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Dinosaur Stuff for Girls

My daughter loves dinosaurs (for 3 years now), but I find little clothing, room decor, etc out there for girls-- it's all very boyish. Does anyone else have the same experience? I'm thinking of starting a small web business with a friend to offer dinosaur themed t-shirts, b-day kits and room decor for girls who love dinosaurs.

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Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts and experiences. This may be a great opportunity to put my creativity to work and provide something fun and positive to the community and to our kids. Dare to dream! I'll post again once there's some progress. . .

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For room decor, I'd look at the company store's kids stuff. They have all sorts of themes and though the color scheme isn't "girlie" I think the items can pretty much go either way. They have everything from Dino to Space to sharks, etc. Quality is good and prices are reasonable.

But definately there is a nitche market out there for typically gender specific things to cross over. You should totally go for it.

I just bought them tshirts from the boys section. My daughters wore Bears clothes for the longest time. This was before you could buy all the cute pink stuff.I never categorized toys as boys or girls either. We also had every part of the Fisher Price Pirates and Knights sets.

Hi C.
I just wanted to say GO FOR IT and BEST WISHES! My daughter LOVES "boy stuff" (along with the 'girl stuff')because that is what her older brothers have but it is hard because all the clothes and toys do look "boyish". I think it is about time we went back to gender neutral so the kids can make up their own minds!

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By the description of yourself and that you are thinking of starting your own web business, why don't you start practicing with your daughters stuff. She will know what she likes and doesn't like. I keep picturing a dinosaur I saw once, it was a T-Rex but to make it look like a girl they put a straw hat with a pink flower on her head and she was carrying a purse(I'm sure you have seen the same image).

I think creating designs for your daughter and asking what she thinks would be a great way to make your daughter feel special, like she was involved in the design process, and possibly help create a supplemental income for your family.

Good luck with this I am sure that there are many little girls out there who would love your ideas.

Hi, We were just at a little 4 year old girls Birthday party She received dino boots, raincoat, and umbrella not sure what else they may have but they got it at Nordstrom and it is very cute this little girl is way in to dino's good luck


Hi C.
I just wanted to say GO FOR IT and BEST WISHES! My daughter LOVES "boy stuff" (along with the 'girl stuff')because that is what her older brothers have but it is hard because all the clothes and toys do look "boyish". I think it is about time we went back to gender neutral so the kids can make up their own minds!

My daughter also loves dinosaurs and has for a couple years (she's 4 now). I've never looked for clothing, but we have bought her dinosaurs and books she's seen at the store and picked out. They're not at all girlie, but we don't care because she doesn't care or even know to care. We've actually had the clothing issue recently with Tigger. She desperately wanted some Tigger pajamas for Christmas, but there weren't any at the disney store in her size, at least not when we were there. I've searched forever on e-bay and finally came across a pair that are clearly boys pajamas. I bought them, and she loves them. Again, she doesn't care.

Good luck with your business venture. I think it would be a great answer to an obviously underserved niche.

I think this is a fabulous idea. My daugther was/is very much into dinosaurs at that age. I just gave her the dinosaur toys that the boys had. She still loved them!

We did get some cute dinosaurs a few years back. They were the Bendos brand and were in bright colors. The other cute dinosaurs are all the Land Before Time dinos. We also scored some glow in the dark little dinosaurs at a gargage sale. So there is stuff out there, you just have to look HARD to find it.

I don't want to sound rude here, but since when do we have to worry about if something is too boyish or girlish? A dinosaur is a dinosaur after all and while my boys have never played with Barbies, they have played with some stuff that would be deemed girlie and that's ok.

There used to be strollers in one neutral color and lots of toys that weren't deemed boy or girl toys. Now everything is either pink or blue - strollers, car seats, Leapsters.... I must be getting old because I think it was fine the way it used to be.

I don't know of any, but while your at it, how about stuff for boys who like cats. That is very hard to find too - unless it's lions and tigers. All the boy stuff is dogs and dinos. Girls get the cats. It's really irritating!

Good luck!!

What an awesome idea. My daughter has two dinosaur books and goes nuts over them everyday. When I was at the library yesterday she went right for the large plastic dinosaurs and played with them over any other toy or puzzle. We did experience dinosaur separation anxiety when leaving the library. I know she would love anything dinosaur themed stuff!
Good luck and let us know what you come up with for a business.

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