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I have heard about places or websites where you can book your vacation and make a down payment and you just need to pay the remaining balance 6 weeks before your vacation. Can anyone tell me where to start looking for this? We really want to take our kids there this summer and it would be nice to spread the cost out over time.

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When we used American Airlines Vacation last year for our WDW trip we were able to pay half at front and the rest one month before. Also look at www.mousefantravel.com they book disney vacations and I'm sure you can do the same there also.

In addition to the website www.allearsnet.com that someone mentioned, check out mousebuzz.com and passporter.com. If you decide to go I'd definitely get the WDW passporter book also. It's a great tool to help you plan a trip.

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I am a travel agent and I am not saying this because of that, I am saying this because your vacation costs a lot of money. BOOK WITH A TRAVEL AGENT! They normally do not charge a fee, Disney will pay them a commission. They will get you the best possible price, and if you find a lower price, take it to them, they will explain why it is lower. They will protect your investment, stand behind you if something goes wrong, and make sure you have all the documents and required paperwork before you depart. We book directly with Disney, so we know we are getting the best possible rate. You can pay a deposit (usually $200 and sometimes the air, with your final usually due 60 days prior to your trip). It is the safest most common sense approach to planning your trip. Good Luck and have a wonderful trip!
(Another tip: Disney offers great meal plans, everyone who has purchased them has been very pleased, so you may want to consider this also! Another tip: Don't scrimp on the number of days you spend in Disney to save money, the 5 day pass is usually only $4-5 more than the 4 day pass. And if you have small children (under 9), don't waste your money on Park Hopper options, as they can't travel that fast through the parks to get your money's worth. Allow a full day in each park with this age group.) Have Fun!

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Hi V.,

The Disney site is definitely a tool, but as a former travel agent, I also used Southwest air vacations and Funjet vacations for all inclusive Disney. I found Funjet and SWair to be cheaper often - you just have to check. Both offer Disney and nonDisney hotels . I do think it's easier to stay in a Disney hotel, b/c, for ex. whatever you buy in the parks will be delivered to your hotel.

Whenever I travel, I check out the hotels on Tripadvisor.com to see what people have said about them and to see vacationer's pics. They will give you a lot of info in addition to the rooms/hotels. Great tool!

I would do my research, find out exactly where I want to stay, what I want included, etc, go to Funjet, SW, Disney, or even Expedia, Yahoo travel, etc (I've had Funjet match prices I got on these other companies) and once you've got everything you want, including price, call a travel agent and have them book it - exactly what you found, price, etc and they should be able to get the exact same thing. You can't wait a day, though - prices change all of the time. You have to call when you find what you want. It's just nice to have a local person to go to w/questions, etc and the price will be the same.

Also, it's a good idea to get the insurance in case you have to cancel.

FYI, apparently they are going to build a Disney in Bastrop, Texas in about 7 years.

I hope that helps. Take care,

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What I can share is - the most convenient are the Disney owned hotels on-site at at either Disneyland or Disney World. They tend to book up far in advance. If you go to Disneyland (you did not specify) be careful about the hotels surrounding the park. We had a terrible time at the Sheraton Anaheim. It is listed on the Disney travel page as a "good neighbor" hotel. (SO many issues and I won't blog them here!) It is not at all within walking distance despite what we were told by reservations. If you are not familiar with the area the map does not make it obvious either. If you choose a hotel outside of the park it is important to note that Harbor Blvd. is where the main enterance is. It is also where the shuttles load for all the off site hotels. If you choose a hotel on Harbor Blvd. BETWEEN Katella and I-5 you may be able to walk to the park. Also note that I-5 is a MASSIVE freeway!
Best wishes!

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Hi V.-
(I apologize in advance, I got a little long-winded!)

We just got back from DW a few days ago and had a blast. We booked ours through disney.com and it was all-inclusive. We did airfare, rooms, meals, parks etc all together. It was great and OH SO reasonable. We stayed at a moderate resort (Port Orleans, Riverside) and it's beautiful. One thing I did want to mention is that, from what I remember, the extra magic park hours are only for guests at certain resorts. (Revised: The disney website does say "select resorts") I don't think it includes the Pop or All-Star resorts. And, the extra hours are park specific per day. You really need to plan your meal reservations (if you do) to make sure you're taking advantage of everything. Taking the park-hopper option might seem like a good idea, but it really takes a little while to get from resort to park because the buses make several stops between point A & B. Our resort alone had 5 different stops! The buses also don't run from resort to resort. If you want to go to MK from Epcot, you need to take a bus from MK to your resort, get off the bus and wait for another one to take you to Epcot (plus the 3 or so stops along the way). That's an hour out of your day before you know it!
Also, with a three year old, you might want to see what rides your youngest will be able to go on. April D on here knows ALL about a 3 year old and the pitfalls of Disney World! My DD is 5 and she was able to go on almost everything & she really enjoyed everything. To me, any younger than 5 and it's a lot of hassle for both mom and child...and they might not even remember it either. Even movies like "It's Tough to be a Bug" had 2 & 3 years old in hysterics. Just my opinion. Also, from what I hear the summer's are miserable heat/humidity wise. Plus the crowds are terrible. Something to consider too. We were there last week and it was in the high 70s/mid 80s! In January!! It got pretty warm and I can't imagine what it's like in the summer there.

Back to your original question, the longer you book your trip out, the more flexible they are with the payments. www.disney.com Allears.net is a great site too, which someone else mentioned. Please message me if you have any other questions!

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Hi V.,

I also booked my Disneyworld vacation at Disneyworld.com. I agree it's best to stay on property and would recommend the dining plan. It's great especially for all the great character dining, and do make reservations in advance. You can also check height requirements for rides on the website if you are concerned about your little ones. We took our girls when they were 2 and 4 and they loved it. My 2 year old is dying to go back, but loves to see herself in the pictures and videos. Also, if booking online, I was doing a little experimenting lately with the airlines and noticed you can book cheaper flights yourself. Try spririt airlines. They will start flying out of San Antonio in April and the rates are really, really cheap right now, but are booking fast. They do fly to Orlando and you can arrange free transportantion through the Disney website. Good luck and have fun.

The actualy disney website. If you use their vacation services you can book through them online and pay it out. Disneyworldvacations.com

I used a travel agent in Denton. Mean Green Travel, or Bismark Travel agency. You pay 150 down each person and then you have up until 45 days before you leave to pay it off. They will tell you to look at Fun Jet Vacations to pick out a vaction, then you have to have a travel agent book it. Good luck.

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