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Dirt Bike Themes

My son wants a dirt bike party but I cant find supplies any where any ideas? I don't want to spend that much money because last year I went way over the top and got to stressed out to enjoy it.

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Well I get my kids party supply from www.birthdayexpress.com they have a sorts of party themes and good price's.
Hope that helps.


Hello! I am having the same dilema, I know I have seen some somewhere! And also on oriental trading company! Sorry I am not much help!

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Well I get my kids party supply from www.birthdayexpress.com they have a sorts of party themes and good price's.
Hope that helps.



They have tons of decorations and when I was on it the other day I saw dirt bikes. They've got games and things like that too.

Have you tried oriental trading? They have just about anything you can imagine and they are pretty cheap too. It's orientaltrading.com


Oriental Trading Company online has dirt bike birthday stuff and the prices are reasonable.

Hi, my daughter wanted a scooby doo party and I couldnt find anything. I finally found a web site "birthday in a box". They have everything from cups to invites and thank you cards and premade goody bags, with no candy in them. I think the goody bags were around $3-$4 per bag and if you order enough stuff shipping is free. It only tooka week for everything to arrive too. You might want to try there.
Best of luck

Hello there, I have actually planed a dirt bike themed party before, so I will give ya what I got. The cake you can have made to look like dirt, i know it sounds funny but just pick a brown frosting, stick your own little dirt bikes on the cake, you can buy the toy ones from wal-mart/Target. The cake we designed had two parts Part 1)1/4 sheet cake with the takeoff jump at the first part, with the bike racing up it, Part 2) 1/4 sheet cake with the landing and finish line if needed. On the table in between the two cakes you can put cup cakes, or goodie cups with cars on top of them so it looks like the bike is going to jump over the cars(:. For goodie bags go to a motorsports or Fox outlet and ask them for some of there small bags to use for the goodie bags. We had the party in the yard with an area where the boys could build mini dirt bike tracks for their Toy dirtbikes, or you can use a sand box or plastic pool filled with dirt or sand(: Just make sure you have plenty of wipes to clean their hands(: Lastly ask the kids to wear their ridding gear our dad's gear or a shirt with Dirtbikes on it (:
Hope this helps, it is fun!!!!

Birthday Express.com

Hello there, I have 3 boys myself. I throw huge bday parties for them every year so I need inexpensive party ideas too. I have shopped all the local party stores and they are OK but recently I started recieving this party magazine. It has A LOT of great themes. They specialize in kids parties. They have everything from Elmo to American Idol to monster trucks. I am not sure about dirt bikes but I wouldnt doubt if they had it. They have a web site, it is birthdayexpress.com. Thier phone number is 1-800-424-7843. When you get thier magazine they give you a customer # and key code that you put in at the payment part of your order so that you can recieve discounts. Last month when I ordered my sons superman stuff I got free shipping. They ship pretty quickly too. They also have great customer service. My keycode# is CACN-037R, CUSTOMER# ###-###-####. The numbers change with every magazine that comes out so feel free to use my numbers. And good luck with your party.


Chech out familyfun.com, they have hundreds of party ideas and cake and cupcake recipes, they are bound to have something to fit in you theme. But I was thinking you could make a cake and put a little dirt track on top of it, with chocolate frosting, crushed oreo cookies for dirt, green coconut for grass, maybe some little plastic trees, and some little plastic bikes on the track, you could make flags out of fruit roll-ups on skewers or toothpicks. if you can find some black and white checkered table clothes or napkins they would fit the theme, or just white table cloth with black cups and plates and utinsils. You could have a number for each child as they come, like the racers wear on their back, and have a race with them holding a pair of "handlebars" and make a little track for them to run around, and someone to throw a checkered glad when they cross the finish line.... I dont' know, these are just a few ideas that came to my mind, and wouldn't be to costly. I wanna hear how it goes!! (keep it simple for kids that little.) oh, you could let them build their own dirt cups, if you dont' mind a little mess. Give them a cup, or a waffle bowl, and some "dirt" crushed oreos, and some "mud" chocolate pudding, and some gummy bugs and gummy worms. You can have a lot of fun with that idea.

Party City has it all! Check to see if you have one near by- they are awesome.

Dear H.,

Well then, ask your husband to think back when he was three. What kind of a party would he like. I think that if you get a cake with some sort of dirt bike theme, and then take the kids to a park where they can ride their bikes and stuff that it would be enough fun for now.

I know, you are going to have a hard time transporting all the bikes, think about it . There is a way, if you really want to do that.

C. N.

My good friend sent me this request and boy I was floored. lol Why because just last week I had to throw a birthday party for my son who just turned 5 and is sooooo into dirtbikes. There is not alot you can get I tell you becauseI searched so I had to do with what they have there now. I bought some small dirtbikes at Wal-mart for the cake they are Deegan bikes. I had a bakery make a cake which was a bit expensive but so worth it they made a desert scene and had hills and had the bikes riding. For the decor just black and white balloons for racing and red. Plates where checkered flaged. I went to a local store and bought a flag that said "WELCOME RACE FANS". Alot of the stuff came in handy since Nascar is coming up soon and I was able to find alot of the checkered flag stuff. Party city does not have alot, but if you have an ALin Party they have alot there. Sorry if I couldn't be of more help. Oh yeah and on a motorcycle bounce Never found one. Please respond back to me and let me know what you think.


Try e-bay, or google "boy themed Birthday party" Good Luck.

I also Love dirt bikes! but that's besides the point! At the very least I was thinking you could Buy a DIrt Bike MAGAZINE..alot of time they have Mini posters in there You could definately decorate from the magazine pics .and you could skip the matching napkins and cups etc..You could paste
cut out pictures on plain white paper cups?? 99c stores have cheap little plastic toys I have seen little motorcycles and stuff like that at those kind of stores.
Hope this helps! I hope u are getting him a Lit'l Tykes(battery operated) Quad if he doesn't have it already!
Let me know

Hello! I am having the same dilema, I know I have seen some somewhere! And also on oriental trading company! Sorry I am not much help!

I get this magazine each year called birthday express. They have a ton of different themes and supplies. Plus they are reasonably priced. You can check it out online at BirthdayExpress.com. Hope this helps. Have fun with the party.

Hi H., have you tried orientaltrading.com they seem to have many themes that I can not find elsewhere. Hope you have a great party!
D. - Canyon Country

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