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Disney World in February

We would like to plan a 4 day trip to Disney World, and were thinking about February 2009 because I have some time off from work then. We have never been there before - we've always gone to Disneyland in California. Is February a good time to go? Is it crowded then? How is the weather?

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My family went to Disney World some years ago over a long President's Day break. It was AWESOME!! The weather was amazing, and the crowds were manageable. Have fun!!

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Hi CJ! How exciting! We have been to Disney World twice and have just loved it. The very best advice I can give you is to use Tourguide Mike. Mike was a "cast member" at Disney for many years and knows everything there is to know about Disney World. Go to his website at tourguidemike.com You can get a personalized vacation planner for about $20.00. And believe me, it is WELL worth it. He will tell you how to avoid crowds, how to get in the best restaurants, what the weather is like and on and on. We found his advice to be right on and he helped to make our trip very, very enjoyable. Have a wonderful time!


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February is a great time to go! My parents always took us in February around Lincoln's Birthday/Valentine's Day (I'm originally from Illinois hence Lincoln's Birthday) and the weather was always gorgeous and Disney was always very manageable, the lines were never crazy for any of the rides or to get in the parks and we always used the pool at our hotel or our friend's house. I do remember it raining at least one day out of our time while being there but we were always prepared for it.

Check the dates you are wanting to go and see if Disney World has anything going on. When my daughter was in High School, we always went in February for Cheerleading competition. It seems it was around the first of the month. There are cheerleaders from everywhere. The parks are so big, I didn't really notice if we made that big of an impact on lines or rides. It was a beautiful time of year to go. THe days were lovely, the nights were cool. We were lucky to have such good weather all 3 years we went. We did wear a light weight jacket during the day one year. But all in all, it wasn't that crowded and the weather was nice. Have fun. I would go again now that I am in my 50's and without children at home. D.

Feb should be a great time to go. Smaller crowds, cheaper hotels and the weather is pleasant in Orlando that time of year. The big crowds are usually there during the school vacations (Spring Break, summer, XMAS and maybe Thanksgiving) so you are lucky to go at an "off" time. SInce you've done Disney in CA, I'm sure that you know to plan early...make dining reservations now if you want to eat at a decent place at the park. Since your kids are older I don't think you'll want to do the character meals, but if by chance you do you should make those reservations now otherwise you'll be eating dinner at 3 or 9 pm!!!

Have fun!

I think it is a great time to visit. Check and see if it is a special interest week. If everyone is out of school for a holiday then it can be crowded. The don't open all the lines during the lower seasons. The weather is all over the place. Sometimes warm and sometimes very, very cold. I purchased a book about what to see and how to see it and what was available and it was well worth the cost. Have fun. I'll be there in early January.

I've been to DW in March , June, and August. All of these are extremly crowded. I've been told by a friend that lived in Orlando that October and Feb. are both great months. She said it is still crowded but not like at these other times. No matter when you go I would try to stay on property. I took my son this summer and trust me this is the only way I will ever do it again. You can come and go very easily and DW has everything so perfectly laid out for these purposes. I've now gone both ways staying on property and off and believe when I say there is nothing like staying on grounds.
As for having teenagers...you might want to go during a month when the weather is warm enough to go to the water parks that DW offers and they are available with park hopper tickets. I know when we went in August the teenagers were all raving about these parks. We didn't go as my son is still a little young for the attractions the water park had.
Epcot is a must as is Magic Kingdom. The movie studios are fun as well and your teenagers would probably enjoy going there as some of the rides are quite intense. We didn't make it to Animal Kingdom but many of the hotel guest we stayed with did and they said it was incredible.
No matter what you do...don't miss out on the nightly parade and fireworks that the parks offer. Just breathtaking.

Hi CJ,
We're planning to go in June 2009. I don't have advise for you but Disney has a special right now, buy 4 nights, get 3 free! I believe the special ends late December so you might check it out now. Also, I have a home based travel agency so if I can help you, feel free to email me at ____@____.com.

I haven't been in February, but I've heard that's a good month to go - much smaller crowds than other times of the year. And the weather should be mild, as it usually is in Florida. In Orlando in Feb, the average high and low is 73 & 51, respectively. I encourage you to stay at one of the Disney properties so that you can take advantage of the free transportation services and the "extra magic hours" in the parks.

We are avid disney goers and February is the time we go most often because it is one of the least crowded times to go (and cheapest). You do want to avoid President's weekend though. Other than that you should be good. The weather can be up and down. We've been there in shorts and tshirts every day and other where we had to buy heavier sweatshirts because it got so cold. You will have to take both kinds of clothes. Go to the Disney site and see what kind of deals they are offering. They have had some awesome ones lately!! If you want anymore advice...where to stay, food reservations, etc. please feel free to email me...I should have been a Disney travel agent:)

Double check to see if they are having any special events occuring during the time you plan to be there. Special events can turn the parks into a nightmare and make it very crowded.
Also, as it is getting closer to the end of the year, if you plan on going and doing any special activities/dinners- I would recommend you start booking reservations for those things now. For any sit down restaurants, I highly recommend making reservations. Also, any shows (Fantasmic, Hoop Dee Doo), you will need reservations, as well.
Finally, if you can swing it, I highly recommend staying on site. You get to use the on site transportation (which includes transportation to and from the airport, as well as to the different parks while there), you get to take advantage of the "extra magic hours", and you get the Disney experience 24/7.
I hope you get to go. Any of the Disney Vacation books out there will be a great help, as well.

My family went to Disney World some years ago over a long President's Day break. It was AWESOME!! The weather was amazing, and the crowds were manageable. Have fun!!

You have to get Birnbaums Guide to Disney-it is the BEST book. I think, could be wrong, that you can only get it at the Disney Stores. It is truly helpful!

February is probably a good month. Just avoid President's Day if you can. Spring Breaks can sometimes fall into Feb, but it's still better than the summer months. The weather will probably be great. Even the coldest in Orlando is pleasant. February weather might be unpredictable this far out. Have a great time.

Be sure and pick up 'The Un-Official Guide to Walt Disney World'. It COMPLETELY saved us the first time we went. Definitely a must-have for your first time.

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