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Do You Blog?

Do any of you blog? What do you blog? Do you have any interesting blogs you would like to share?
I just started a blog. No, this is a ploy to get followers. haha! Could you give me some feed back on it? I don't plan to go "pro", just trying to get more hobbies. All the pics were taken by me as I was cooking. I plan to post recipes every two weeks or less.
And remember, if you have a blog or know of some good ones, please share :)

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I blog when my kids are asleep. It's like a release for me. I don't share it with anyone at this point. I love the recipes you posted so far.

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I blog about my family life and then print it up into a bound book each year. I have a detailed journal/photo album of my children's lives, thanks to blogging. I plan on passing the books on to them so they can read about their childhood and our lives, what a priceless gift!

Some people blog to gain followers, but my blog is for my family.

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That made my mouth water!! Yummy:)

I have a blog that I started last summer, did a few posts, then got busy and forgot about it. But last month I picked it up again. I do a mix of posts about our family, but a lot about cloth diapers (including reviews). It's fun for me, when I can find the time to sit down to do a post. In fact, this reminds me I have a detergent review I need to type up....


ETA: Forgot to mention that I do it for fun. I'm not "monetized" at all, don't really care to do that. If my blog grows, I may consider having some sponsors. I want to be in control of which ads show up on my blog, and make sure that they are for products and companies that I support.

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I blog when my kids are asleep. It's like a release for me. I don't share it with anyone at this point. I love the recipes you posted so far.

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My oldest daughter has a blog that I am very proud of ....well...I am proud of HER because of all of the research and love that she has put into it.
You can check her out at CodeNameMama.com it also has a couple of links to other blogs that she contributes to.
I , personally have a blog on Xanga but it isn't anything very exciting...just the ramblings of a grandma..lol.
I Will be interetsed in finding out what some of the Mama's on this website blog about!!

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I dont blog, my DIL has a little vegan site blog that she does. vegobsession. But I think it got too time consuming for her so she had to stop. We only have so much time to raise kids and be online I guess. I'm sure glad I didnt have a computer when I had kids, I'm not sure if I would have been an attentive mom if I had one..... this is quite a time consumer.

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I do blog. It's mainly just my musings on pretty much anything. You can find it at www.syrrealchronicles.net

I liked your blog and the layout of it.

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Hi S.:

Wanting feedback? Well, first, I like the layout of your blog. The pictures are easy to see and illustrate each step. For myself, this is a plus. I think seeing pictures helps others to feel the recipe is more relatable/accessible/doable.

I think the only other thing you could add is an alternate topping to either of your recipes-- bacon 'sprinkles'. I am a vegetarian, but have noticed the trend toward bacon and chocolate in recent years. (and am not above stealing a few little pieces off my husband's pizza)

As for blogging, I have two blogs, one I keep for my preschool, and my own, which is The Skyteahouse.


My blog is on my personal experience of parenting, coming from the perspective of a longtime nanny and toddler/preschool teacher as well as my newer life as a mom. I write to express myself and my ideas... I'd love to have a larger community of readers, but even if it's only friends (my family doesn't read it much, just a sister or two sometimes), I'm glad to have it.

My sister Amanda also has a neat blog on her life with her boys:


This also links to her homeschooling blog. I've been really impressed with what she's doing with her boys. My nephews are some neato kids.

I love it. She and I are opposites: she's mostly pictures, loves photography. I'm mostly words, and although my growing up dad was a photographer, I've never quite gotten the knack for it.

Oh, and if you haven't seen it, you really need to check out Cake Wrecks. Seriously funny stuff, and food oriented to boot!

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I blog and really enjoy it! I will check yours out and feel free to check out mine http://toddlertips4u.wordpress.com. Feel free to get ideas !You will enjoy it more as you go along! It is fun and a great hobby too!

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Your recipes sound absolutely scrumptious! I'm allergic to chocolate and peanuts. My granddaughter is allergic to peanuts. My grandson loves Reese's Pieces. I may have to make some bars for him and the rest of the family.

I'm interested in blogging but get confused when I try to read blogs. Is there a site that teaches us how to use blogs?

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I've been toying with two that are radically different from each other, one that's fairly grown up in nature and one that's more g rated for lack of a better descriptor. The problem I face with the concept of an online public diary (or heck, even a private journal) is this: 2/3s apx of my life has to do with children, and about 2/3s of my 1st person thinking/ musings are things I will be day-am-ed to have next to anything to do with children. It's just a mental divide that I don't care to span.

So far I'm keeping everything in draft format until I decide whether or not to actually take the plunge / get used to writing in the first person in essay format. ((As opposed to here and other boards that is just off the cuff.))

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I have a blog. I started it because I didn't want to write a Christmas letter. I write about my family, things that make me nuts, and life in general.


I've not posted very much lately, as I've been very busy... I'll get back to more regular posting soon enough.

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No, don't even like the term BLOG! However to each her/his own and best wishes to all the mamablogers!


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