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Do I Take a Wedding Gift to the Wedding?

I'm going to a wedding on Saturday. The couple didn't register anywhere, so this is the first time in forever (if ever) I've not ordered off a registry. My dilema is that I cannot remember if I should bring the present to the wedding or if it's more appropriate to mail it to the couple. I remember a table full of wedding gifts, but this memory is from a wedding I attended as a kid. Help!

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Thanks everyone! I mailed the gift.... but there was a gift table!

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In my family you take it to the reception. My family transported them back to my parents. If it is a cash card the bride may walk a round with collecting them while thanking their guests for coming.

People do so many different things at weddings these days, but all the ones I've been to recently have the typical gift table. Some also have had a seperate room where they 'hide' the gifts that people bring - funny to me, but whatever works for them. So I would say do whatever you feel like doing, either will be appropriate. If you know the couple will have a gift opening party the day after the wedding, you may want to bring it with you if you'd rather them open it before the honeymoon.

Have fun :)

Most definitely!Atleast thats the etiquitte rule.If you didn't already give them anything I would atlwast take a card with money or a gift card. Cash might be nice that they could take with them if they are going on a honeymoon. Just my opinion! Thanks!!!

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Take it to the reception! What's a good wedding without a huge table of presents? It's alot of the fun, as the bride & groom, seeing that big table of well wishes. It just adds to the celebratory nature of the event! I think it cool they did not register- some people feel weird picking out so called 'approved' presents for themselves and could care less about the proper china or full set of crystal. I did not register many years ago, because I preferred that if folks choose to bring a gift, it was from the heart and something that THEY wanted to give to start our life together. To this day we NEVER go to the registry list. Pick something from the heart or something you know will be useful in the days to come- If you're already married-you're the expert, you KNOW. And take it with you beautifully wrapped to set upon the gift table. Nothing sadder than a wimpy gift table at a wedding.

My suggestion is to bring to the reception, and securely attach your card to the top so the couple knows it is from you. There will be a gift table. If you do decide to mail your gift, I would wait a week or so until you know when they will be back from their honeymoon. Often UPS or USPS will deliver packages and just leave them on the front step if no one is home, and you don't want your gift to get wet in the rain, or even stolen if the couple is out of town for a while.

In my family you take it to the reception. My family transported them back to my parents. If it is a cash card the bride may walk a round with collecting them while thanking their guests for coming.

My mom has always said taking a gift to the wedding is a big NO-No! It's a hassle for them to have to arrange transport since the couple is already preoccupied and someone else winds up dealing with it. That said, people always do it and probably always will. I would either try to see them before or after the event at the house, leave it with the parents, or mail it.

Absolutely! ...take it to the reception - not the church

I would definitely bring it. Even if you'd rather leave it in the car just to be certain and then go back out to get it.

Take it to the wedding I think you only have to mail it if you cannot attend.

There will be a table for gifts. You can definitely bring it to the reception.

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