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Do You Buy Generic or Store Brands? If Not, Why?

I’m trying to save money right now and cutting down our shopping expenses. When shopping at Target I decided to buy certain Target brand merchandise.

A neighbor of mine said she would never buy generic and that they claim to be the exact same, but in reality are not. She said that generic is just buying “cheap” stuff and that people who buy generic are just advertising to the world that they themselves are cheap. In her own ‘weird’ way she was trying to give me friendly advice.

What is your experience in buying generic store brands? Are there certain products you refuse to buy in the generic brand? Are you for it or against it?

For example, I bought the Target brand saline solution and so far, so good. The Target brand was $2.00 less.

What can I do next?

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I buy many many store brands. Oftentimes they are made in the same plant in the same way as national brands. Sometimes though the taste is not the same-for example my kids hate generic target chickadees-they only eat Pep Farm Goldfish.

One place I can't get my head around though is the Aldi store. For some reason the packaging on their foods gives me the creeps. I would rather buy a regular generic from a store.

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I buy many Target brand items... including milk, shredded cheese, butter, frozen veggies, paper products... we are all still alive & not poor & not once has anyone ever called me cheap.

Some things I don't buy Target brand... like coffee, but I am a Starbucks snob that way.

My kids & I "test" products, if we like generic, we continue to use it.

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it depends on what it is. like I don't buy store brand whipped creme because I think redi whip tastes better.
For the most part they are the same, for medications (tylenol,motrin, allergy meds) I buy generic if they have it , read the ingredients its the same thing.
Sometimes the generic is better than the name brand stuff. like the archer farms salsa at target is the best I've ever tasted.

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Does your neighbor think there is a big Target manufacturing facility specializing in the manufacture of several thousand items? If she does, she's a dullard.
Stores pay manufacturers to package the same stuff to "Target" or other vendors specifications and then pay less b/c the "name" isn't there.
Hard to believe there is anyone in the world over 12 that doesn't understand that!
Ignore her and do what YOU need to do to provide as well as you can for YOUR family. And the next time her kids try to mooch a Target Market Pantry Fruit Snack from you, make sure she knows that they ate them! LOL

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I do buy generic when I can, with a few exceptions;
I MUST have Heinz ketchup.
I MUST have Qtip brand swabs
I MUST have Always feminine pads and Tampax tampons.
Other than that, cheaper is better! :)

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well when you have more money to retire with and your neighbor has to work until she's 80, you can tell her she should've bought generic.

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I shop at Walmart and buy the "Great Value" brand of everything except cereal. So far, that is the only thing that I can tell a difference on. It sounds like your neighbor is a bit stuck up.

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For some things it's hard to tell between generic and brand name. You just have to give it a try and judge for yourself. There are some things I just won't buy generic- ketchup, soda, bread, and peanut butter are a few. But other things I do buy generic. I love the Target brand formula for my daughter and she did the best on that brand than any other brand we tried. I also like the Target brand Claritin for my son. So it depends. If you find something you like, then it will definitely save you some money!

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I love store brands! In lots of cases they are made by the same factories that make the name brand stuff.
There are some things that I won't substitute, but that's just a matter of taste. There are also some store brands that I prefer over others.

I think your friend sounds like an awfully big snob.

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I buy Safeway and CVS brand items.
SAME thing/ingredients.

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I work for a company that makes whey protein powder. This powder is a main component in baby formula. We sell it, and the company that buys it makes formula for numerous sources - both name brand high end expensive baby formula and the major store brands...EXACTLY the same product for twice (or more) the price because of the name. If you can do this with something as sensitive as baby formula, I guarantee it happens with "most" every other type of product.

I think you neighbor is sad in that she is more worried about perception and face value than true value...it says a lot about what kind of person she is. I would venture to guess it points a lot more to someone who is not confident enough in themself to decide what is best vs. what they want everyone to think is best. If you like who you are and what you do...why should you care what someone else buys or uses?

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