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Do You Put a Car Seat in a Taxi?

We are going to be traveling in a little over a week and are planning an taking a taxi home from the airport. We were not planning on taking a car seat with us because we won't need on once we get to our destination. We are wondering about using a carseat in the taxi on the way home. Do some taxi companies have car seats? I also thought about using a Baby Bjorn to strap her to me, then putting my seat belt on. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help on this!

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I travel a lot on business and refuse to take taxis. As a result, I have found that car services can cost around the same amount as a taxi and you clean cars with more professional drivers. They also (generally) have car seats available. The cost from Hoffman Estates is anywhere from $35 to $45 to O'hare.

Spend the extra couple of bucks and go for this. There are also coupons in the Save On Magazine or any of the coupons that are delivered to your door. You can also check the phone book.

Good luck. Keep those babies safe.

i dont think taxi companies have car seats but i would suggest calling ahead to see if they offer anything like that. i dont know what else that i can help you with other than having a friend drive you that way can still use a car seat and not have to take it with you on the plane. good luck.

There are limo companies (they use the town car)who will provide a car seat on request for use to the airport...you just have to ask. If for any reasson you are in an accident on your way to/from the airport you could be charged with failure to secure your child in a car seat....let alone the guilt of having your child be hurt...don't risk it....pay the extra for a limo company and get there safe! Have a good trip!

We never had the opportunity to travel when the kids were that small but I wanted to tell you to not strap yourself in your seatbelt with the baby. You'll crush the little one if you have an accident!!!

I would definitely put my child in a car seat in a taxi -- especially in a taxi. It's bad enough being a defensive driver with your child in the car much less being on offense AND defense with a cab driver with unknown reflexes and skills. As another writer stated, my experience with cabs and taxis has been not as good as with a car service. In my opinion, the car service cars are generally cleaner, and the drivers are more professional and don't drive as erratically. I use Athena Hellas Jetway car service at least once a week for business, and I've had excellent and reliable service. However, I do not believe that they provide any car seats (but check). Another option is to take the car seat and check it in a locker at the airport. Of course, double check that too for size and cost.

I understand your not wanting to take the car seat with you, but it has been my experience that especially in a taxi you should have the baby in a car seat.

When my baby was 6 months I was in a taxi and thank god I had her in the car seat and not strapped to me. There was a fire truck coming through the light and the driver was not paying attention and he slammed on the breaks. Needless to say I was jerked around by my baby was fine because she was in her seat.

Don't take the chance, it may be a short drive but anything can happen, especially the way some of the taxi drivers drive.

Didn't we all learn our lesson from Britney last year? Never travel in a car with your baby without a car seat. It's easy to check with your luggage. Or just see if someone can drive you to the airport. It's not worth risking her safety for a little convenience. Babies aren't convenient, as you've probably learned in the last 10 months. Suck it up and travel with a car seat.

We have a local cab company we always use, and they have a certain number of car seats for their cars. You can call them ahead of time and tell them what you will need and they take care of it. I'm sure one of the big name companies (Yellow Cab or whatever) would also be able to do the same.

What we have is a triple play car seat. It has been our lifesaver.... It converts from a carseat to a stroller so that's all you need! Solves the problem of lugging the carseat.

I don't think it is illegal to ride in a cab without a carseat but do you really want to take the risk of something happening just to avoid a hassle?

If you get the convertible car seat- it will last you for quite a while! My almost 3 year old still loves it!

The last two times we flew with our daughter, the taxi drivers would not go anywhere until she was safely in her car seat and the seat was fastened in the car. We got lucky enough that the cabs we were in had the LATCH fasteners to make it easy to get the seat in and out of the car. Check out www.onestepahead.com for an inexpensive rolling travel case for car seats. Then we check the seat at the airport and if you use curbside check-in, you have to carry the seat less than 10 feet. Definitely worth the peace of mind.

My oldest daughter use to be a model and we use to have to go into Chicago and took the taxi to the appts. Some taxi companies do have car seats and you just have to let them know. I think that is what we did for Lexie. I know that you are suppose to have them in one no matter what.

S. Bailey CLD

You will have to call the taxi company but I think they will probably say you have to bring your own. ACK! Strap her between YOU and the seatbelt???? Think about it mom...you have an accident at 50 mph, your 18lb. baby is CRUSHED against your seatbelt from the weight of your body being thrown forward! I think it is worth having hubby lug the carseat around, even for a weekend. Besides, it is the law, you can't ride with a child that young in a vehicle without a carseat.
When you have a child there are all kinds of inconveniences you have to put up with to keep your child safe, this is one of them. This age will pass fast. Be inconvenienced, keep your baby safe and be glad when you get to your destination. =)

That's a good question! My concern is what if it's a spur of the moment cab ride? We live in Chicago and what if we're in the city and decide to try and catch a cab. It's not like you can schedule a car with a carseat in it. What do you do then? Do everything in your power not to take a cab ride?

Without question she should be in a car seat, even if you have to take one with you on your trip. Not only is it the LAW but it would be absolutely irresponsible of you to not have her in a car seat. All it takes in one accident, it doesn't matter how close you live to the airport.

I don't know about the taxi companies. But I do know that the reason bjorns are not advised in cars or on airplanes is if in an accident your body weight being moved in a seat belt will crush your baby even if you do not land on the baby. The movement alone is enough to crush the baby if you jolt forward and back with the belt on.
You are better off to hold the baby in your arms and hope for the best, rather than tie it to your body anyway. Or so the satistics say, and seems to make sence.

Hi E.,

I've had a lot of experience with this so I thought I would respond. My son is 5 now but I have always traveled with him. He is the U.S. explorer with me! I have never brought a car seat when I travel with him. They won't let you use them on the airplane and they are a pain to lug around. Now saying that, it is still illegal to be in a taxi or any kind of car with a baby not in a car seat. But I always took my chances and have never had a problem.

It sounds terrible but I think back to when I was a kid. My parents drove us around without car seats all the time and it was never an issue.

Hope this helps!


I used a cab company when i went to SFO airport last year. I know thayt they provide baby seat in all of SF bay area. Here is the link for the company: http://airporttaxicabservices.com/more/child_seats

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