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Dishwasher Leaving Grit on Dishes.!! Please Help

We moved in to our new house not to long ago and I noticed early on that the dishwasher doesnt do the greatest job but it was working.. in the last 2-3 months I have noticed grit left of the dishes and the dishes not very clean..last night I ran the dishwasher twice and the dishes were still dirty...any suggestions?? the dwasher is only 4 yrs old so Im not sure whats up..it came with the house its not top of the line but still a good brand...thanks for your help and advice

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I'm no expert but my dishwasher was doing the same thing - it wasn't old either. In the end, I called an appliance expert and they found that there was a blockage. Once it was unblocked i had to run the cycle a few times with just vinegar in the washer. Now it's fine - good luck - Alison

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There might ba a filter that needs to be cleaned. Since you probably don't have the user guide, you might go to the manufacturer's website to see if there is one posted. My dishwasher came with the house too. There is a filter in the bottom that can be removed and washed. It gets pretty yucky and then I have the same problem that you have. Stuff gets in it and just gets whirled around onto the dishes. It helps when I clean it. Good luck!

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check to see if there is a kink or blockage where the water is supposed to come out sometimes it stops the sprayer from working well.I've had that happen

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this is advice from our repair man...Purchase a bottle of dishwasher cleanser (I forgot the name of the product, but it is available at Meijers) and you put it in the dishwasher and run it through empty. It should clean all the old gunk and built-up detergent out of the washer. Also, be sure to run your hot water in your sink tap before you start your dishwasher each time. It takes the washer too long to heat up the water on it's own. He also told me that most people put too much detergent in the cup dispenser and it just ends up getting built-up in the washer. You should only fill about 1/3 of the cup with detergent. Hope that helps you.

Hello S.,

I had an situation where my hotwater tank was not hot enough and then I had a dishwasher once that I had to run the hot water in the kitchen sink until it was hot before I started the dishwasher.

Hope this helps, L. S.

WHen it`s empty-pour a half gallon of vin. in the bottom and run through. That should do the trick!

Did you check to see if something fell into the bottom and may be blocking the arm from turning? Give the spray arm a good spin. How is the water pressure? Is the drain hose properly installed? It should go out and make a loop up and over and into the drain or garbage disposal and be higher than the level of the exit drain hole, to prevent backups. Just a few suggestions to check- or maybe it's just time for a new dishwasher ;-). Also, did you know that the government outlawed phosphates in Laundry products, but allows them in dishwasher detergents? Brilliant, huh? Shaklee makes an awesome dishwasher powder without phosphates or chlorine. It is enzymes, eco-friendly, and my dishes sparkle! It also won't etch your glassware! Give me a holler if I can help.
Take care,

It may just need a little cleaning. Put a couple tablespoon of tank (yes the drink powder) in the dispenser and let it run.

We were having similar problem and it cleared it right up.

Have a service guy come look at it maybe it needs to be cleaned out or a parts broke. Also consider a new dishwasher.

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