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Diet Pills - Oklahoma City, OK

Im trying to find a good diet pill, just wondering if anyone has tried any diet pills, I want to know about the good ones and about the bad ones that didnt work with you,and if they had any side effects! Also any diet secrets that you might know about? Thanks for the help!

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My Doc prescribed Bontril (Phendimetrazine) and it does seem to be working. I have to take it with my first cup of coffee, or it *can* keep me up late, but my house is getting organized, LOL! It supresses the appetite and doesn't make me jittery, just awake if I take it too late in the morning.

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I don't know about any pills, but my parents have been following "You on a Diet" by Dr. Oz and in a little over a month my mom has lost 11 lbs and my dad has lost 21 lbs! It is very simple to follow and basically uses common sense most of the time. The only diet pill I have ever tried was Metabolife and it made me start having heart palpatations, I literaly thought I was having a heart attack one night and ended up in the ER. That was enough to scare me from ever using another diet pill.

I have had to lose weight here and there after having four kids and all. I never took any diet pills just ate smaller meals and took ginseng to keep my energy level up.I still take the ginseng from time to time when I have those days of no energy. I have also heard from doctors that eating just until you are full and not just because it is there in front of you is healthy dieting. I also found good use of pilates.It works WONDERS if you can stay on top of it. It hurts for a little while til your muscles get use to doing the work but I swear by it......

The simplest thing you can do is drink 32oz of COLD water 30 minutes before a meal. Your body will be working hard at warming the water and that will kick start your metabolism. It also helps to fill your tummy and there is nothing better for your body over all than water. It is simple and it is basically doing the same thing that the diet pills are doing. Which is increasing your metabolism and making you feel full quicker. Without all the yucky side effects. Good Luck!

I really like Phentermine. But, your doctor has to prescribe it. It really suppressed my apetite and I lost weight. But, just like everything else, if you don't learn to eat correctly, while you're on it, then you'll gain all your weight back.

My Doc prescribed Bontril (Phendimetrazine) and it does seem to be working. I have to take it with my first cup of coffee, or it *can* keep me up late, but my house is getting organized, LOL! It supresses the appetite and doesn't make me jittery, just awake if I take it too late in the morning.

I don't know of diet pills that are great, but I do have one word of caution that the advertisers won't tell you. Before you try any of the cortisone blocking supplements, I recommend getting your MD to run an adrenocortex stress test that includes your cortisol levels. I have a friend that THOUGHT she must need the relacore I believe it was. It only advertises that it is for stress induced weight and helps you lose that around your mid section. Well as it turns out my friend had extremely low cortisol levels rather than high levels (also an effect of long term stress) and had she taken the cortisol blockers with her already low levels, it likely would have killed her. So make sure you find out what your diet pill is suppose to do first so you can at least educate yourself on it and make sure it is the right fit for your body.

By the way, a difficult diet to follow particularly if you have a sweet tooth, but the BEST diet to follow is a low glycemic diet. If you eat a truly low glycemic diet, you WILL lose weight and cannot help but be at a healthy weight for your height. However I wouldn't choose nutrisystem foods (don't know about others offering low glycemic foods) because the nutrisystem foods were not truly low glycemic. They basically just tried to add lots of fiber to counter the high glycemic foods and hope that it balanced the blood sugar in some way. You can buy low glycemic foods at your grocery store and it is best to stick to that rather than some program like nutrisystem because you control what additives go in. Additives are not healthy. Also consider that low fat is bad for you. Most people believe that reducing fat is a good thing, but that is primarily true if you eat pure junk foods. If you eat a healthy diet rich of fresh foods, then you also need to understand that fats are actually important. They help you metabolize some of your nutrients and you need fat to have proper brain function. Most everyone I know on a "low fat diet" has a drained look and foggy brain simply because their focus is all wrong. Good fats are key to health. Nuts are a great source of good fat as are avocado. Oils like olive oil, walnut oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, walnut oil, and even some safflower and sesame occasionally. You don't get the full benefit of dairy without the fat, but dairy shouldn't be a staple in the diet anyway because it is loaded with sugars and most people have some level of allergy to it whether they are aware they have it or not. Good luck on your weight loss!!! I hope you can find a program that works for you!!

B. :)

Hoodia worked for me. Look for at least 500-750 mgs. Its an appetite suppressant. It took about 4 days to kick in and then I was not very hungry.

Hi I took Relacore for quite a while I started taking it for stress relief and realized it worked great for the extra weight I had. It helped control how much I ate I could never overeat when I was full my plate was never empty. I had energy but no jidders the weight came off. Now my family is on Dr Gott's no flour no sugar diet and that has worked great for my whole family.

A friend of mine and myself as well, started taking a diet pill called Phentermine at the begining of this year. It's an amazing results oriented med, but I'm sure not the best for our health. It increases your energy level to what I would imagine speed would bring it to. (Which wasn't always a bad thing.) However, it did give me a hard time sleeping. It took me about 3mo to loose approx. 60 lbs, and about the same about of time for my friend to lose about 50. You will usually lose around 30-50 pounds the first 3 mos. I know this isn't the healthiest way to lose weight, but some of us will do anything to achieve this goal. Also, it really helped me get the jump start I needed to start living a healthy live style. I wouldn't suggest staying on this for a long period at a time. They recommend you stay on it for 4-6 weeks and off for 3. Hope this helps, Good luck on the weight loss.

Hi K.,

Personally, I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. I am expecting in December, but just before I got pregnant, I started a program that worked wonderfully. I lost 14 pounds in my first month, I wasn't hungry, and I had more energy and focus than I did previously. It also helped me to not crave sweets as much as I normally did.

