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Do Crest Whitening Strips Really Work...

Hi Ladies,
I have a silly question to ask all of you. I know it's bad, and I should quit... I smoke. I have been smoking for years. I'm 27 with yellow teeth. I know one way to make my teeth look healthier is to stop smoking, believe me I tried. I did quit when I was pregnant with both of my kids, and than started back up again a few months after they were born.
Okay - back to my question.. I've always wanted to try Crest Whitening Strips, or something like that. I'm just not sure if they really work. Has anyone tried any thing like this, and if so - how did it turn out??
A. C.

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I heard they work, but never tried them myself. I use Rembrendt Intense Stain remover toothepaste.( After I brush with regular toothpaste). It's like $7 a tube at Target. I've been using it for years so I know it works.

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Try Chantix ... I did and the smoking desires have stopped ... I have been smoke free since Nov 12th.

I loved the crest white strips and yes they do work. I like you have two kids, quit smoking for my pregnancy and went back to it after having each of them.

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I have tried them, don't like 'em. Also not comfortable w/ the chemicals used to whiten. I use a cap full of hydrogen peroxide every a.m - just let it sit and bubble up in your mouth for 5 minutes, spit, rinse, and voila - by 2 weeks your teeth will be 5 shades whiter! :)


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I heard they work, but never tried them myself. I use Rembrendt Intense Stain remover toothepaste.( After I brush with regular toothpaste). It's like $7 a tube at Target. I've been using it for years so I know it works.

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I too smoke and have used Crest Whitening Strips. They will brighten your teeth, but becareful if your teeth are sensitive. It can ZAP you. I've also used professional trays from my dentist but I had to stop because I was way too sensitive. Look in your Sunday paper, there have been coupons!! Good Luck!!

My hubby and I quit smoking last year , the day after Valentines Day.We decided to try Crest Whitestrips, sort of to celebrate the fact that we quit.They worked great!There was such a big difference, that my dentist noticed, and asked what I did.And you can't beat the price compared to getting them whitened at the dentist.They can make your gums sensitive, temporarily, though. Just be careful, and try to keep the strip on your teeth. I'm probably going to do another set of them soon, cause I drink coffee, and that's not great for your teeth.Good Luck!(Good Luck with quitting, too.I know it's hard.I stopped cold turkey after trying alot of times, cause I was afraid of getting sick, and my kids not having a Mommy-I'm only 25, and smoked for a long time.)

Yes, A., they really do work. For me they even work faster than the time they say they will...like I have the 10 day ones and one or two treatments is all I need to see a difference. The one thing is that they don't go all the way back to your molars nor do they cover the backside of your teeth. While I know these areas are not seen by the general public I would like my whole tooth whitened. That's my only complaint. Good luck with them and kicking the butts! J. - Parkside, PA

I am with you on this one A.. I seeking the answer to this same ???....checking out the responses.

T. D

Unfortunately I do not think they work. I bought a box and used them for a while and saw no changes. The taste was unpleasant and the strips were messy. I honestly think that the dentist is the best way to go. I got a quote on whitening in the office...not zoom...using a plate...and it was $400. There are also at home kits the dentist can give to help whiten teeth. I have also heard that the strips are not good for your enamel...they make your teeth weaker and more prone to problems down the road.

Hello A.,

My name is A. too. I am 33 and a smoker as well. It is really ironic that I read this when I did because I am actually sitting at the computer with the Crest Whitening Strips on right now. I bought them about a year ago and they really work. I just went to the dentist about 6 months ago and he made a comment on how white my teeth were. It is a good feeling to know you can be a smoker ( and coffee drinker) with white teeth. I also asked him if using them were bad for your teeth and he said "No". They recommend that you do it every year. It has been a year and I can really see the difference so it is time for me to do another 7 day treatment. I highly recommend them to anyone. I hope this helps you out.

A. I have used them before and they really do work. I would suggest you get the 7day ones and not the 10day ones (even though they are cheaper). I've also tried the Listerine strips and they don't work.


Try Chantix ... I did and the smoking desires have stopped ... I have been smoke free since Nov 12th.

I loved the crest white strips and yes they do work. I like you have two kids, quit smoking for my pregnancy and went back to it after having each of them.

YES they work. Also, try Chantix to kick your habit. Worked for me - 6 months now and I was a 'professional' smoker!!

Hi A.!
I have used the Crest White strips & have been very pleased with them. I used the premium ones as well as the Crest whitening rinse & toothpaste...now my teeth didn't get as white as Ross's on the episode of Friends, but I am pleased with the results ;) I'm not a smoker, so you may need to use them more than 1 go-round. Go to http://www.whitestrips.com ~ they normally have coupons for them...every little bit of $$ off helps! :) If they don't have any offers thru the web site, just call them; companies are usually happy to send coupons.
Best of luck on your new white smile!!

My husband and I tried them when they first came out and they worked great for him. He drinks alot of coffee and iced tea which makes his teeth off-white. They looked great when he was done. Unfortunately, I have fillings on the front of my teeth and very sensitive teeth. B/c of these 2 things, my results weren't as great. It doesn't change the color of the fillings (they were made to match my lovely off-white teeth) and all my life I've had sensitivity issues with Crest toothpaste, so my teeth were bothered by having the product just sit on them for so long.

