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Do Crest Whitening Strips Really Work...

Hi Ladies,
I have a silly question to ask all of you. I know it's bad, and I should quit... I smoke. I have been smoking for years. I'm 27 with yellow teeth. I know one way to make my teeth look healthier is to stop smoking, believe me I tried. I did quit when I was pregnant with both of my kids, and than started back up again a few months after they were born.
Okay - back to my question.. I've always wanted to try Crest Whitening Strips, or something like that. I'm just not sure if they really work. Has anyone tried any thing like this, and if so - how did it turn out??
A. C.

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I heard they work, but never tried them myself. I use Rembrendt Intense Stain remover toothepaste.( After I brush with regular toothpaste). It's like $7 a tube at Target. I've been using it for years so I know it works.

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Try Chantix ... I did and the smoking desires have stopped ... I have been smoke free since Nov 12th.

I loved the crest white strips and yes they do work. I like you have two kids, quit smoking for my pregnancy and went back to it after having each of them.

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I have tried them, don't like 'em. Also not comfortable w/ the chemicals used to whiten. I use a cap full of hydrogen peroxide every a.m - just let it sit and bubble up in your mouth for 5 minutes, spit, rinse, and voila - by 2 weeks your teeth will be 5 shades whiter! :)


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I heard they work, but never tried them myself. I use Rembrendt Intense Stain remover toothepaste.( After I brush with regular toothpaste). It's like $7 a tube at Target. I've been using it for years so I know it works.

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I too smoke and have used Crest Whitening Strips. They will brighten your teeth, but becareful if your teeth are sensitive. It can ZAP you. I've also used professional trays from my dentist but I had to stop because I was way too sensitive. Look in your Sunday paper, there have been coupons!! Good Luck!!

My hubby and I quit smoking last year , the day after Valentines Day.We decided to try Crest Whitestrips, sort of to celebrate the fact that we quit.They worked great!There was such a big difference, that my dentist noticed, and asked what I did.And you can't beat the price compared to getting them whitened at the dentist.They can make your gums sensitive, temporarily, though. Just be careful, and try to keep the strip on your teeth. I'm probably going to do another set of them soon, cause I drink coffee, and that's not great for your teeth.Good Luck!(Good Luck with quitting, too.I know it's hard.I stopped cold turkey after trying alot of times, cause I was afraid of getting sick, and my kids not having a Mommy-I'm only 25, and smoked for a long time.)

Yes, A., they really do work. For me they even work faster than the time they say they will...like I have the 10 day ones and one or two treatments is all I need to see a difference. The one thing is that they don't go all the way back to your molars nor do they cover the backside of your teeth. While I know these areas are not seen by the general public I would like my whole tooth whitened. That's my only complaint. Good luck with them and kicking the butts! J. - Parkside, PA

I am with you on this one A.. I seeking the answer to this same ???....checking out the responses.

T. D

Unfortunately I do not think they work. I bought a box and used them for a while and saw no changes. The taste was unpleasant and the strips were messy. I honestly think that the dentist is the best way to go. I got a quote on whitening in the office...not zoom...using a plate...and it was $400. There are also at home kits the dentist can give to help whiten teeth. I have also heard that the strips are not good for your enamel...they make your teeth weaker and more prone to problems down the road.

Hello A.,

My name is A. too. I am 33 and a smoker as well. It is really ironic that I read this when I did because I am actually sitting at the computer with the Crest Whitening Strips on right now. I bought them about a year ago and they really work. I just went to the dentist about 6 months ago and he made a comment on how white my teeth were. It is a good feeling to know you can be a smoker ( and coffee drinker) with white teeth. I also asked him if using them were bad for your teeth and he said "No". They recommend that you do it every year. It has been a year and I can really see the difference so it is time for me to do another 7 day treatment. I highly recommend them to anyone. I hope this helps you out.

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