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Do You "Sneak" Your 3 Year Old In?

We are planning to go to Legoland and Sea World next week, both of which have a "under 3 - free" policy. DD just turned 3 in June. She's average height and weight, but very verbal - when she's not being shy, which is most of the time. My question is, have you "snuck" your child in in this type of situation? Have you ever been questioned? It would be great to save some $$. Yes, I do understand the ethical considerations, but $$ is tight, but DD has been asking to go to these places. (We can stay for free w/ relatives, and I have a free adult pass to SW.)

Thanks for sharing your responses re: your experiences, and for not judging.

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Nope, never did. As soon as my daughter wasn't free at Disneyland I paid full pop for the annual pass. I only did trips like this when I could afford it and I prefer to tell the truth.

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No. I couldn't. I cannot lie. Seriously! I just can't. It ALWAYS comes back around to me if I do. I learned when I was 19. I lied and told my boss that I couldn't come in b/c my kid was really sick. The next day, she was really sick. I lied once about my car breaking down and the same week, my car broke down.

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My young daughter has been asking for a piano that I cannot afford, however I am not going to steal one for her just because she wants it.

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"A persons true character is based on their behaviors, even when no one is looking. "

Our daughter learned this when she was in second grade.

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You can stay for free with relatives. You have a free adult pass.

Pretty great for you, right?

So why go that extra mile to be dishonest just to save a little more dough? You're already saving money with freebies you're fortunate to have. If the cost of your daughter's honest admission would push you over the edge so you could not afford to go at all, then you should not be making this trip or promising her things you cannot afford. "She has been asking to go these places" is not a justification for teaching her it's OK to lie.

As for the many folks who posted that they do this all the time: Gee, thanks for making admissions to places like these more expensive for the rest of us. If everyone figures a little sneaking and shaving and lying is OK, the result is that places will jack up prices to cover for the families who are not paying their full share.

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Nope, never did. As soon as my daughter wasn't free at Disneyland I paid full pop for the annual pass. I only did trips like this when I could afford it and I prefer to tell the truth.

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Sorry, no blessings from me, my child. I would not find it acceptable to ignore the ethical considerations just because I don't have the money or it's otherwise inconvenient to be honest.

Someday your child is going to tell you a lie because it just doesn't work for her to tell the truth. How are you going to feel about that? How will you correct her if she's seen you sliding past the rules when you don't want to follow them?

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Wow. I am so surprised at the answers below. I had no idea.

We never "sneak" anyone in to any park. For us, it's a matter of principal and honesty. We want our kids ethical, so we lead by example. Those are the rules of those establishments, so we abide by them. Then parents wonder why their kids lie to them and others.

The cost of a ticket is worth teaching our kids to lie when it serves them? Even a three year old can figure that out. I think the cost of the ticket is worth my character. Anyone can JUSTIFY anything if they are willing to lower their standards.

Money is NEVER tight enough to lie. Look for coupons online, etc....or don't go. Or pack lunches and spend that money on a ticket. You'll feel better about yourself AND you are teaching your child a lifelong lesson.

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No. We are not dishonest and we strive to model behavior we prefer our daughter to have.

If money is tight, save up and go another time. Don't lie about it.

If you tell your child to Shh and say she's 2 instead of 3 don't be surprised when the child is preteen + and lies to you because you set the example that it's ok.

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Hi D., Teaching your children how to be deceitful at a young age is not good parenting, and it is stealing. I am really concerned of how many parents will lie and steal right in front of their kids, you all should be ashamed of youurselves, if you are not, you have a more serious problem. J.

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I would certainly not do this as it would be stealing.

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