to be honest and just ask...you could just tell her you're a bit uncomfortable and are unsure of what to do, so would she mind being really honest with you about it.

For someone working out of her home, I think the tip would be built in to the charge. There's no need to give any additional amount.

As always, tips are given for a job well done. As a massage therapist myself, I have gotten tips when I worked out of an office and when I saw clients at my own space. If you have ever worked for tips, you know they are always appreciated!

Yes. Particularly so if the massage was helpful as it's good therapy for the mind as it is for the body.

Massage therapists take a lot of stress off our bodies and our minds.

C. K.

The standard and very old rule is one tips the hired help not the boss.


I for one do not agree with the rule. I believe if one has done a terrific job, they deserve a tip. For me it doesn't matter if they are working for themselves or working for someone else. They are still knocking themselves out in providing a service.

Does this massage therapist do less for you working in her home then she had in the yoga studio or use less supplies??? Are you at all unhappy with the service she is providing for you in her home??

Tips are about showing appreciation for a job well done...

I'm suggestion you do what ever you are comfortable with...

My friend is an esthecian and she said the standard tip would apply.

As a massage therapist myself, i believe you should tip for excellent service, even if she is "the boss". the idea is of not tipping the owner is a very outdated one, based on the fact that they often charge more for their experience and that if they were "the boss", they were making money from their employees efforts. If you feel a tip is warranted, then you should tip. It should be based on quality of service not on "who's the boss".

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