So as long as you don't have fillings, you should be good to go!
Good luck,

I was worried before I tried it oo. It works! I used one box and it wasnt as white as I wanted it, but, I looked at previous pictures and it was far better! Its good for 18 months but I keep an extra box just incase I needed one or two inbetween. It's not gonna get it 'model' white but it comes close. Just dont use a lot after the 10 days, it can take off the enamel on ur teeth.

Hi A.,
How are you? I am the owner of a company called "K. Smiles". We specialize in teeth whitening products and they are gaurenteed to make your teeth at least 3 to 7 shades whiter. I use the products myself and have rceived great results. I have two different kits available. The way the first kit works is this...you would get a special mouth tray that you would boil and fit to your teeth (of course I would provide you with instructions). Then you would apply the whitener and leave it in for the time it states on the directions. The cost for this kit is $40.00+tax&s&h. The second kit is our custom made kit. It is the same thing dentists are selling for over $300.00. The way it works is this...I would send you impression material and directions. You woould basically take a mold of your teeth, mail it in to my company, and then you would receive custom made trays back. You would then apply the whitener and keep it in for the specified time. The cost for this kit is $75.00+tax&s&h. It's well worth it and, as I mentioned before, it's gaurenteed to work. Let me know if you are interested and I can send you some more information. My personal e-mail address is ____@____.com. Thanks and good luck!

A., my daughter, Jackie tried them....they really do work.

Yes they work. I used them before my wedding and they worked really well. I'm not a smoker though so I'm not sure how they would work on a smokers teeth. Good luck!

A.- I understand. I am 28 and also smoke. I have quit everytime I have been pregnant and have started back up after having all 3 of my kids. It is so hard. I have been using listerine whitening mouthwash for awhile (walmart has just came out with their own cheaper equate version). It foames in your mouth and removes stains really well. I also use cleanpaste floss which does the same between teeth. I think this is much cheaper and less likely to damage your teeth. I always get compliments on my teeth.
N. married mother of three girls 12,9&6

Yes they work! However, on the box it says you can do 2 back to back or one in the am, and one in the pm. I would NOT recommend doing them right after another.. Your teeth could be sensitive to it.
Good luck.

Mashed up strawberries.

My husband I have both tried them and I love them. Just after 2 days (once a day) and I was able to see the change. My husband didn't like them as much as I did and saw just a little change. I use them 2 x's a day and just for 4 days. I use them every few months and I love them. Good luck with them and let us know what you think.

yes I did find crest strips and they worked, they did however made my teeth sensitive or brought out their sensitivity. I am an ex smoker. And just and FYI, I had acupuncture done on my ear from a doctor in Stanton Island, if you're close to NYC I will find his name for you or you could find a reputable one in your area. It was the best thing I did, and I too tried everything. Smoked for 10 years. And this worked!

YES they work. I used them last summer and people couldn't believe how white my teeth were! Go for it - you'll love the results.

Hi A.,

I hate to lecture you on quiting smoking b/c I know you know it's not a healthy habit. You might consider asking your physician about a new drug called Chantix. It has helped a few friends of mine quit that needed help. I encourage you to find a way for the sake of your families and your own health. Remember, you lead by example.
As far as Crest White Strips, they are easy to use and effective. If you have sensitive teeth, they can make your teeth more sensitive for a little period of time. If you are still smoking though, this is a waste of money. Spend the money on trying to quit.
Best Wishes!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

They work great for me! I use them about 1x/year to keep up with my daily cup of coffee, which stains my teeth. I would get the "Premium" variety and give it a try! I can say that about 10 years ago, I had my teeth professionally whitened, and that did achieve a brighter "white" color than the strips. I was told by my dentist, however, that habits such as drinking red wine, sodas, coffee, & smoking would all cause your teeth to eventually go back to less-than-white, no matter what method of whitening you use. So it's best to curtail those habits if you want to keep white teeth.

On an encouraging, non-preachy note...if you could give up smoking for 9 months twice, you can do it again for good!

Good luck with everything!

Personally, I disliked the white strips - they tasted horrible and made my teeth SUPER sensitive when I'd never before had a single sensitivity issue. I used them 5 or 6 years ago and *still* have trouble drinking cold beverages!

As for the smoking, I quit my 15+ year long habit almost 3 years ago by using a product I found online called Final Smoke (http://www.finalsmoke.com). It was about $100, but I found a 50% off coupon online and used that. I didn't really believe it would work b/c I'd already done patches and fake inhaler thingies and gum - it was AWFUL! But the Final Smoke product literally eliminated my cravings - actually, when a craving would hit, it was time to take a pill anyway. I never even finished the entire 30 day supply b/c I didn't need it any more. Yes, there are still days when I psychologically wish more than life itself that I had a cigarette, but I know it's just my psychological addiction and I don't want to go back when I've come so far. Oh, and this product is more than just pills - they also send you a smoking cessation tape/CD that really helped me.

Hope that helps! Good luck, I know it's tough!

Good question and one I'd liek to knwo the answer to as well. I don't smoke but teeth are yellowed.

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