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Dilated Kidney in Unborn Son

Back in April we went in for our first ultrasound and were excited to find out we were having another boy. However, there was a problem, his right kidney was dilated 5 mm. This means that the urine is backing up into the kidney. The doctor said that this is very common in boys due to their plumbing and that it typically corrects itself prior to birth.

I went in last week for another ultrasound to monitor the dilation and now the kidney is dilated 6 mm. The doctor still says that this is very mild and that we should not worry. She said that we should start worrying if it continues to dilate rapidly but she believes it will stay about the same until he is born. We have to go in for a third ultrasound in June. The doctor says that when our son is born they will do an ultrasound on his back to see if there is a blockage in his kidney. Worse case scenario, he would have to have surgery to put a stent in to open the blockage (SCARY!!!).

Needless to say, we are trying not to worry but it is hard. It is hard because there is absolutely nothing that we can do at this point but wait. He is developing fine in every other aspect and is contantly on the move!!! We are doing our best to have positive thoughts.

I just wanted to know if anybody else has had this experience and what the outcome was. Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

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I just want to thank everyone for your advice on my son's kidney problem. We had gone in for our third ultrasound in June and the dilation had increased from 6mm to 11mm. My OB sent us to a specialist for a fourth ultrasound in the middle of July and I just wanted to let everyone know that the problem has totally corrected itself, no more dilation! The minute my husband and I walked out of the appointment I was in tears, tears of relief! Now I can really enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and the upcoming bundle of joy that will be joining our family.
Thanks again!

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Yes this is VERY common with boys. I was told the same thing about my son. He peed when he was being delivered. They still took him up for an ultrasound and all was clear.

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When I was pregnant with my first son they told me he had a dilated kidney. They checked him after he was born and he was fine. I would try not to worry to much.

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We had the same issue with our son, who is now 21 months old. I went for a total of 3 ultrasounds, the last being less than two weeks before his birth (he was 2 weeks early). At that time, the kidney was still dilated, so we were quite concerned, but by the time he was born, the dilation had subsided enough that his pediatrician felt it did not need treatment. He had an ultrasound when he was 2 days old to determine whether he would need treatment.

Good luck!

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Yes this is VERY common with boys. I was told the same thing about my son. He peed when he was being delivered. They still took him up for an ultrasound and all was clear.

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I went through the same thing with my son last year. We had a total of 5 ultrasounds and the first four showed dialated kidneys. We were told the same thing (resolves by the time they are born) By the last one everything was fine. They still did the ultrasound after he was born for other reasons, but everything was fine. Keep the positive thoughts and best wishes and congrats. A.

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I had the same problem when i was pregnant with my son now, 2 months I worried about it for the last 6 months of my pregnancy, my sons doctor said it is becoming common because the ultrasound is picking things up it couldn't before, that this is common but usually resolves before birth , anyway my son just had his follow up ultrasound yesterday! But im sure everything is fine , he pees very , very well!! The doctor just wanted to follow up just to be sure. I hope every thing turns out just as good for you!! Good bless

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I am so sorry to hear about your scare, but hopefully everything will be ok. I found out when I was pregnant with my son that he was going to need surgery on his intestines because he had a blockage. It was the most terrifying thing. Once he was born, the doctors took great care of him. He made a full recovery in 3 weeks, and he is doing great today! Even though the ailments aren't the same, the circumstances kinda are. I hope this helps, and I'm sure your new baby will be healthy and happy! The surgery can be scary, but it will all be fine in the end! Good luck!

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Hi i had the same problem with my son who is now 3.the doctors told me the same thing and he was born fine!!! They said if there was a problem we would find out because he would have urinary infections!!!

Dont worry he will be fine!!!


Hi. My name is D.. My son is 3 years old now and was born with reflux. His kidney was found dialated in an ultrasound when he was still in utero. I was so terrified too. He went in for numerous ultrsounds and never seemed to get better or worse. He was put on antibiotics at 6 months old. Finally how to see a urologist at cedar sinai hospital in L.A. He had two VCUG's performed. Reflux was found, where the urine was backing up from the bladder back up to the left kidney. He was a reflux 4 which 5 is the worst. His chances of outgrowning it was 8%. He also had two uterers on that left side which made it more complicating. To make a long story short, My husband and I opted for surgery. We did not want his kidney scarred, did not want him on antibiotics anymore and were worried all the time. We just had his last check up 3 days ago and his uterers and kidney look beautiful in the ultrasound. Lots of thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

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