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Digital Camera for Kids

My almost three year old LOVES to take pictures. We gave her our old digital camera, but its our "old one" for a reason. The buttons get stuck, the lens doesnt always open, the screen only works when it wants to, etc. She gets very frustrated that it doesnt always work, and the thing eats batteries.

I have seen digital cameras geared toward kids. Fisher-Price, for example, has that kid-proof, water-proof digital camera. But, it comes with a $50 price tag. OUCH!! Anybody have one? Is it really worth it? For a 3 year old????

What about a cheaper version? Any recommendations?

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We got the vtech digizoom after friends recommended it. It is great - intuitive, easy to use. The kids love it!

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I have a daughter that is 4 and she loves to take pictures too. I was thinking about getting that digital camera from F.P. as well. I bought her the store brand onedisposible cameras( I think it was 2 for 10.00) and she liked it. We would take it out when she went to the park or a friends party and she was the life of the party taking pictures. We take them to the photo lab and she put her name on it( I have a nice drugstore guy that puts up with our ritual). She loves getting her pictures back and seeing what she did.
Granted its not the instant gradification that comes with a digital camera but I think its the best for right now. Trusst me you will feel a lot better about her losing or breaking a 5.00 camera over a 50.00 one. seriously

We purchased the Fisher Price one 3 years ago for my (then 3 yo) son. The only thing we've had to do to it is replace the batteries (and less frequently than we replace them on OUR camera...). It's durable (stands up to two boys), takes pretty good pictures in the right conditions, and he's still using it 3 years later (and his brother, now 4, also uses it).

we have the v-tech digital camera. can take pictures, videos and a few games. we've had it for a few years so it's been dropped many, many times and still works. when we got it, it was about $50. well worth it!

We have the Fisher Price camera. We have had it for 2 years now and it survived. It's great that you can transfer the pics to the computer. My little one loves that. She is 4 /12 now and takes pictures like crazy. She can work the camera herself and knows how to delete pics herself too. I would recommend it because if it can survive my daughter dropping it all the time including downstairs...it is good. Pictures come out ok on the computer but sometimes they could look dark on the camera screen. It is a Kid camera so it is not going to be great digital quality. Great for kids!

My daughter has a Disney Hannah Montana camera that was about $25. It takes really good pictures. My only complaint is that the screen is small and pictures appear darker than they are on the computer.


My little guy has the FP one and I agree that it is too expensive. It was a gift from his grandparents. It is easy to use except that it is very heavy. The picture quality is very poor in my opinion. VERY low light. It is more of a toy than anything.. Once he saw the pictures he took next to the ones from our family digital camera, he basically lost interest in it. I would suggest getting a cheap adult digital camera for him to play with. My teenage niece has a $20 one with better photo quality than the FP. Just make sure that she only uses it on the bed or a carpeted area.

Hi C.
We use the Vtech Kidzoom, it's very durable and lots of features- my daughter loves it. Definitely better to use rechargable batteries though!

That Fisher Price camera is a piece of garbage!!! My kids each got one for Christmas a couple of years ago....the view screen is ridiculously small and the clarity of the pictures is so horrible that when you view them on that screen you can barely tell what you took a picture of....don't waste your money!

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