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Do Garage Sales Pay off or Are They Just a Bunch of Work for Nothing???

I am thinking about having a garage sale in the spring. I have tons and tons of boys baby clothing, boys coats, boots, baby swings,pack and plays,a crib and mattress, changing table, and tons and tons of baby toys. I just don't know if is worth my time or if I should just donate the stuff to a charity. I have never had a garage sale and don't know if people really come to them or if there is money to be made by having one. Any advise would be much appreciated.

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I have had a few garage sales and they do pay off. Especially if you have not had one before. The first one is usually always the best one. Let me know when it is I would love to shop!

I had a garage sale one time before we moved to Denver and I made over $1400! I wasn't the only one who made money either, that was just what I made myself. I had all kinds of kids' stuff at mine and advertised it that way. It was a lot of work, but after I counted my money, I realized how worth it the whole thing was. You can place an ad in the newspaper for around $30 I think, and it's well worth the money. I had tons of people come to mine.

Absolutely, I have a friend that made $1000 in one day with her baby stuff. Just don't price to high or no one will buy.

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I think it depends on where you live, but in my experience in this neighborhood, baby stuff is as common as dirt and unless you have unusual or high-end stuff, you won't make tons of money. (not as an hourly rate for the work you put into it!) But if you have a block sale or sell with friends, it's not a total waste - you then have everything out of your house and ready to box up for goodwill.

If you have a lot of time to go back and forth to the post office, it does seem like EBay can be a way to get rid of stuff like that profitably. Consignment stores also seem like a good bet - at least it's not a lot of work for you.

As the previous posters said, Craiglist is a good way to go. Also, ebay, which is a little more complicated, but I buy most of Connor's clothes on ebay. Or, there is an organization called freecycle.org.

Either way, I would put the clothing in "lots" by size. So advertise "lot of 12 months boys clothes".

We have a group here called Mothers and More that has two sales a year. You can volunteer for helping at the sale, and you can also just try to get tickets early as possible to just sell your items.
I believe there are other branches of this group, so there may be one near you. http://www.mothersandmore.org/localchap/chapterlist2.php?... you advertise in the paper, they may have some freebies when you place your ad.
I like Craigslist as well, especially for the bigger items.

Absolutely, I have a friend that made $1000 in one day with her baby stuff. Just don't price to high or no one will buy.

I have had a few garage sales and they do pay off. Especially if you have not had one before. The first one is usually always the best one. Let me know when it is I would love to shop!

Hi S.~

My friend and I had two garage sales last year. One in spring and one in August. I would have to say that the spring sale did better, however the weather in August was more predictable (somewhat hot) We live in North Aurora and during North Aurora Days (beginning of Aug) there is a citywide sale. We thought that the timing would be right. Really it turns out that more people will travel to your garage sale if there are few in the neighborhood as opposed to an overwhelming street full.

I will speak for the two of us, that the garage sale "business" is definitely time consuming. Have childcare for your children. IT DOESN'T WORK WHEN THEY ARE HANGING AROUND. Keep prices right. Remember that you are trying to rid your house of clutter & clothes. You really don't want to bag and box the stuff up after the sale. Target and other similar stores will mark cute clothes down to $4 -$8 so if you plan on prices in that range, remember that people can go out and buy new for around the same price. How much would YOU spend on GENTLY used items? Wash and organize things as best you can. More fun to have one with a friend or relative. Start early organizing your stuff. Make plenty of signs on bright colored poster board. Place signs in high traffic locations.

Hope this all helps. We plan on having another sale this spring, so it must be worth it. ~smile~

I know that I go to garage sales all spring and summer and sometimes even fall long....I find it a good way to get cloths for my kids cheap because they won't stay in them that long anyway....everytime I turn around they are going through another growth spurt and that eventully kills the bank....I can buy them 2-3 outfits at garage sales for the price I can buy one in a store

I think they do. Although, it's a litte easier for me, because our subdivision has an annual garage sale, where our local real estate agent underwrites the costs for advertising.
Last year, we did ok. I made enough to cover what I bought from my neighbors and we had less to drag away.
I did find, oddly enough that we did better on Friday than Saturday. I think people who are looking for certain items come on the first day to get the best selection.

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