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Dizziness While Pregnant

Hi everyone! I'm 6 months pregnant and have started having "dizzy spells." It feels a lot like I'm going to pass out with cold sweats, increased heart rate and dizziness. I called my doctor's office and they say it is NORMAL, and happens to everyone... Has anyone else ever experienced this while pregnant? I've never heard of anyone else that this has happened to!

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I had this while I was pregnant too...and my doctore said it was normal too. It was scary for me though and annoying because I was teaching while I was pregnant. I didn't want to faint in front of the classroom! It went away towards the end of my pregnancy though...hope you feel better soon!

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Please get your blood pressure checked as often as possible. I had several falls during my first two trimesters because of dizziness, but felt fine otherwise. At first, doctors were only concerend about effects of fall on my fetus. I had no problems there. Real problem started as I entered my third trimester. Suddenly the dizziness increased and blood pressure shot up. I was diagnosed with gestinal hypertension and ordered on bed rest. There were several trips to Labor and Delivery to monitor my BP. This is an extremely criticial issue because it is an indication of preclampsia.

Not that it's pleasent, but yes it is totally normal. I am currently 6 months pregnant with my third child and have experienced it all three pregnencies. Your blood volume increases by 40% when your pregnant and your heart has to work twice as hard as it did before to get your blood pumped through your body efficiently. If you get up too fast, make sudden movements, or have prolonged activity you will have the dizziness and sweats. Be conscience of your movements and try to get up more slowly. The liklihood of you passing out is pretty low, but as I said before it's unpleasent and for many women scary. Try not to worry but contact your Dr. if you ever do pass out, experience any chest pain or pressure for this could be a sign of other problems. I was diagnosed with SVT during my last pregnancy, so just watch yourself and NEVER be afraid to call your Dr. and ask questions.

It has also happened to me as well...I hated it! but had to deal with it.
have you checked your Blood Pressure?
it may have soemthing to do with it too.
hope you start to figure out to deal with it, as i always kept a little cooler bag with a wet washcloth and ice water, a snack such as a apple or crackers while i was on the go and when i started feeling this way i would sto what i was doing and put that wash cloth on my neck and drink some water and follow with something to eat if needed.
but carrying that little bag with a ice pack so helped me while i was away from home. at home i keep a washcloth in a baggy in my freezer and it helps out SO MUCH!!!
that is what works for me.
Hope you feel better!
always drink fluids....remember baby is taking alot from you and while pregnant you can get dehydrated easier than if not pregnant OK...stay well and take care

Hi M.!
I am a little over 6 months pregnant and have been having dizzy spells (having vertigo a lot this morning even!). I asked the OB about it and he said it's perfectly normal. But it was also when I was in for a normal checkup and my blood pressure is good. I was concerned it might be related to anemia, but he said it's just the baby resting on a vein/artery or whatever. He said the same thing that the one poster recommended about laying down, but he said lay down on your left side if it gets really bad because it can cause you to pass out.
Definitely make sure you mention it again during your next visit so they can check your blood pressure as well or even check your blood pressure at a pharmacy.
Good luck!

It happened to me when i was pregnant with my second son. I would just sit down for a minute because i didnt know if i was going to pass out and i didnt wanna fall and hit my head on something if i did pass out. I also would get blurry vision and sometimes loose vision in one eye for a few minutes. It was scary. But the dizziness is normal. Your body is going through hormone changes.

When I was pregnant with my last child, I also had dizzy spells. One time it happened while I was driving, and I barely made it home and collapsed as soon as I got in the door. This scared my sons who were 14 and 11. Another time it happened at work and I had to lie down on the dirty floor in my office. This scared my co-workers. I had the same exact symptoms. My OB was not concerned. She said the baby was just pressing on my abdominal aorta which affects blood and oxygen supply to the brain. I begged her to let me start my maternity leave, but she told me I could keep working. I guess when you feel it coming on, just try to lie down and try to reposition the baby. Good Luck! My child is 10 now, and she is fine.

I used to get it all the time even passed out at the post office (very embarrassing). The trick is to make sure you take your iron pills at the same time every day


I had this while I was pregnant too...and my doctore said it was normal too. It was scary for me though and annoying because I was teaching while I was pregnant. I didn't want to faint in front of the classroom! It went away towards the end of my pregnancy though...hope you feel better soon!

I have never had dizzy spells to the extent that you describe, but I can tell you that you should seek a second opinion. I had severe itching when I was pregnant and the Dr. said its "normal" and dismissed it. Eventually I sought a second opinion and insisted that they run tests. They did and I had a dangerous condition which we eventually treated and all worked out OK. But needless to say, it would not have been OK if I didnt get the help when I did. See another Dr., insist on tests to be sure. You know better than your Dr. if you are not feeling right. Trust you instinct - even if this is your first pregnancy. Hopefully everything is fine, but make sure it is until you feel comfortable. Do just what you are doing... research. Look on the web, see if other mothers have had this then take what you learn back to your doctor, or another! Good luck and many blessings.

Its happening to me I'm happy to read its normal

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