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Dizziness, Faint, Disoriented What Is Wrong with My 12 Year Old?

Help! My 12 year old daughter has had two episodes in the last 7 days where she has become dizzy, disoriented and almost fainted. She also becomes very pale. It happened last wednesday and this wednesday at approximatley the samw time 930-10:00 am. I have made a dr appt. But am wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this. She also had two or three episodes like this while showeing last year, it ook her to the dr and he said that it ws probably the heat of the shower and that she needed to eat something beofer she showered in the morn. We tried it and it worked. One friend told me that this exact thing happend to her daughter off and on for about a year before she had her first period. But the symptoms sound like hypoglcemia to me. My daughter is very healthy and athletic, she doesnt eat candy or drink soda very often. Please if anyone has any insight or ideas please send them my way! Her appt isnt until tuesday :(

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First of all I would like to thank everyone for the great responses and help. I took her to the doc on tues., he ordered blood work but thought it might be menses. She started her period yesterday. I took her for blood work today anyway just to be sure. I will know the results tues. Again, thanks for all the great responses!

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sounds like blood sugar dipping to me too - I am a certified herbal consultant and know of some good herbs to help balance blood sugar - let me know if you are interested in specifics.

Have her try drinking lots of water. My friend's daughter has fainting spells when she gets dehydrated. Hope this helps.

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I am pediatric nurse and you should be concerned. Besides hypoglycemia, there are cardiac and possible
neurological reasons to have your daughter checked out.
don't let the doctor put off any testing, as you have seen these episodes before. And mention the change of temperature preceding an episode.

You can rule out blood suger issues easily with A1C test or get a blood glucometer to keep around the house.

I make protein bars with sunflower seed butter,oats,honey ;an egg and dairy free protein powder,fiber powder. No cooking needed and each piece has 8 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber plus beneficial essential fatty source. This holds a steady blood sugar for my junior high daughter
that is allergic to alot of food in the cafeteria and can't eat foods at school. One first thing in the morning is an easy start. She carries extra ones in her lunch bag when she needs it. Best of wishes.
L. W.

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I would sometimes have the same symptoms just after a hot shower. I was told that it was due to my low blood pressure. Be sure to have her checked by the Dr. to rule other possibilities out.

You have good reason to be concerned... but don't live in fear. It's good that the symptoms are showing up, so you can find the root of the problem and deal with it... whatever it is.
I had all the same symptoms when I was her age. I was heavily involved with sports, too. I have hypoglycemia and low blood pressure. Also, I faint or vomit excessively when I get dehydrated. It took me years to figure all this out, because we could not afford to see a doctor. My mom was a health-food fanatic, and I'm really glad she was. That only helped my conditions.
These are things I deal with quite easily now that I know what to watch out for. You just learn to carry food with you wherever you go... just in case, and plenty of water always- esp. in AZ!
It will make you feel better going to get this checked out... I hope for really good solutions for you so your daughter can feel better!

Hi M.,

I have had the same symtoms my whole life. I have been to the doctors with no help. I am sorry she is going through this at such a young age. At any age this is hard. If they find out what it is could you email me? Maybe then I can have something to have my doctors check for me. I am sorry that I would ask this from you, but if your doctor finds out what is wrong, could you please email me at ____@____.com my name is D.. Good Luck! Thank you!

There are many things that it can be so a dr's appt is a good idea. The most common things are hypoglycemia, anemia, or neurological issues. I will be praying for her and I wish you guys the best.
Dr. A.

I too, have this problem. Started when I was 10 or 11. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and had to eat something evry 2 hours (still do). I am 47 now. I had a test for my sugar and have to have it checked regularly,but also take metformin to help regulate it now. Good luck!

i havent grown up much in age but i do remember about 9 years ago for 24 of december i said i would take care of the dissert and it was past midday and i hadnt eat and i really wasnt or didnt feel hungry and i past out. and as i the years past i would feel dizzy out of the blue or very thing would go blur and i would feel really cold and would get very sweaty. and when i was in high school i was in an arobic class and very thing stopped. not that i am saying take to this class. but exercise like the one she does now is great and so are her three meals daily and a snack speshely now that she is a preteen. her body is changing and growing. my mom use to make me a sami milk shape and it is great avert one in the house enjoied them. in a blender you and one bannana, one egg, a tea spoon on vinilla extract, milk (your choice if you like it thick i prefer it more watery about a cup and a half), and sugar to taste remember it dont need that much just to give it a smooth taste. my mom would give it to us every morning before any think was in our stomick and then she would give us our breakfest and since it is like a meal dont expect them to finish every thing that is on the plate.