I had to stop my weight loss temporarily because of the pregnancy, but I'm so excited to start back up again after my baby is born.

There is a supplement that you can purchase separately or as part of the set. It has been the one and only supplement I can take without feeling jittery. It's made from botanicals and is very safe.

Check out www.gofigure8.com for more informaiton. If it is something that peaks your interest, I'd be happy to show you how to sign up as a wholesale buyer to receive 35% off the retail price of the products, and show you how to receive a free product with your first order.

Good luck with your weight loss!

H. S

I think I have tried EVERYTHING on the market and what has worked for me, Tan & Tone Baby! I have lost 25 inches in 2 1/2 months! Drink lots of water and don't focus on the scale when working out, I have never been an exerciser and robotics has totally changed my life, it can't be easier and you don't have to worry about putting a diet pill in your body! This is so goooood for you. On top of that the cost is less or the same as a diet pill that won't work! I have gone from a size 20 to a sixteen! Good luck!

Im not for diet pills, though I know they are popular. In my opinion, they are just legal "speed". I recently heard about a diet you may be interested in: Fruit Flush, www.jayrobb.com

There are no good ones, they're pretty much all bad bringing Kidney Failure or Heart Failure along with the disappointment of not working the way they advertize. I know it's tempting but quick and easy weightloss is either a fallacy or terribly unhealthy.

Define your goals and look for a place in town that is affordable for you to go and work out. I tried doing it in my home but found that I couldn't get a good work out in because every living thing in that house (the cats, the dogs, the child and the husband) need me the most when I need to take some time to myself. It seems to be a divine LAW that if I'm home I belong to them. My work outs are way better since joining the Y.

Yerba Mate seems, for me, to be the most effective "diet pill" sort of thing. They do have capsules available but I like the tea. It is actually a nutritional supplement and helps to alleviate hunger or cravings. It provides energy without caffeine so you're not jittery and you don't crash. I've noticed myself craving or eating junky food less as well as having more, and more consistent, energy.

Grapefruit and grapefruit juice are also known fat burners. Grapefruit improves liver and kidney function and helps to support metabolism.

There are a lot of alternatives that are healthy and effective instead of using diet pills that tend to have unwanted side effects and nasty consequences down the road.

Diet pills are a myth! If they worked and were healthy for you, all of America would be thin! I have really never struggled with weight until I hit my 30's and had my second child. I was always a true 6, and after my second child I couldn't get past a size 10, which I know isn't that big, but I just wanted my body back and to NOT have to buy all new clothes. My final straw was getting fitted for my friend's wedding this past summer, and I had to get a size 12 dress!!! I lost it! I tried a lot of things to get off those last few pounds, and nothing worked until I started Weight Watchers. I have always been active too, but being a working mom and having 2 kids, it got harder to make it to the gym on a regular basis. Weight Watchers was perfect since you really don't have to work out regularly, but if you do, you gain extra points for your day. I lost about 13 pounds in 3-4 months, which was a lot for me. I am back in my old clothes finally!!! (my son just turned 2) I also joined Golds Gym and have made a pact to myself to continue a regular workout routine no matter how tired I am!! :O I even get up at 4:45 am most days to go to the gym before work! UGH

So, needless to say, there is no "secret" to losing weight, and definitely no "miracle". It is really all about self-control and discipline.

Oh, and to all of you taking phentermine (sp.), please quit taking it! A co-worker of mine took it for a few months and granted she did lose a lot of weight, but almost lost her life too. She was rushed to the ER with chest pains and when she told them what she had been taking and had gotten it off the internet, the ER staff told her that was making her own death sentence! BEWARE!

Hi there K.,

I too searched for a good diet pill. I used a few. Some worked for a while, some didn't. I did find that after weaning off of them, my weight returned. The best thing that worked for me to lose weight and keep it off, was just being more conscious of my fat intake. I just tried to reduce it a little. If you have the opportunity to get more active, the pounds just fall off. :)

Good luck!


I took phentermine(adipex) for 8 months and in the first 4 lost all 40 pounds of my baby weight by exercising about 4 times a week. i had never looked better! now that i have been off of it for 3 months i have gained back about 10 lbs tho, and my eating habits are terrible...i go all day and dont eat (because i picked that habit up from not being hungry while on the meds) and then eat a whole bunch and play catch up, i hate it! i want to get back on it since it revved me up so much to go to the gym and get a great workout, but i am afraid that it causes binge eating when its out of your system.

There is no good diet pill i'm afraid. Even the popular new alli; after some research i would not try. Some of the newer ones work by coating your intestines so the fat does not absorb, but by doing this makes it so that the fat witch is broken down in your intestines exits immediately, the result is you eat fat you must shortly thereafter use the bathroom for fatty BMs. My advice is track your diet for a week and then look to see what changes you can make from their, many hospitals also offer nutrition classes that would be benificial for everyone.

There really are no secrets to losing weight. The bottom line is you have to eat healthy food, don't overeat and get exercise. It's that simple. But we always want a quick and easy fix. Even if you did find a diet pill that helped you lose weight, the weight will come back because you are not learning how to eat and take care of your body.

That being said, a very helpful book and eating plan that I highly recommend is "Eating for Life" by Bill Phillips. Very straight forward and easy to follow. I lost weight doing this eating plan and had increased energy. It taught me how to eat.

What I have learned is that losing weight and keeping it off starts with our thinking. How do we think and feel about ourselves? Do we feel we are worth taking care of our bodies and not overeating or turning to food for comfort? I say this because I still struggle with these things as well. Diet pills do not get to the root issue. They just give temporary fixes-but at what cost?

I just wanted to give my 2 cents because I feel so strongly about this. If diet pills and all of these other quick fixes worked, then over half of America wouldn't be overweight.


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