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Do the Fathers Get Sick While the Mother Is Pregnant?

Ok, my boyfriend have been throwing up and complaining of stomach aches since i have been pregnant.
Is it possible for this to happen?

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He was getting all my sickness and everything and including my cravings. He eats like no tommorow, and he is gaining weight lol i tease him about it, Im 31 weeks and our stomach look the same. Thanks ladies

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When I was pregnant my husband would come home from work and ask if I had been sick at 2 o'clock and I had been. He was sick when I was even if we were apart, and he gained 13 pounds just like I did.
They say that just means you are emotionally bonded.

My husband also complained of a upset stomach at the beginning of my pregnancy. I have known for other fathers to take on some symptoms of their pregnant mate.

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LOL! I'm sorry but I have to laugh....my husband not only was sick for the first few months, but he also had terrible nightmares..usually about him killing me and my laughing because he killed the baby too...strange...it could also be a stomach virus. There has been one going around here. Never really know. Best of luck and congratulations!

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It can happen, it's called a sympathetic pregnancy (more technically it's called Couvade syndrome). Men that get this also tend to put on weight right along with their wife during the pregnancy (amongst other things). It's a bonafide physiological response, their hormones get out of whack and causes the symptoms (it's unknown why it happens). They can even experience "labor pains." Just don't let him steal your thunder :) No cure for it aside from delivery of the baby...continuation of any symptoms after the baby is born should be discussed with a doctor.

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They are called 'sympathy pains.' It's more common than you know. I think it's adorable that he is so connected to you that he can feel sick, too. That sounds crazy, right? Sorry! Your boyfriend must have a really good heart and love you dearly. Look at him with love (and a little amusement). It will pass. God Bless!

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My husband complained of nausea feelings and gained weight as well. I had morning sickness 24/7 so he always had to listen to me in the bathroom. He can handle a lot but that is one thing that he just can't deal with. Even now if someone is sick he will go to another part of the house or outside until it is over. Thank God he does not get sick to often. If he is normal other wise then it is probably just sympathy sickness. If he this is debilitating him then he should get checked by the dr. It could be stress related. Even though expecting is usually a good thing it could be causing him stress without his realizing it. Good Luck!

it is completly possible when my mom was prego with my youngest brother my step dad had her cravings mainly smoked raw oysters and swiss on jalopeno crackers, i was the one waking up in the middle of the night, and then my hubby gained the weight with his x's pregnancy with his little boy

When I was pregnant my husband would come home from work and ask if I had been sick at 2 o'clock and I had been. He was sick when I was even if we were apart, and he gained 13 pounds just like I did.
They say that just means you are emotionally bonded.

ok you get sick he gets sick when i was pregnant he got sick i did not thank god

My husband had all sorts of pains when I was pregnant with #2. He gained weight during both pregnancies but I don't think I can contribute that to sympathy. I would be starving and order or cook something, eat just a few bites and then not be able to eat any more. He would finish his food and then eat most of mine. =weight gain. I would have him checked to be sure its not a virus or something. If the docs can't find anything then chalk it up to sympathetic pregnancy.

Yes, it is possible. Very sweet. I forget the actual term, I am sure another mom will know it.


I wondered if this ever happened to anyone else. When I was pregnant, my husband would have to go outside on the back porch because I would be in our only bathroom getting ready for work. He threw up several times with morning sickness. What's really weird is he had nausea with 2 of our daughters when they were pregnant.

This is funny that you bring this up because when I was pregnant with my nine year old son his father got sick and his mother called me to find out if I was pregnant. I told her no, because of course I didn't know then. She then told me that his father got sick when she was pregnant with him and that I needed to get tested. I did and I was! He has the sickness and food cravings and I didn't have any of it.

Dear S.,

My ex husband use to throw up every morning at work around 10:00 am and I would be miles away throwing up at the same time. Also, with my second child he did this too. By the third pregnancy, he didn't do it.

Also, he kept dreaming that our first little baby was a girl and she was going to die. Over and over he would tell me, "it's a little girl and she is going to die". She died 3 1/2 hours after birth. I do believe there is a connection to your pregnancy and the fathers sometimes.

My husband was the first to get the cravings and the morning sickness, but i surely followed suit and he straightened up. Well sort of he was addicted to garlic pickles during my first pregnancy! My grandmothers friend her husband says he had her morning sickness for her with both of their children while she never had a problem! I have heard it called sympathy sickness or cravings... anyone who is close to you may experiance it. I used to get sick when my friend was pregnant, i would call her and tell her before she even knew she was~!

YES most def. when my husband and I had our first little girl he started to become sick like you are talking about thats how we found out, I never got sick at all he did for 4 months straight, then with our second little girl he got sick again and I never did so yes it is possible for this to happen I have experienced it. :)

Its happens. Its call sympathetic pregnancy.
My dad felt all of my moms cravings and was very tired when she was pregnant with me and my brother.

I have never been pregnant, but my boyfriend of 4 years has been feeling mild to severe back cramps every time when I have my period, even when we are not together. I usually get "mild warning cramps" sometimes a week or two before and he get the same warning back cramps. And he knows when my period starts because his back pain get severe. Its kinda funny and weird cause like i'm curled up in pain, he is too.

I have yet to find out if this happens to other males too.
Anyone else has sympathetic monthlies?? :/

oh yes it is possible, my x-husband was sick with both our kids and even had cravings, my kids are now 31 and 24, he even had labor pains with our daughter (24 y.o.) so he is normal i think it is God's humor, and payback to men??

Hello from Memphis! I have defintely heard of this happening. Are you experiencing morning sickness? Is this his first child? I'm not sure of the science behind it but I can definitely see anxiety as being a cause for your boyfriend, even if it's not his first child. Good luck!

Yes its called sympathy pregnancy! My husband was in the field for a training exercise and started having morning sickness. His buddies messed with him and asked him if I was pregnant. I of course, did not know I was pregnant, I was just very hungry all the time. A week later I found out I was pregnant and we switched symtoms! I got the morning sickness and he gained 15 pounds!

P.S. I like your plan in life. Those children need some angels looking over them!

I just had to laugh when I read your question. My husband did not get sick but he gained 13lbs. while I was pregnant and has never been able to get it off! HA!

My husband also complained of a upset stomach at the beginning of my pregnancy. I have known for other fathers to take on some symptoms of their pregnant mate.

My husband had sympathy symptoms. He was sick on his stomach once but the rest of the time he had the heart burn and the weigh-gain. After I delivered everything mysteriously went away. There is no evidence that sympathy symptoms occur but I believe they do.

:o) Sometimes they gain weight with you too!!! He may be very nervous about all the changes that a baby can bring and seeing you sick makes him sick too.
He'll be OK. I called it sympathy sickness.

yup it happens my hubby put on about 10 lbs right along with me. (sweetest thing he has ever done for me!) however i would have him checked out by a doc to make sure its not a stomach bug that you can get!

yeah this can happen my husband not only got the morning sickness with both our kids he also got all of the cravings. He suffered through it and I didnt have any of those symptoms. He didnt gain any weight though.but congrats

Yes, totally possible. my husband had all the cravings, and ate all the junk food. He gained more weight with each kid, than I did!!!!!!!

S., my husband almost passed out during one of my ultrasounds. The nurse told me that it was in sympathy with my pregnancy, like morning sickness. So if a nurse would tell me that, I'm sure it's possible!

Isn't that funny? My husband felt unwell while I was pregnant with both our daughters, while I felt fantastic! Maybe it was his nerves!

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