HI M.!

I am sorry to hear about your daughters problem. When I was around that same age I had the same issue. Only my heart would race also. I was diagonosed (sp?) with Nerocardiogenic Sycope, also with SVT. The symptoms I had were very similar to what you hae described. The condition is not really bad and usually can be controlled with medications. If your daughter has another one of these episodes while you are around check her pulse. If it is one of these conditions her heart rate will rise and to get it to slow down lay her flat and put her feet abouve her head. Just make sure to talk to your doctor and ask if it is possible.

Good Luck and I hope that you can find something out soon.


M. this happened to me as well when i was about this age. doctors didnt seem to know what it was.. as it turned out I have a heart condition called avery node reentry tacacardia or avnrt. there is also wolf parkinson white syndrome. ask your daughter if her heart seems to race before the dizzyness happens. if so make an apt for a cardilogist.hopefully its nothing but definately worth looking into.hope she is ok. N.

I have heard of these symptoms when someone was just starting their period. Others have said hypoglycemia or dehydration. I believe my sister also had these symptoms and found to have low blood pressure.

So I would really talk to the dr to see what might be her problem.

After you check for serious conditions I would have her ears checked. I have had the same symptoms and it scared me but it turned out to be fluid in my inner ear.

Good luck.

Hi M., my name is D. I've had the same symptoms my diagnois was, I was constipated I became dizzy, weak, felt as if I were going to faint and lastly did not want to eat. touch your daughters stomach/abdomen if it is really hard she's constipated,check her bowel movements if they look like little rocks this is a good sign that she is constipated too. Good foods to take when constipated are prunes, figs, Prune juice, bananas. I have a little 5 year old and he has the same symptoms and this is the remedy that I use Blessings with your daughter

Have a blessed day from D.


You might want to check her bloodwork. Sounds to me like she has anemia.

Good luck,

Make sure they check her ears. I work for an ENT and sometimes its an inner ear problem. Good luck and I home she feels better soon.

Have her try drinking lots of water. My friend's daughter has fainting spells when she gets dehydrated. Hope this helps.

My niece was very anemic...same sort of problems. She now has to eat more red meat & green veggies, is on medication, and is much better! She must eat breakfast, or she gets sick feeling at school- enough to have to come home. She is also on BC pills to control her bleeding during her time of the month (she is almost 18, but problems started at about 14).

It looks like you've received a number of responses, I didn't read them all so I apologize if this is a duplicate. My symptoms were the same and were due to anemia. I've been anemic on and off for my entire life, and it gets worse during my period and was worse when I was pregnant. She could try taking iron supplements and see if it helps. :)
Good luck!

When I was a young girl I had the same type of reactions, I was hypoglycemic. I did not eat candy or junk food I was very athletic. They had me make diet changes such as eating 6 times a day, eliminating potatoes and other high starch foods that can cause sugar spikes, and of course not eating sugar. But a doctor will be able to diagnose hypoglycemia. thoughts are with you.

I don't know if this has anything to do with your daughter's issue but my nephew started experiencing dizzy spells where he would almost faint, especially when he would stand up from sitting down. Turns out he was exercising too much without hydration. He was losing too much salt and it was causing his blood pressure to have sudden drops. This doesn't sound like anything related to the onset of menses. Good luck!

sounds like blood sugar dipping to me too - I am a certified herbal consultant and know of some good herbs to help balance blood sugar - let me know if you are interested in specifics.

I had hypoglycemia with my pregnancies and I'd say that it sounds like what your daughter has going on. I'd just give her a snack mid morning (orange juice and a piece of cheese: oj to up the blood sugar and protein to keep it up)and again mid afternoon and see how that works. I can still only go about 3 hours before my blood sugar drops and I want to go to sleep! Best wishes!

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