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Do You Think This Is True?

I was reading an article about First born kids are smarter then their siblings. Here is the article. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38683279/from/toolbar?gt1=43001 Do you think this is true or false??

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I don't agree with it. My oldest sister had trouble passing biology and wasn't that great of a student overall. My middle sister graduate suma cum laude from Harvard. I laugh when see articles like that.

No. My oldest nephew is highly gifted. But his younger brother the schools did his i.q. because in the first grade he had already completed all the high gifted 3rd grade material - and yes he is way up there! I do think Margie made a good point with the first most parents have more time to spend with that child.

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HAHAHA No way.
THis is what I think,
MOthers have more time to devote to their firstborn. So consequently firstborns are introduced to ideas, words, activities maybe earlier than the next or the third, or fourth. By the time the fourth child appears mom is pretty busy with number one's activities. Maybe mom is too tired to read every night to number 4 or 5 whiel she read every night for 4 years to number 1.
Hence number 1 picks up some things at an earlier stage than the next ones that come along.

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I think the first born is generally the center of attention for a long time, so they have a good ego, strong self esteem and no matter their intellectual level oftentimes feel and behave very confident. All this based on the fact that I am a middle child myself and my oldest sister is the most self centered human being I ever met, but is extremely successful and always made sure everyone knew it. On the other hand she drove herself so much, seldom slowing down that she had a stroke/aneurysm a year and a half ago and yet got right back up, went back to her twenty jobs, fifty book clubs, all the while bringing home the bacon and serving it up for her man. She now however does not remember that she has brothers and sisters. You younger people probably don't know that commercial....at any rate I love her and I think it is possible that the oldest can be very smart simply because they were born of a younger parent than the other siblings and the parent was probably able to spend more time with the child. All this leading to the above. A very confident first born.

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haha I don't believe it. No offense to my sister (she's the oldest), but she didn't do as well in school as our brother & I did. She did decent, just not as high grades & not as good with math.

There are just too many factors that go into how smart someone becomes. How can they ever really know if being "first" makes a difference?

My sister was sick a lot when she was really young (kidneys). Perhaps that had some effect on her? (really high fevers, hospitalized, etc) Who knows.

No. I'm the oldest, but my brother is academically smarter than I am. I had to work a lot harder for my good grades than my brother did. I however have better problem solving skills (in some ways) and have a little more drive than my brother does. He is more laid back than I am and doesn't get worked up about things like I do.

My husband is a middle child and I think he and his younger brother are smarter than their older sister academically, socially, and common sense wise. They are also more independent than she is. However, they come from a war torn country where their lives were thrown into total upheaval. My sister-in-law missed out on more schooling than her two brothers did and I'm sure that plays a big part in it.

As a teacher I see lots of siblings. There are sooo many factors that come into play when you talk about intelligence. Birth order may be one of them, but In my opinion it is far from being one of the main factors.

I think it is bupkus. I am the youngest of two kids in my family and I would say that I had to be a lot more original, cunning, and resourceful to pave my own way and keep up.

My sister certainly did not teach me everything I know and our personalities (as compared to anyone) is what creates the differences in our intellect. Some people are 'book smart' but lack 'street smarts' or are more analytical and methodical than creative and entrepeneurial (neither is better than the other) and vise versa in both examples because of the way they are wired not the order they came out of the birth canal.

For me and my siblings, this article was dead on. My older brother is WICKED smart... but was not a good student. I qualify myself as pretty smart, and I was a good student, my younger brother is super social, a hard worker, and never liked school. We fit the descriptions to a T.


I haven't read the article but I believe the order in what were you born play a role in your life. In fact my older daughter just point that to me today.
She said that I have a better connection with her little sister then with her because I already learn from the mistakes I made with her.
She is right.
Doesn't mean I love more one then the other, but I am different parent.
I don't think is about one be more smart then the other but they totally have a different approach in live because the way I parented each one.
My older daughter is independent, strong, self educated (I was a young working mom)
My younger one is more dependent but has learn faster, I think because now I am SAHM and have more time to teach her and have one on one time.
However, I was more fun, childish fun with my older and no so worry about many things that I am now.
Both are smart but in different ways and I think is because the order in where they were born...o most in the order of how I grow as a mom.

False! I think birth order has an effect on your personality, but not your intellect. I am the youngest of three and as we each went through school, our grades and test scores got progressively higher, with mine being the highest. That being said, my oldest brother is definitely the most driven and goal oriented. He started his first business at 25 years old and now has three. I, on the other hand, just figured out last year what I want to be when I grow up. I'm 30. :-)

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