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Divinity Tips?

I have my grandmothers divinity receipe but I never took the time for her to teach me her secrets. I know two people that have made divinity this holiday season and both batches did not turn out. Any suggestions to ensure I don't end up with a glossy white plop? Thanks!

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OK I am armed and dangerous now with my tips. It was pretty humid last night so I'll have to wait a while to try this but I am determined to master this in the new year. Grandma passed away about two years ago but her candy was a fond Christmas memory I want to bring back for my kids. Thank you SOOOO much for your input!

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I know that you have gotten a lot of really good advice. Another thing is I have always been told not to use plastic or Tupperware.

Good Luck!!


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I was told by someone once that the secret to good candy is in buying good quality cane sugar. I didn't know there was any other kind of sugar til it was told to me.

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1) You MUST make sure that you cook the syrup long enough. I always use the "water test" along with my candy thermometer. Candy thermometers can be off, make sure you check yours before each candy session. Cooking the syrup too long will make the Divinity too crumbly. Not long enough, and you get white silly putty.

2) Divinity is very moisture sensitive. Don't try to make it on a rainy day or any day when there is a lot of moisture in the air. Your divinity will not set up.

Either of the two most common mistakes listed above will cause your Divinity to turn out like white silly putty.

If you have any more questions you can email me directly through MAMASOURCE.

SAHM of three: 19,18,and 5 . Home Baker and Candy Maker(See Member Perks). Married to the same wonderful man for almost 12 years.

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My Mother was the divinity Queen. He sisters would come over and with her she would make divinity all day for Christmas. I do know that it has to be a pretty day and NOT humid outside at all. NEVER double your batch of candy. I burnt up a mixer one time trying to do that. We always put ours by the spoonful onto waxpaper raking it off with another spoon into a nice little dollup and then topped each piece with a whole pecan. You have to work fast when the dipping process comes time and have wax paper and pecans ready.(If you like nuts in yours - you might not) Would be better to have 2 people dipping dollups and placing pecans on top - it starts setting fast. You can pour into a pan and cut, but I think other way is prettier. At the end when divinity is almost ready, you hand stir it till it starts to loose it's gloss and it is almost ready - and then work fast. Good luck - it might take a several tries, but be sure to remember the weather it really does play a factor, and my Mom would never even try on humid days... Thanks you brought back good memories with this question... I have been around and helped with hundrends of divinity makings and don't make it often at all, now I think I will put this on my list of things to do.
Happy News Years..

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Hi T., divinity is tricky, lol, now you know. Yes one of the secrets is a dry weather day and the other is to cook your syrup to the hard crack stage. You probably know how but drop a small amount off of you spoon into cold water and it should stand up and be hard and crystal like glass. I ussually boil the mixture about 2 full min then test it. Then be sure you beat it in with the egg whites until it looses its gloss. The first few times I made it it was either not glossy at all and got hard fast or like you said a big glob. Just make sure you wait for the hard crack stage & you'll do fine.
Take care and good luck.

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Candy making needs to be done on cold, dry days. I made peanut brittle for the first time in years because we had a couple of cold, dry days. If it's not cold, then you need to turn the air conditioner on about 60 degrees. Good Luck!

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You need to make sure that you get it cooked to the right temperature. After that you need to whip it in your mixer for a long time. It is tricky to make but you can do it. You can do a test to also see if it is ready. Have cup of cold water ready and drop a little in the cup to see if it hardens up. Good luck.

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Glossy white glop usually means it didn't get beaten long enough...it needs to lose it's "shine" and that takes a long time. A stand mixer is a must, unless you have extremely strong arms! Cooking to the correct temperature is essential as well. Finally, if the humidity is greater than 50-60%, better pick another day.

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Hi there. It sounds like you have some great tips. My mom has been making candy at Christmas ever since I can remember, and now the tradition is being passed down to my sister, brothers, and me. When we make divinity, we cook it to the soft ball stage, slowly pour half of the syrup into the egg white mixture, and start beating. The other half is returned to the stove to heated to the next level (hard crack?) and then mixed in. You can't be afraid to beat it a while. Like someone else said, it has to lose it's gloss. It takes a while (sometimes we beat in a Kitchenaid up to 10 minutes or more), but once it starts turning from glossy to not glossy, it happens very quickly. I totally know what you mean about the glossy white plop (we call it bird poo divinity - haha). Good luck!

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The only thing I know is that you aren't supposed to make it in humid weather. That's what my grandma has always said. Good luck!!

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