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Do I Need to Change My Baby's Formula

My daughter is 3 months old. When she passes gas it is really bad smelling. Lately, she seems to have been having very fowl smelling daipers when she poops. I took her to the the Dr. yesterday because she had 7 bad diapers on Monday. Within 20 mins of eating she used the bathroom. I started remembering this morning that a few times in the last 2 wks when I picked her up from the sitter and she said that she just feed her, by the time we got home I had to change her diapers. Yesterday the Dr. said that she had a lot of gas in her tummy. The Dr. thinks that it may be a virus but we were working off Monday's info (7 bms)only, I just thought about the other instances this morning. When she was a month old, she started having very bad diapers and we remembered it from our 1st daughter so her Dr. switched her from reg. Similac to Isomil. Please let me know if you think these are signs that she is on the wrong formula again? And would it take about 2 1/2 months to start showing these symptoms? She does not cry alot. It is just the gas and the smelly, somewhat runny poops.

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It definitely could be formula, but it could be lots of other things like a virus. The bm after eating is totally normal, and isn't a sign. A virus will take a few days to pass. If you are concerned about formula I would look into the alternatives.

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My daughter went through the same thing; her diapers were the worst! There is a way to make homemade formula that has worked for a lot of moms I know. I tried it as well, but my daughter could not tolerate the milk protein (usually the problem for babies with an intolerance to cow's milk formulas). We did goat's milk and she was a totally different baby. She is now well above average in height and weight (she was considered "failure to thrive" at 2 months). I (at first) was uncomfortable about trying anything that went away from the "norm", but it gets to the point where you become desperate and willing to do just about anything! Plus, when I saw the results, I was hooked! :)

That is how my son was, but almost immediately. We changed him to the Isomil and eventuelly to the Similac Sensitive. He has done very well on it and no longer has that horribly foul gas and runny poops. I would definitely consider changeing formulas. Even if it isn't what is wrong, it won't hurt anything.


If these symptoms continue try discussing with her pediatrician about seeing a pediatric gastroenterologist (GI). These doctors are specialist of the entire GI or digestive system and can offer you some additional options.

My daughter did the same thing for a while, about 3wks and it went away. Kids are exposed to a lot of little stomach viruses. Its kind of like when we get a spell of a stomach virus, we can take meds and limit our diet. Babies have to eat their food and just carry out the illness. I would just wait it out. It will just take a while to go away.

I had this problem when I put my daughter on formula. We tried lactose free which didn't work so the dr. recommended Similac Alimentum which is for babies with protien sensitivity. This cleared it up within a day or two! I don't know if it would take that long for it to show up, it took about a week or so for my daughter to have those symptoms but it is worth pursuing. Ask your dr. about protien sensitivity. Good luck!

My baby had that problem too, he had so many poop diapers that his little but was almost raw and he was really gassy, I mean gas for like 15 mins straight, my doctor told me to try enamel gent lease for fussiness and gas and he went from 5 or more poops a day to one a day or every other day the only down side is the smell but it smells like the formula which all formula smells bad. If that doesn't work try prisoner by enamel she may just need a soy based milk. It took about two to four days to notice a wonderful difference in my baby by that time he had gotten all then old formula out and the news was the only formula in him. Hope this helps

The formula could be to strong for her system,they do sell gas products for babies..

My girls would throw up soon after feeding,they were allergic to the formulas..

My first child was a lot of gas until, I switched from the powder formula to the ready to feed formula. It is more expensive, but less gas on their little tummies. He seemed to be twice as satisfied after a feeding as well. If you are using a powder formula you may want to consider this step first before switching formula's totally.

It could be many things based on just one day of 7 poops. One of my three daughters used to poop several times a day when she was less than 2 years. In hindsight, I found out it was constipation. That didn't enter my mind, since there was output and she never cried or complained about pain. It leaks around a larger mass and the smell is usually bad because it has been in the system so long. Just something to consider.

It definitely could be formula, but it could be lots of other things like a virus. The bm after eating is totally normal, and isn't a sign. A virus will take a few days to pass. If you are concerned about formula I would look into the alternatives.

Here is a site that gives alternatives to infant formula. It talks a lot about breastfeeding of course, but also gives options for other formulas. Read it with an open mind because the concept may seem far-fetched to try an infant formula that isn't ready-made off the shelf. But consider that your baby's body is trying to tell you that that commercial cow milk formula isn't working for her. Here is the site: http://www.dherbs.com/articles/infant-formula-milk-altern... And don't stop there. Do more research on your own to understand more and discover more options. Don't only rely on the doctor for answers. Their script is normally the same and geared toward the traditional commercial or pharmaceutical products. Good Luck.

Soy formula may be something to try, but my little boy tended to be constipated with Soy, so we used Nutramigen instead. He was never on regular formula because my husband and I have allergies and I didn't want him exposed to cows milk too early and develop an allergy. He did great on Nutramigen. Its a little pricier than some of the others, but if it works for her and calms her little tummy, then it's well worth the price. Check with your doctor and check out the formula website. I think that I was able to receive my first can of Nutramigen free at the Pediatrician office with a coupon.

Good Luck,


Sounds like you need to switch to soy formula but check with the doctor first.

This happened with my daughter when she was ~ 5 months old. I was really worried becasue my older daughter never had anything like this. Turns out that my father-in-law had given her some of his popsicle (just a few licks) and her tummy just couldn't handle it. After a few days, it emptied outof her system and she was fine. She just had a sensitive stomach -- couldn't even eat rice cereal until 6 months old. You may want to ask if she's being fed anything but her formula at the sitter's. (But I'm certainly no expert!!)

I sent this to my friend who had the same problem with her daughter and son. Here was here reply:
This sounds like both of my children who had a dairy intolerance. Yes it might take 21/2 months especially if their has been a use of antibiotic or a vaccine reaction as either can disturb gut flora or cause gut damage which may lead to food intolerance...or they could just have an in-born dairy intolerance.

First try the soy based formula. If your baby will take it and the symptoms are eliminated then you will know it was dairy. If there have been antibiotics, you should consider giving a probiotic to balance her gut flora. Culturelle from Wal Mart should be fine or you can get them formulated for babies (this is mostly just good marketing) at health food stores. If you are not familiar with the benefits of probiotics then you can read about them at Mayo Clinic's website or talk to the pharmacist.

Best of luck, J

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